Upper Body Partner Workout

PlankIf I told you to do 10 push-ups, 10 push-presses and 10 Dips, you probably would go at a comfortable pace. BUT, if I told you to do 10 push-ups, 10 push-presses and 10 Dips while I waited for you in plank position (and I couldn’t rest until you were done), you’d probably be more motivated to pick up the pace so you could give me some relief. This is the idea behind partner workouts like this.

Accountability increases intensity. If I can’t rest until my partner is finished, my partner is a lot more motivated to perform the exercises as quickly as possible. It’s one thing to slack, and punish yourself, but it’s totally a different animal to slack and punish someone else. This is why I do a lot of partner type exercises in BCx Boot Camp because it makes everyone work harder and faster.

The Workout


Here is a quick fun circuit you can do with a partner, to boost intensity and results.

Tools Needed:
Dumbbells, Barbell or Sandbag

Exercises in the Workout:
Click on the links to watch video instruction for each exercise
Dips or Modified Dips
Plank (hands, not elbows)

No rest between rounds – go straight from exercises to plank, and from plank to exercises. Time yourself to add even more intensity and accountability.


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  1. Andria Vagana

    Awesome workout! Me and my brother did this but added pull ups to it as well. Rested, then did a lower body one with crunches instead of plank. Lower body was Deadlifts, fromt squats, travel lunges with kettlebells & sumo squat with hi pull KB. INTENSE…thanks.

  2. Michael Kelly

    ill use this one on my next vacation at the beach

  3. RobertLeatFitness

    I’m gonna give this a go :)

  4. Jessica

    thank you-image did not load.

  5. Kim

    As soon as we start boot camp again I’m going to have them try this!! In the meantime maybe one of my sons will do this with me.

  6. Jessica

    how many rounds?

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      5 rounds (look at the instructions at the bottom of the image). It says the reps decrease for each round :)

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