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Full Body Strength & Cardio Workout

Click on the exercise to view video instruction.

mountain climbersCardio Blitz
10 Air Squats
10 2-Count Mountain Climbers
10 Burpees
X 4
Do the cardio blitz between each circuit.

3 Circuits: 30 seconds of each circuit:

Pull Downs (or Pull Ups)
Hop Overs
Push Ups

Shoulder Press
X3Step Ups

Straight Leg Deadlifts
In/Out Squats*
Step Ups**

*In & Out Squats: Feet together in a narrow stance, squat and hop out into a squat with feet in a wide stance. Then hop back to a narrow stance squat. Each rep should include one narrow squat and one wide stance – so 20 total squats.

**Step Ups: Stay on one leg for 10. Pressure should remain on the forward foot (on the bench) for the best results. Do NOT put any weight on the back foot on the floor. Keep your forward foot on the bench and only tap the back foot to the ground before stepping back up. Be sure to extend fully into a complete stand on the bench.

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Extreme Pacer Upper Body Workout

metronome workoutHave you ever noticed how we want to do some exercises fast and some slow? For instance, I am prone to do bicycle crunches and push ups really fast, but a little slower to do squats. It’s actually harder to do some exercises slow (like push ups). Holding that lowered position for a longer time is tough! Well, this workout is made to FORCE you to do each exercise at 3 different paces – extremely slow, medium and then very fast.

First, download the metronome app. Then set the metronome to 45 beats per minute (bpm). It will be SUUUUUPER slow. Begin the first couplet of exercises, which is thrusters and mountain climbers (thrusters is a squat and a shoulder press). With each beep, you will begin or end the movement. Your thrusters, for instance, will be in the squat position for the first beep, then in the fully extended standing position, holding the weight above head until it beeps to tell you to move back to the squat. (So it’s squat and HOLD, then stand/press and HOLD, only moving at the beep.)

Once you complete 30 seconds of each exercise in that first couplet, you’ll move to the 2nd set and do the next pace, which is 90bpm. Then you will end with the rapid 135bpm.

Since the first pace is super slow, concentrate on perfect form. The medium pace will be more like a comfortable pace for you, and should also be performed with good form. The final fast pace will be difficult to perform in full range of motion, so it will be likely half the movement (like a pulse).

Be sure to stick to the beat! It should almost feel robotic. Up, down, up, down. Push, pull, push, pull. NO rest in between, other than to just adjust the pace for the next set. Have fun!

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BCx Boot Camp Workout

Do You Use Exercise for Damage Control?

damage controlThink how much further you’d be if you didn’t eat something you shouldn’t eat, with the mindset of either “I worked hard today in the gym” or “I’ll just do an extra cardio tomorrow”. Sadly, if you workout at all, you’ve done this before – we ALL do!

Think about what we are really doing. We are taking one step forward in the gym, then taking one step (and often 2 steps) back with our lack of discipline in eating – and then we take one step forward again to get back to where we started to begin with. We are basically getting nowhere, or we are letting our diet slow us down to a snail’s pace.

What if EVERYTHING we did in the gym was a NEW step forward? Where would you be now if you didn’t rely on exercise as simply damage control?

Secret Benefits to Push-Ups

push upSome people may be under the impression that push-ups are only for men, but push-ups have many surprising benefits for men and women of all fitness levels. I recently wrote an article for on 7 Surprising Benefits to Push-Ups that will have you diving on the floor, and make you eager to get your push-ups in!

It’s not like these benefits are really a secret, but not that many people realize everything they really do. I wonder if you will know them all!!?

Here’s the 1st push-up perk, and the link to read the whole article!

#1. Tones the Waist – Whaaat?!

Push-ups do a whole lot more than just work the chest muscles. Push-ups require back and abdominal strength to stabilize the core so you can keep your body straight during the exercise. Doing push-ups on a regular basis will strengthen and tone the muscles that support the spine, resulting in a much tighter (thinner & prettier) midsection…. READ MORE

Try Tabata Push-Ups

20 seconds of push-ups
20 seconds rest
8 rounds (2 minutes)

16-Minute Shoulder Workout

shouldersIf you need a quick workout, but you want to make sure it’s effective, do a tababa workout. Tabata is a type of training created by Dr. Izumi Tabata, that is a form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This particular interval workout uses a 2 to 1 ration of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds (or sets). (Gymboss makes a great interval timer) The results of his research found these short, intense workouts provided improved athletic capacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism, and improved fat burning. This really works well with functional exercises like push ups, pull ups, etc, but it also works well with traditional muscle building/sculpting exercises too.

Yesterday I was in time crunch so I incorporated tabata training for shoulder day so I could squeeze in my workout. To really develop nice rounded shoulders, you want to be sure to hit all three heads of the shoulders (deltoids) – anterior (front) deltoids, medial deltoids and posterior (or rear) deltoids (see diagram).

The whole workout took less than 20 minutes – 16 minutes of actual work, with 1 minute of rest between each tabata workout. Here are the 4 tabata workouts I did. And YES, my shoulders are already sore!! ouch!


#1 Tabata Shoulder Press Couplet

Directions: 20 Seconds on, 10 Seconds off, for 8 rounds, alternating push press with alternating shoulder press (ladder style, which means your arms move simultaneously – one arm goes up while the other goes down). This means you will do 4 sets of each exercise in this circuit. Take 60 seconds rest before the next exercise.

shoulder press shoulder press

#2 Tabata Shoulder Couplet

Directions: 20 Seconds on, 10 Seconds off, for 8 rounds, alternating upright row with alternating front raise. Again, your arms will be moving simultaneously, one moving up while the other arm is moving down (one arm is never in the rest position). Take 60 seconds rest before the next exercise.

upright row front raise

#3 Tabata Lateral Raises

Directions: 20 Seconds on, 10 Seconds off, for 8 rounds of lateral raises. I used a yellow Bodylastics band, but you can do this with light dumbbells as well. Keep arms straight, thumbs down and pinkies up to completely shut down your biceps from helping. Take 60 seconds rest before the next exercise.

lateral raise

#4 Tabata Rear Delt

Directions: 20 Seconds on, 10 Seconds off, for 8 rounds of rear delt (rear shoulder) raise with dumbbells. Keep arms out straight, and parallel with your shoulders to avoid letting your back, traps and rhomboids from helping. If the weight is too heavy, you will notice your arms will want to bend, and your hands will want to come back like chicken wings.

rear delt


Pinterest Graphic:

tabata shoulder workout



Motivation Needed?

I'm not motivatedOne of the most common statements I hear is “I just wish I was more motivated to workout”. I want to say “DUH! Me too!”. It is rare to meet a person who just can’t wait to go to the gym and workout every single day of their life. While there are some rare breeds (not sure what breed they are because they surely can’t be human!), but I do know they exist. However, I would venture to say most of my human friends go to the gym strictly out of self-discipline, as a result of purposefully creating healthy habits.

Sadly, many people wait for the magical warm and fuzzies to happen – and they are still waiting (and will be waiting until the day they die) because, chances are, that motivating miracle will never come.

While different people are motivated by different things, it seems to me that tight pants, poor self-esteem, depression or stress would be pretty motivating to someone who is overweight. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always do it for people. There even some people who’s life is at risk due to poor health, and sometimes that doesn’t even do it for them.

Interestingly enough, feeling bad and being unhealthy may not even be what gets someone sweating. Sometimes it’s plain old greed – we want what others have. We look at their fit bodies and use our “I want that” nature for our own advantage to push us to work harder. Other times it’s looking at someone else’s success story that gives us the encouragement we need to think for just one minute we might be able to have it too.

Even if you do wake up one morning feeling disgusting enough to start working out, eventually you’ll feel good about yourself again – and it might happen way before you hit your goal.

Whether you are motivated or not, one thing you should realize up front is even the most magical motivation isn’t something you should ever rely on. Even if you do wake up one morning feeling disgusting enough to start working out, eventually you’ll feel good about yourself again – and it might happen way before you hit your goal. You may have big hopes and wake up so excited to aim high, and eventually begin to settle for less. It happens to the best of us.

The fact of the matter is “motivation” is a feeling, and feelings are NOT something you should EVER rely on. They lie to you, they fluctuate and they are not trustworthy at all. You need to ONLY rely on your decisions and your commitment. As soon as you realize that your success hinges on your actions, no matter what your feelings are, then you will be on the road to success.

Make a commitment today to start ignoring your feelings and focus on your actions, focus on your goals and focus on your progress. You can’t control your feelings at all times, but you can control how you react. Start preparing your mind for a successful 2015.

Fat-Melting Heart-Pounding Upper Body Workout

Here is one of our latest BCx Boot Camp workouts on This workout is designed to sculpt your upper body, as well as burn a ton of calories in a short period of time (normally only 30-40 minutes). Follow the written workout below, and subscribe to LiveExercise to the workout WITH US!

BCx Boot Camp Workout

Do the following exercises with NO rest between exercises.

12 Push Press
12 Lateral Raise
12 Rear Delt Raise
X 3

Back & Chest:
Do the following exercises with NO rest between exercises.

12 Pull Ups or Pull Downs
12 Bent-over Row
12 Push Ups
X 3

Abs & Core:
Do the following exercises with NO rest between exercises.

15 Rope Crunch
15 Toes to Bar (or Reverse Crunch)
15 Side Plank Pulses (L)
15 Side Plank Pulses (R)
X 3

Do the following exercises with NO rest between exercises.

12 Heavy Pants
12 Dips
12 Bicel Curls
X 3


BCx Boot Camp

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Fat-Burning Leg Workout

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Built with Thermo Heat.

Here’s one of our latest leg workouts, designed to burn fat, strengthen and sculpt!


Turn Up The Heat Fat Burning Leg Written Workout

LEG WORKOUT 10 Walking Lunges (20 steps)
10 Thrusters
X3 (with little to no rest)

15 Leg Press
15 Squat Jumps
X3 (with little to no rest)

15 Leg Extensions
15 Double Unders
X3 (with little to no rest)

What is ThermoHeat?

ThermoHeat is a new thermogenic (fat burner) that’s out. Steve explains what thermogenics are, how they work, and what Thermo Heat does.


4-Week Fat-Burning Workout Program

I put together a 4-week training program from our BCx shows on LiveExercise shows for all my Pfit friends out there. Each workout is only 30-45 minutes long and can be done at home or a gym. All you have to do is Join LiveExercise (it’s only $7.99/month! – and if you aren’t sure about joining, you can get 2 Weeks FREE!). Once you do that, you can bookmark this page and click on the links (below) to go to the exact workouts you need to do. You’ll see me suffer through the workout, and you’ll enjoy the entertaining jokes (I didn’t say they were good ones, just entertaining ones! lol). I think you’ll have a LOT of fun – plus you’ll get a crazy good workout!!

BCx Boot Camp

About the 4-Week Program 

mountain climbersThis workout is a full body conditioning workout – for both guys and girls. The main purpose of this workout is to tone muscle AND burn fat in one single short workout. We use all kinds of training methods – kettlebells, dumbbells, plyo boxes, barbells. Yet, we show modifications for you in case you are limited on tools. You’ll learn proper form, you’ll sweat like a pig and you’ll have fun doing it too!

Suggested Training Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with extra cardio or optional heavy lifting (if you are doing this in addition to weight training) on your BCx off days. Guys can typically do Chest on Monday in addition to workout #1 since most of those days focus on lower body. 

Training Tips:

lateral raisesUse light weights if you want to tone, or if you are a beginner. Use moderate weight to tone and increase intensity (and burn more calories). Use heavy weights if you want to build muscle, improve strength and stamina, as well as burn a whole lot of calories. 

Progress Tracking:

Weigh in every Monday. Our gym gives Live Exercise members a discount on the inBody composition machine. You can use a standard scale if you don’t have access to a body composition machine.


back lungeDo all the workouts in the gym, or with friends, if you can. Why? Because you are less likely to stop, cheat or slack off when people are around. Going to the gym and working out with friends helps prevent distractions, as well as offers all the tools you need to get the best workout possible. While you can do these at home alone, you will probably perform better in a gym setting or with a buddy.

Before you start: Take a before photo against a white background for safe keeping. You should ALWAYS have a before photo, because you may shock yourself on just how much you can transform your body! Also, do measurements, measuring your waist, thigh, arm and chest. Now you’re ready to get started!

Online Video Training for only $7.99:

Now you can workout with me on LiveExercise, no matter where you live, for only $7.99/month. Not sure you’ll like it? Try it for 2 weeks FREE!

Fitness helpWho is it for?

•  The person who needs direction.
•  The person who needs to be pushed harder.
•  The person who would like to ramp up their existing workout.
•  The person who can’t afford boot camp or personal training.
•  The person who wants to learn more exercises and training methods.
•  OK, basically anyone!! We teach modifications for exercises so that anyone can do these workouts – even if you are overweight or have an injury.

Get Started Now:

1. Sign Up for LiveExercise

2. Bookmark this page to view the workout schedule. Pull it up from your mobile device.

3. Get familiar with the tools used. BCx uses kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, bodylastic bands, plyo box and a bench. Every workout will give you suggestions in case you don’t have the tool we are using (so no excuses!!).

4. Get Started! Follow the workout program from your mobile device, computer or TV (we are on Samsung TV and Roku!!)

4-Week Fat Burning Workout


(Do one extra cardio or class this week) 

Workout #1 – BCX, Ep. 31, Conditioning/Lower Body Focus -

Workout #2 – BCX, Ep. 34, Crazy Hard Core & Shoulder Workout

Workout #3 – BCX Ep. 49, Blitz Cardio


(Do two extra cardios or classes this week)

Workout #1 – BCX, Ep. 36, Legs/Glutes/Abs

Workout #2 – BCX Ep. 41, Butt And Shoulder Interval Workout

Workout #3 - BCX Ep. 39, Full Body Intense Cardio And Conditioning


(Do two-three extra cardios, totaling 9 miles, or two high-intensity cardio classes this week)

Workout #1 – BCX, Ep. 36, Legs/Glutes/Abs

Workout #2 – BCX Ep. 44, Cardio Back And Core Workout

Workout #3 – BCX, Ep. 25, Full Body AMRAP


(Do two extra cardios, totaling 9 miles, or two high-intensity cardio classes this week plus one long run or walk.)

Workout #1 – BCx Ep. 24 Legs, Glutes & Conditioning

Workout #2 – BCX Ep. 45, Full Body Multifunctional Workout

Workout #3 – BCX Ep. 40, Full Body Cardio And Core Suicide

Quick & Easy Arm Workout

Quick Arm WorkoutI was on vacation this weekend and did this quick arm workout in the hotel gym. It really firmed me up quick. It didn’t take too much time, but because there was no rest, it was GREAT!

Quick & Easy Arm Workout

12 Shoulder Press
12 Hammer Curls
12 Overhead Tricep Extension
12 Lateral Raises

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