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Fun Fashion Statement Jacket

TLF Apparel Infinity Legion JacketIf you follow me on instagram, you might have seen a bunch of pictures of me in this wild jacket. Florida peeps are not used to cold weather, and I sure was thankful that I took this jacket with me to New Jersey for my mom’s Ms. Senior America pageant because I sure wore the heck out of it.

When I was shopping online and trying to narrow down my choices, my husband wasn’t too keen on this particular piece – but I HAD to have it. Something was just drawing me to it. It looked like a cool cut, and it would dress up any black workout shorts, capris or tights. Then, when I got it and liked it even more – and Steve was so glad I got it because he loved it too!

I zipped the jacket all the way up to keep my neck warm, layering it over a thin long sleeve shirt on a very windy brisk day in D.C. I used it as a shirt under another jacket to go shopping. It was thin enough that it easily fit in my purse when I didn’t need it. Of course i also wore it to the gym, but it was comfy enough to wear it on a 7 hour road trip too. I got a ton of compliments on it every where I went!

IMG_2688 IMG_2690


The Whole TLF Outfit
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Bra Top

(Available in the fun eternity pattern or in a solid color)

TLF Apparel tlf_day_1-201

 tlf_day_1-585 TLF apparel

TLF Apparel TLF apparel

More Patterned Choices

Click on the photo to take you straight to the TLF page.

TLF apparel tlf_day_1-235

tlf_day_1-429 TLF bra top

Get 20% OFF with the discount code: 20TLF002 



Big, Bold & Beautiful Gym Bag Give-a-Way

A few weeks ago, I featured the Home-Gym-Home Fivesse Bag on my blog, showing off this purse-size bag I toted across 8 states on a fun journey to Ms. Senior America. This week, I’m featuring the other Fivesse bag I took on the trip – the Home-Gym-Work bag.

This bag is much bigger than the Home-Gym-Home bag. The Home-Gym-Work bag has a ton of pockets (each labeled with cute pictures so you know exactly which each pocket was designed for) and has a place for everything Fivesse Gym Bagyou need to get ready at the gym – or on the road. This is also the bag I take with me on every weekend getaway – including our Thanksgiving vacation this weekend.

To show how roomy this bag is, I decided to unpack it (minus my dirty clothes) and show you everything that was currently in my bag after my trip. I already pulled out 2 pairs of jeans and a few shirts (and another pair of shoes) but, as you can see here, I still had a LOT of stuff in this bag!

Here are all the cute labels to show you where everything is supposed to go. So original!

In My Fivesse Bag

  • Fivesse Home-Gym-Work BagSocks
  • Shoes
  • 5 tanks
  • 3 long sleeve shirts
  • 3 bra tops
  • 1 pair of workout tights
  • Laptop
  • Power supply
  • iPad
  • Phone chargers
  • Armpocket Armband for my iPhone
  • Headphones
  • 2 brushes
  • Hairdryer
  • Make up bag
  • 2 cans of hairspray
  • 2 protein bars
  • Business cards
  • Body Lotion
  • Mouth wash
  • Curling iron
  • Beanie (to keep my Floridian noggin warm)
  • Ball Cap
  • 3 pair fresh undies
  • and a partridge in a pear tree (OK, maybe not that) lol


If you like this bag, FOLLOW the giveaway on Facebook or Instagram and post a comment on either of these posts: We will be giving away 2 50% OFF coupons (one on each page) so you can get this bag for half the regular cost!!

Tips to Finding the Perfect Gym Bag

boring gymbagI’ve been in the fitness business for over 20 years (yes, I’m dating myself here!), and I have to say, I have not seen a lot of “pretty” gym bags in those 20 years.

Most gym bags are pretty sporty and look more like they belong on the football field than on a girl’s shoulder. I find a lot of gym bags are the colors of a sports team and less than girlie – not to mention, are very limited on storage pockets. A man must design them! Can I hear an Amen?! lol

This is a different generation. Today’s generation of gym rat looks a lot different than yesteryear. Fitness is not just for guys and girls who are into sports. Girls lift weights and train like athletes, but still enjoy wearing designer jeans and high heels. Fitness is a lifestyle and our gym bag is as important as our purse.

Finding the Perfect Bag

Types-Gym-BagsShopping for a gym bag can be exhausting (unless you have a chick like me that shares their great finds with you. Wink wink!) If you are looking in a local sporting goods store, chances are, you are just going to find a good sports bag – and not have a lot of variety of style to choose from. If you go to a designer store, you might find a pretty bag, but it may not have all the functionality you need.

While everyone’s needs and tastes are different, I think a few things are probably pretty important to most women – however, I don’t think every shopper really thinks about what they want before they start looking. Instead, they just do an impulse buy, buying either what looks pretty on the outside, or what is a good deal.

Here are the 3 main features I look for when shopping for a new gym bag.

gym bag1. Pretty. Yes, pretty is important to me. I think I use a gym bag more than any purse I own, so I want to enjoy it. Who’s with me?

2. Functional. It HAS to be easy to use. If I have to fight with the straps, zippers, space, shape, etc, I won’t wear it. No “good deal” is worth even a little money if I waste it and don’t use it. I am looking for the PERFECT bag, not just any bag.

3. Practical. I look for a LOT of pockets – and the MORE the MERRIER! I need a place to put my water bottle, fresh clothes, dirty clothes/stinky shoes, phone, “purse stuff” (like lip gloss, wallet, keys), and a place to put my gym accessories (like headphones, ipod, straps, etc).

4. Durable. There are a few things that give out quickly with gym bags. Zippers break, the nylon frays, and the straps break. I don’t know how many gym bags my husband and I have gone through over the years (back when we got our gym bags at discount department stores and we never paid more than $39.99 for a bag). I have to admit, you get what you pay for. I am afraid to think of the money I’ve spent wasted on stuff (because it was a good deal) – but I never used, or it didn’t last. A gym bag really is an investment to people who really live the fitness lifestyle and rely on them. Durability is a must, and it’s OK to spend a little more on it if it lasts and you love it.

Introducing the Fivesse Home-Gym-Home Bag

I was so stoked to have the opportunity to do a product review on the Fivesse Home-Gym-Home Bag. By the looks of it, it was going to meet all 3 of the criteria I look for – and BOY, did they meet all my expectations and more!!

Here are all the things I loved about this bag:

Fivesse Home-Gym-Home Bag1. It is stylish and pretty. Seriously, how many gym bags can you throw on your shoulder like a purse and wear with heels? I used this bag as my purse the entire time I was in Atlantic City with my mom for Ms. Senior America.

2. It has 10 separate compartments - all labeled so you know exactly what each pocket is designed for! There is the main compartment for your clothes and large items, a vented pocket for shoes or dirty clothes, a medium size internal zipper pocket for make-up and accessories, a pouch for headphones and ipod, a zipper pocket for jewelry, a pocket for sunglasses, an outside pocket for your phone, another pocket with elastic trim to hole your water bottle, a small outside velcro pocket for your gym membership card and a big side pocket (which also neatly hides the yoga straps when you aren’t using them). There is also a hook to put your keys on, so you don’t have to dig around in the bottom of your bag looking for keys! What more could a girl ask for?!

Fivesse Gym Bag3. It is the perfect size. The Home-Gym-Home is the perfect size for me. I don’t need to pack a hair dryer and my entire dressing room since I’m just going from the home to the gym and back (hence the name of the bag!). They MADE this bag for people just like me! In my bag, I have a fresh set of clothes, ipad, headphones, iphone, iphone armband, hair ties, jacket, water bottle, wallet, sunglasses, iphone charger, note pad & pen (I do some of my best thinking at the gym! ha!), body spray, lotion and business cards – and still have TONS of room to spare!

Fivess Bag4. It doubles as a great travel bag/purse! I didn’t plan this, but I ended up using this bag instead of my purse for my entire trip to New Jersey last month. I put my hotel key card where the gym membership card went and enjoyed all the pockets to use for my cameras, smart devices, umbrella and all the things I needed to travel with ease. This would be a GREAT bag to take on an airplane. Seriously, this bag couldn’t be more handy.

5. Is has great colors. The color combination of black, tan, cream and pink make this bag even more versatile. It looked great with all black, and it looked nice with tans and browns too. The pink softens it up so no one would ever know you are carrying a gym bag – and the pretty hounds tooth design sets it off beautifully, adding a perfect touch of class and design.

6. It comes with a cool little headphones organizer. The simple little disc (in the shape of their logo, pictured below) makes it easy to wrap your headphone chords up neatly so they don’t get tangled. I don’t know about you, but i used to spend a lot of time untangling my chords every time I did cardio. No More! What a nice little extra touch!!

fivesse headphone organizer  Fivess Headphone Organizer


I love this bag so much, this bag is the FIRST to go on my Merry Pfitness Pfit Pfinds List. Look for this logo on any of my blogs for my personal recommendations of Christmas Gift Ideas for the fitness enthusiast.

Follow my Merry Pfitness Board on Pinterest for more Pfit Pfinds as I begin shopping and exploring gift ideas!


Fivesse Give-A-Way

If you are interested in getting one of these beauties, I will be giving away a special 50% OFF COUPON to ONE lucky WINNER. Entering to win is easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Subscribe (if you aren’t already subscribed).

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The winner will be selected randomly by a computer generated program so don’t worry, no “favorites” here. :)  Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner (which I will post on the bottom of this blog when they are chosen).  

A Video Tour of the Fivess Home-Gym-Home Bag

NOTE: This blog was sponsored by Fivesse. All opinions are honest and my own. I only partner with brands I truly love. I am happy to do product reviews, but please don’t ask me to blog about a junky product, unless you want a junky review). #justsaying  :) 

REEBOK SALE – Get up to 50% OFF!

I like to let you know when my favorite brands are running deals! I just got this email and wanted to share it with you!!!! Let me know if you get anything cool!!! I know you’ll love what you get – I always do!!!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Reebok SaleSave up to 50% at + Free Shipping & Free Returns has just reduced outlet items, including shoes, gear, and more, by up to 50%! Stock up on all of your training must-haves now and maybe grab a few Christmas presents while you’re at it. Don’t wait as these items will go fast. Save up to 50% at + Free Shipping & Free Returns!!!

CLICK HERE to browse CROSSFIT Items (like below)!  CLICK HERE to browse the whole outlet store! NOTE: There are SEVERAL pair of the shorts we were that we love so much! I paid as much as $75 for one pair, and they are only $38 right now!!

 Reebok CrossFit Sale reebok compression shirt Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 7.19.40 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 7.17.43 AM

Tank Talk: What’s Your Sweat Say?

ViewSportDoes your sweat talk? Mine does (thanks to ViewSport sweat activation apparel). I got my shipment of ViewSport clothing last night and couldn’t wait to wear it on our BCx Boot Camp show on I already had one tank, but now I have a bunch of fun outfits that “talk” as I sweat.

Today’s Outfit:

“Strength is Beautiful” Tank
Secret Message on Back: “Train Harder”

Performance Heartbreaker Shorts in Hot Pink


You can even CUSTOMIZE your OWN designs and messages! Create your own secret message for your running group, competition team, gym members, cheerleader squad or sport. CLICK HERE for more information or to browse their store! More pics to come! Follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter for more pics!

PFIT STYLE NEWS: Fashion with Function

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Lorna Jane.

Lorna JaneSince I am in the fitness industry, it is important to me to look sharp when I’m at the gym – whether I’m working out or working the front desk. So, even when I workout, I try to get clothes that are both comfortable and classy, just in case I’m meeting a new member or business person for the first time.

When I got to a chance to try some Lorna Jane fitness apparel, I have to admit I was overwhelmed. Trying to narrow down my selection was extremely difficult. They have SO many cute and unique styles, patterns, cuts and colors.

Lorna Jane

With every click to a new page, I saw something and thought “ooo! THAT’s my favorite”, only to click to the next screen and say the same thing about something else.

Here’s what I picked out:

The Hooded Tank
The Amy Tight.

Since our staff uniform is black, I opted for something black this time – but next time I’m going with fun crazy bold color because LOOK HOW FLIPPIN’ CUTE THEIR STUFF IS!?! Seriously! I SO have to have those crazy colorful capris!

Lorna Jane

Here are just a few things I really like about  Lorna Jane

  • There are 70-100 New Styles Released Each Month!
  • They have Fitness Apparel for ALL Types of Exercise – from dance, swimming & running to lifting!
  • They’re clothes aren’t just fashionable, they are comfy and functional! Gotta love something that looks as good as it feels!
  • They have great sales, and you can even shop by price so you can find stuff to fit your budget.
  • And look at their cute sayings they have like this one “Sweat + Effort = Miracles” …LOVE!!!

Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane also has some really cool books & diaries. Here’s a link to download Lorna Jane’s ebook, “Move Over Sugar Recipe Book”. I personally love her diary, where you can track your fitness journey, along with get recipes and inspiring quotes along the way. So cool! All in all, I really love what she is doing with her brand and will definitely be back for more!

Happy New Year and New You!!


The Incredible Flexible Washable Reebok Skyscape

reebok skyscapeReebok Skyscape

Reebok did it again! They came out with the cutest, lightest (5 OUNCE!) , seamless, super comfy and totally machine washable (DID YOU HEAR ME???? I SAAAID MACHINE WASHABLE!!! how COOL is THAT?!) tennis shoe, perfect for daily wear! It’s call the Reebok Skyscape.

Sometimes you just want a cute minimal shoe that is cozy but doesn’t look like an athletic shoe for those days you want to be comfy but you don’t want to look like you are going for a run. If this is YOU, then you might want to try out this cool new pair of kicks.

The material is wild! It’s smooth, soft and stretchy material makes this shoe like nothing else I’ve ever put on my foot. Plus, it has a pillowy tongue with extra cushion so tight laces don’t cut off circulation or irritate the top of your foot. Basically, comfy was their focus and they nailed it. I wore it to work yesterday, knowing I was going to have to stand on my feet for several hours straight, and they didn’t let me down.

Check ‘em out!



Next on my list are the purple ones! So stinkin’ cute! I’ll be sure to instagram & tweet out more pics, with the hashtag #livewithfire!

reebok skyscape


Best One-of-a-Kind Christmas Gift for Fitness

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

pfit pfinds

The Custom Nano is on my Merry Christmas Gift Idea List for 2 years running. 

ReeboksI love fashion. I may not always be the most “fashionable”, but I love to “play” with style. Since there are not a lot of accessories you can wear while working out, (I mean, it’s not like you can wear bangle bracelets, chunky necklaces and chandelier earrings), you’re somewhat limited to the actual clothes you have to wear to get your sweat on.

For instance, I have to wear socks, so they might as well be fun! I have to wear tennis shoes, so they might as well be colorful. I often have to put my hair up in a ponytail, so why not wear pigtails with matching rubber bands? Why not, right?


I wear workout clothes for a living. After years of wearing black and grey, I was super excited about all the pretty color that entered into the fitness world. Then I discovered cute tennis shoes that didn’t look like bulky tennis shoes. Slowly, but surely, I started wearing more tennis shoes with everyday clothing – because shoes were so much cuter than ever before. Since I have so many flashy colored Reeboks, I was ready to get a more neutral pair for every day use – in or out of the gym. I have have very little that matches grey, and NOTHING that matches blue, so I thought I’d try designing my next pair of shoes!  Here are some of my custom Nano 2.0s (my favorite in and out of the gym tenny!). Now I’m just trying to figure out which one to buy – OR should I try a new color combo?

Which one do you like best?  

Pink & Grey Skulls

grey and pink nano 2.0

Grey & Green Tape

Grey & Green Nanos

Patriotic Skulls

Customized Nano 2.0

Girly Blue Camo

Blue Camo Nano 2.0

Blue and Red Tape

nano 2.0 blue and red tape

Navy Nanos (you can even customize the text on the shoe!)


Here is a pair Steve designed earlier this year!

custom nano 2.0 nanos2


15 Different Styles – Endless Colors, Patterns, Fabrics, & Options

Your Pumps

Reebok Discounts & Giveaways! It PAYS to be a PFIT FRIEND! :)

Save 30% OFF ReebokThis Wednesday 8/14 through Sunday 8/18, is kicking off the Reebok Friends & Family Sale! The Friends & Family Sale (and you ARE my friend and we are practically LIKE family!) is one of’s biggest sales of the year, so make sure to take advantage of this great offer and get 30% off your entire order by using the code FF30 from Wednesday through Sunday!  (Note: Excludes Reebok CrossFit gear, items with $.98 price endings and custom shoes.) has also marked down some of the hottest apparel and footwear in their Sale Section including Classic leather and Zigs in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes! Men’s, women’s and kid’s hoodies, jackets, shorts, sports bras, and t-shirts are on sale too! Don’t miss out on this opportunity and head to Reebok now!

Here are just a few popular items that are being gobbled up right now.



Men’s BlackTraining Pant Men’s RealFlex Running Shoe



Women’s Long Bra Women’s ZigTech Shark Running Shoe


Girls ZigLite Rush Running Shoe Boys ZigTech Shark 2.0 Running Shoe

ReebokONE 30 Days of Giveaways Contest

Are you a Fitness Professional? Are you entered the @ReebokONE 30 Days of #Giveaways #Sweeps yet? Sign up as a new member of the community for a chance to win a $100 gift card or the grand prize: a trip to train with David Jack & $500 of Reebok product per month for a year. Use promo code “30Days” here:

ReebokONE challenge

Connect with ReebokONE:

  • Twitter: @ReebokONE
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Apply now at  HERE

Free to join, the benefits of being part of the ReebokONE network include:

  • 25% Discount on all Reebok product
  • Access to exclusive content
  • Customized URL and professional fitness profile
  • 10% Commission on all referred sales

**Contest runs from August 8th through September 6th.

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Gym Time! Are You Packed for Success?

Livewell360One of my favorite sayings is “if you fail to plan, plan to fail”, and it is SO true – especially in the fitness world. Proper diet and training takes preparation. And, as soon as you find yourself unprepared, it is easy as pecan pie to go off plan.

Eating on the go and going to the gym takes a certain level of preparation. Your food needs to be portable, and packed up in Tupperware with all the utensils you need. Also, your gym gear has to be loaded up and ready before you head out the door each morning. That means my Live Well 360 bag needs to be packed with all my favorite fitness accessories, healthy food and apparel ahead of time. I suggest packing everything up the night before so you don’t run out of time, and run into excuses to go off plan.

20 Items in my Bag RIGHT NOW!

  1. Tilapia, a sweet potato & a banana
  2. Shoes, shorts, tank and socks
  3. iPad (for watching TV on the elliptical)
  4. Yurbuds earphones
  5. Wrist Wraps (PR Wraps)
  6. iPhone Arm band
  7. Voss Water bottle
  8. Supplements
  9. Impact Energy Gum (new to New York – and now available at our gym!)
  10. Powder & lipstick (I never use it, but I have it just in case)
  11. Body Lotion (just in case I am smelly or dry! ha)
  12. Hair ties & head band
  13. iPhone charger (gotta have enough juice for my tunes!)
  14. Hoodie (stays in my bag just in case)
  15. Wallet (because I don’t carry a purse during the week)
  16. Speed rope
  17. Camera (yes, because you neeeever know when you’ll need to make a fitness memory!)
  18. Bath & Body Works Body spray
  19. Protein bars (I had Designer Whey bars in mine right now!)
  20. Macbook Pro (because it goes everywhere I do!)

Packing for the day is just one of the ways to prepare for fitness success. Check out my blog “5 Ways to Prepare for Fitness Success” at LiveWell360 for 4 more tips!

About My Favorite Bag

I have 2 LiveWell 360 bags. This is the CORE bag. Totally comfy and not bulky. My other bag is the LUXX bag, with a built-in padded laptop case!

Live Well 360 Core gym bag

Million pockets! Ok, not really ..but a LOT! Yes, I’m TOTALLY organized!

Live Well 360 Core gym bag

I plan to succeed with a well-packed bag! Take a peak of what I can fit inside!

Live Well 360 Core gym bag

Built to last.

You can find bags cheaper, but I promise I will still be using my Core bag after you go through your next 3-4 cheapos! If you are a gym rat, it’s worth the investment to buy a gym bag that is perfect, high quality and that won’t let you down!

Live Well 360 Core gym bag

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