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Fat vs Fit: Steve’s 220LB Mark

Steve Pfiester

Can you imagine your trainer gaining as much weight as you need to lose just so he can better understand your struggle? That’s what Steve did this past year as part of the new docuseries, Fit To Fat To Fit coming to A&E next Tuesday January 19th at 10/9c.

This is Steve with his friend, Matt, who competes with him and our competition team (Team Max) at our gym. Believe it or not, they are the same weight here (220lbs) on Steve’s way up to his heaviest weight. This picture sure shows the difference between a fit 220 and a fat 220.

Steve’s normal (off season) weight is 185 – 190lbs and he competes at 176.

Steve (on the way back down from his heaviest weight) pictured with Matt below (standing next to each other), while receiving the team award at the Daytona Championship. This year they will compete together once again.

Team Max

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  • stephaniecramirez

    Oh my goodness. I am so excited to see this!! I read about this not too long ago and thought “Wow. I never really thought about being on the other side of the table of understanding how difficult it is to lose weight and work out when you are extremely overweight.” I have always been thin as well and so I dont understand or am able to sympathize with my friends and family when they try to explain how hard it is on their knees, or the pains they feel when they workout. Can’t wait to watch!! Going to schedule it on my calendar now and make an event out of it 🙂

  • Lauren

    Hey Bonnie. I’m curious on how you were able to handle the whole thing. You have seen Steve fit and fat. From your perspective, what was your mindset when he was fat? Were you frustrated because he wasn’t working out and doing the things you normally would do together? When you would dine out and he was eating all the fattening foods and you were staying healthy, was that difficult? I’m just wondering if it forced the 2 of you to go in different directions for awhile as it seems you are always together and in sync.

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      My biggest frustration was watching him (and listening to him) complain. He was constantly sick to his stomach, not feeling well, tired and hurting (from inflammation from his poor diet). He also got really lazy. He was always too tired or sick to help around the house. It was crazy. I realize how much energy he had simply from being fit. I also realized how much food affects our body – not just our waistline. We both learned a lot. But my biggest gripe was just having to be around such a miserable guy. lol I couldn’t really get mad because he was sincerely miserable. But it was such a relief when he got back to himself!! Whew!! lol

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