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JAN 16: Picture The Future You

Never Give UpIf you live in the now  – constantly thinking about how you feel now, what you want to eat now or what you want to do now, you will likely do what seems to be most beneficial at the time. Eating chips and guac sounds fun, sleeping in seems wonderful – until you realize how much it will set you back and keep you from reaching your goal.

However, if you constantly think about what you are working toward and picture yourself as the success you are striving to be, it’s easy to say no to just about anything – cheat meals, going out with friends, laziness or whatever else temps you to get off track.

I can’t tell you how many times people have looked back and realized they would have already reached their goal if they had kept pressing on.

Leah newWe see this in boot camp all the time. We’ll have a few people get super fit over a few months of being in the program while others remain the same. These success stories will be a reminder to the others that they too could have completely transformed their bodies too. Oftentimes this encourages them to do it right the next time and jump on the weight loss success bandwagon.

If you are striving to lose weight or get fit, don’t be the one who wakes up a year from now wishing they had kept their eyes on the prize.

While 3 months, 7 months or 12 months (or however long you project it will take to reach your goal) seems like a long time, it will pass SO fast. You can either use that time getting closer to your goal or waste that time playing around. It may seem like it’s far off right now, but when you look back it will seem like a flash.

Stay focused. Keep picturing yourself the success you know you are!

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