Diet for Dollars: Lose It To Win It!

Funny scale dogNeed motivation?
Need accountability?
Need a goal?

Diet Bet does ALL of these things!! Money motivates. The weigh-ins hold you accountable. They even set a goal for you! If you lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks (that’s 6-8lbs on average), you get to share the pot!

150lb person needs to lose 6lbs – 1.5lbs a week
175lb person needs to lose 7lbs – 1.75lbs a week
200lb person need to lose 8lbs – 2lbs a week

If this sounds fun to you, then you won’t want to miss my Diet Bet Game starting April 2nd! Once you place your bet (only $35), you’ll get access to my private support group JUST for my players!Diet Bet

Players Get:

  • Weekly Challenges

  • Diett Tips

  • Motivation

  • Recipes

  • Workouts

  • Discounts

  • Free Coaching

  • and MORE!


CLICK HERE to play the game!

CLICK HERE to request to be added to the private support group.


EVERYONE WHO COMPLETES THE CHALLENGE (meaning, you turn in your before AND after photos to me and Diet Bet) gets a FREE BCx Treadz Workout Video. Even if you don’t lose the weight you want to lose, you will still win something!!!


10 Simple Tips for a Healthier Heart

Unhealthy fatty heartThis picture is an ugly reality of what excess body fat does to our vital organs.

A fatty heart is no joke and it’s a reality for so many people. When we overeat and don’t exercise, we are making our heart work so hard to keep us alive. No food is worth that. Being comfortable now on the couch isn’t worth being bound to a couch for the rest of your later life. We have to fight for our health.

We can’t be who God created us to be if we aren’t around or in good enough health to be a blessing to others. A number on a scale or pants size is just a tiny part of fitness. LIVING a healthy life is more valuable than riches or abs. At the end of your life, you are not going to regret not having abs. You’ll regret not taking care of your life or regret not being able to keep up with your grandkids, etc. Health is #1.


1. Lose weight and keep it off
2. Limit sodium intake (season with herbs & spices)
3. Eat a healthy low-fat diet (healthy fats vs fried food)
4. Avoid and/or limit processed carbs and sugars
5. Nourish your body with quality vitamins and minerals
6. Rest, relax and reduce stress in your life (adaptogens are awesome for helping reduce the effects of stress & anxiety)
7. Eat more fish
8. Maintain a high-fiber diet
9. Lift weights – Yes! It works more than just muscles!
10. Exercise your cardiovascular system
Notice how I included lifting weights AND cardiovascular exercise? Did you know thut pumping iron does more than just pump up your muscles?

cardio vs weightsCARDIO VS WEIGHTS

Studies have shown that resistance exercises produced a different pattern of blood vessel responses than the aerobic exercise, suggesting that the former may have important and unique benefits for cardiovascular health. The resistance exercise produced greater increases in blood flow to the limbs—even though it also caused small increases in central arterial stiffness. In contrast, aerobic exercise decreased arterial stiffness—but without an increase in blood flow.
Resistance exercise also led to a longer-lasting drop in blood pressure (as much as 20 percent) after exercise, compared to aerobic exercise. (Resourse: Great article in Men’s Health)

heart rate GET IN THE ZONE

You can predict your Maximum Heart Rate by subtracting your age from 220. It’s called the Maximum Predicted Heart Rate (MPHR). An MPHR, for example, for a 50-year-old is 220 minus 50, or 170 beats per minute. But your MPHR can vary by as much as 10 to 15 beats per minute compared to your actual Maximum Heart Rate. Invariably, an exercise tolerance test is a better predictor of your actual Maximum Heart Rate.


Your Training Heart Rate is the range in which your heart should be beating during exercise to get optimum aerobic conditioning. Where are Polar Heart Rate Monitor for best results. 
Moderate intensity -Training Heart Rate is 60 to 75% of your Maximum Heart Rate.
Vigorous intensity – Training Heart Rate is higher than 75% of your Maximum Heart Rate.

Product Spotlight

heart shake booster
Heart Shake Booster – This is a  brand new supplement that my nutrition company just came out with. Heart Shake Booster is a blend of science-supported ingredients that may reduce the risk of heart disease and support overall cardiovascular health. (Free of artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.) 5 Calories per Serving.

8 Things to Look For When Shopping Supplements


What do you look for in nutritional products? A certain amount or type of protein? A product that promises results? Organic ingredients? Something you can “feel”? Sadly, what is important to me NOW  was no not even on my radar just 2 years ago.

I admit I used to have a very narrow-minded view of supplements. I looked for specific things that were “important” to me, not necessarily important. As a result, I was pouring products into my body that were not healthy for me at all. I was irresponsible – ignorant, really. Out of sight, out of mind. I looked for ingredients I recognized and ignored the rest. NO MORE!!

My criteria has completely changed and I thought I’d share with you what I now look for when choosing products for my health and fitness goals.

NUTRITION1. Complete nourishment

When you are dieting, you are cutting calories and cutting nutrients so you are underfed and malnourished. Even if you are just watching what you eat to be healthy, it’s hard to get all the nutrients you need in our food today.

This is why it is so important to look for nutrient rich ingredients that are loaded with vitamins and minerals so your body is completely satisfied nutritionally. This is not only good for you, it prevents your body from searching for missing nutrients, which translates to cravings. I find I’m more satisfied, fuller longer and feel so much better all the way around when I am getting a good daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

Taste used to be #1, then protein grams and calories, never looking at what I was really putting in my body.

When reading the label, compare the list of vitamins to other products. Which product has the most vitamins and minerals? Which products seems the most complete? The more good stuff you get, the better investment you are making!

2. Zero chemicals

no chemicalsChemicals are in EVERYTHING! They are in our snacks, seasonings, condiments, prepackaged foods and most every day kitchen staple. Even organic stuff can have MSG or other unnecessary additives so you really need to watch labels. I almost expect to see junk in 90% of the stuff on grocery shelves, but that stuff shouldn’t be in “health food”. Unfortunately, 95% of stuff even in “nutrition shops” are also loaded with the same bad junk, from soy protein, fillers, sweeteners, artificial flavors and chemicals.

If I am going to spend my hard-earned money on good nutrition and supplements, I do not want to spend it on products that are laced with arsenic, so why would I want it laced with other stuff that could be harmful to my body – or not be useful and good for me at best?

YUM3. Yum Factor

Yes, that is important. If it doesn’t taste great, you won’t stick with it. I refuse to eat anything that is gross. Period. I don’t care what the package promises. YOM YOM!

puzzle4. Products that work together.

I no longer use different brands. I used to be the QUEEN of mix-match nutrition. However, over this last year, I realized that piecing your supplements together (whether to save money or get what tastes good) creates holes and overlaps in your nutrition.

When you get products that are designed to work together, you can be confident that you are not wasting your money on ingredients you don’t need or have too much of.

Grass fed undenatured whey5. Quality protein

My top choice for protein is the healthiest protein on the market, called undenatured whey. It’s a high quality protein from grass fed antibiotic-free happy, healthy cows that does not go through the denaturing process (which strips it of awesome health benefits). It is highly absorbable and bioavailable (meaning our body can use it easily). I look for protein that has ZERO fillers so that every gram of protein is used to heal, repair and build my body’s strength for optimal health. (Learn more about undenatured whey)

Holistic Nutrition6. Holistic ingredients and remedies.

While I have never been a tree hugging holistic health nut that never eats pizza, I do love it when I can find holistic remedies for common issues like restless sleep, inflammation, pain, immune weakness, stress, mental fog, etc. I never used those products simply because I had no idea how powerful natural nutritional supplements (like adaptogens) and remedies really were. Once I gave them a try, there really was not a lot of need for Advil and Monster energy drinks.

Also, many medicines only get rid of symptoms, when the ideal solution is to find ways to actually get rid of the problem itself, not just the symptoms.

easy-button7. Easy, practical, maintainable

I used to alway look for the fast fix. Now I look for solutions that are practical, and something I can do for life (not just for a season). Fad diets and fast fixes are rarely healthy or something you can maintain longterm. I’m looking for healthy LIVING nutritional support; things I can do everyday that are manageable both financially and realistically in my life. I want to LIVE, not STARVE. I don’t want to be a slave to popping pills or extreme workouts.

anti aging8. Healthy aging support.

I wish I realized I was already starting the aging process before it showed up in my crows feet and back pain. Sadly, I didn’t realize it until I started experiencing the painful effects of aging – wrinkles, pain, skin issues, stiffness, etc.

So many companies focus on outward aesthetics and immediate “affects”, and spend most of their money on marketing to get fast customers and fast money. Many of them even bank on you not even using their stuff. for long. Besides, they will just market a “new and improved” version to keep you spending money with them. I love it when a company invests research and resources on making quality products that are scientifically proven to go the distance. I love when I can find added ingredients to support overall longterm health, not just good looking ads or products that just taste good.

Companies that put a lot of effort into adding ingredients in products to support longevity will stay in business because they will have lasting happy healthy customers. For example, the vitamins I take has years of research behind them, offering a lot of extra support like Coenzyme Q-10, sex-specific support and telomere support, which is something I have yet to see in any other mainstream company.

I mean, if I’m going to take a vitamin pak, pack that sucker with everything you’ve got to help me aging gracefully! :)

More on Telomeres: This is a simple video on what telomeres are and why you would want to try to keep your telomeres long and healthy. Pretty cool sciency stuff!!  :)

CONTACT ME if you have questions or would like help finding a specific product or nutritional supplement.

10 Tips to Help Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain

If you’ve ever suffered from a throbbing aching pain in your derriere, that possibly even radiates down your leg, you have likely experienced Sciatica. Sciatica, literally is a pain in the butt – and it can be fixed pretty easily.

Steve explains what Sciatica is often caused by and how to eliminate the pain. If you’ve been in pain due to Sciatica, you won’t BELIEVE how these simple exercises can change your life!


Stretches for Sciatica

10 Tips to Pain Prevention:

1. Maintain good posture (poor posture often instigates a lof of common pain issues)
2. Remove items from your back pocket (like your wallet) when driving or sitting for long periods of time
3. Do the above stretches often through out the day, holding each stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds. (no bouncing)
4. Take anti-imflammatories when needed
5. Ice Ice baby! Ice reduces inflammation, where heat can induce an inflammatory response
6. Invest in a good vitamin regimen with quality fish oil (like Complete Essentials) to help inflammation naturally
7. Avoid sugar which can cause inflammation
8. Do a cellular detox (like Cleanse for Lifef) to rid your body of toxins that also can cause inflammation
9. Use a foam roller to break up fascia and help loosen tight muscles
10. Treat yourself to a massage

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5 Ways to Make Fitness Fads Work for You

fitness accessoriesFads come and go, but what is here to stay is the fact we will always have a new trend arriving on the scene. Why? Because we always need something new in our life. We get tired of the same styles, same workouts, same foods, same TV shows, etc; and the same goes for fitness.

Are some fads better than other fads? Sure, maybe. But, sometimes it is not as much about something being better as something just being different. Different in of itself can be better.

Sure, products can always improve. But, in the fitness world, something new (even if it isn’t a technological break through) can be just what we need to get us started or take us to the next step simply because it’s new.

fitness trackersWhy Fit Fads Really Fail

The latest DVD, tennis shoe, workout program, fitness equipment or accessory will rarely be the end-all be-all. Even if we know this, we often act like these products have magical powers that should motivate us into greatness just by owning them alone. We simply have unrealistic expectations, resulting in failure.

Can they help? Yes.
Can they get you excited for a bit? Yes.
Can they be effective? Yes (if you use them).
But, will you be using it 5 years from now. Probably not, but that’s OK!
They may be EXACTLY what you need right NOW!

5 Ways to Make Fitness Fads Work For You

treadmill coat hangerHere’s my take on fitness fads and how they can help you reach success. First, let’s define fad. Pretty much all fitness gear, fashion and accessories are some type of fad. They are trending today and out tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t helpful. They can be fantastic for us!

The fact is; fitness fads don’t fail us. WE fail us. We ask the wrong questions when contemplating the purchase. If you want success, you have to change your mindset and ask the right questions. You will experience more success when you are honest with yourself and have more realistic expectations.

The fact is, most products work when used. So the question is “will you actually use it?”

5 Questions to ask yourself next time you want to click “BUY NOW!”

1. Could you see yourself using this product over the next 30 days? 

calendarYou don’t have to commit to using your new fit find every day necessarily, but you will have to commit to putting it to good use at least for a period of time. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes or leggings, or it’s a new piece of equipment, decide how often you could use it and set a time period that best matches the investment.

If it’s a small purchase, it should entertain and excite you for a smaller period of time. If it’s a larger investment, it should last you longer. But don’t be surprised if the latest deal of the day didn’t keep you amused for an entire year. Some purchases can be a huge success if they just get you pumped for a few weeks or months.

NK_Women_High_Heel_Shoes_NK_Dunk_SB_Running_Shoes_Sneakers2. Is it ideal?

Often times we settle for something when it’s not exactly what we were looking for. I do this with clothes all the time. Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean it’s a good buy. If it is the right style but it’s the wrong color, then you likely won’t wear it. If you don’t wear it often, it’s not a good purchase. However, even if something is more expensive, but you know you will really put it to good use, it’s worth every penny!

hamster treadmill3. Is it practical?

Some products are perfect, but just not perfect for you. You can buy an amazing piece of equipment or fitness tool but if it’s not practical, you won’t use it.

Do you have the right place for it in your home?
Is it convenient?
Is it comfortable to use?

Even the best product on the market may not be best for you if you can’t easily put it to good use.

excited shopper4. Does it get you excited?

This may sound silly but one thing most of us are not excited about is sweating and getting out of breath. Exercise is work, so if you can find a product that gets you pumped, then you are on to something.

What gets me excited? Fitness apparel and accessories. Gym bags, workout clothes, shoes, headphones, activity trackers, new workouts and new tunes get me excited. Since I am not super stoked to exercise, I purposefully invest in things that make fitness more fun for me.

5. Will it get you closer to your goal?

This is where most people go wrong. They want every purchase to catapult them straight to their goal. However, a good fit find is a success if it just gets you closer to your goal. It doesn’t have to take you straight there all in one shot. Each fitness product you purchase just simply needs to support your goals. If it helps you move in the right direction, then you have made a good investment.

Stop putting so much pressure on the latest workout or product you purchase. Cut it some slack and cut yourself some slack. We need new things in our life – especially along our fitness journey. Keep making these small investments here and there. Remember, progress is success – even if it’s moving closer to your goal one little step at a time.

Here is some footage from my recent visit as a guest on the Healthy You show with Brett Chukerman on HSN, where I talk about this very topic.






HEALTHIER HAPPIER YOU: Free 60-Day Transformation Challenge

Hello everyone!! I would like to announce my New Year “Healthier Happier You!” Challenge.

This 60-Day Challenge is all about BALANCE. It’s about learning to lose weight and keep it off. It’s about mastering the balancing act of exercise and diet, healthy meals and cheat meals, healthy living and living life!

If this sounds good to you, then click on this link and complete the short form so you can join me! 
healthier happier you 60 day challenge

Something New for 2018

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah‬ ‭43:19‬ ‭

Change-Ahead-signWhat a great scripture for the new year!! This was the scripture of the day that popped up in my bible app on January 1st and it was the scripture that spoke to Steve and I four years ago, which changed our lives. Smack in the middle of confusion, God showed us that verse and encouraged us that he was on the move. Although we saw no hope or no answers, God was saying “I’m doing something new and you are about to witness a miracle”. And we did.

God is always doing something new. We just don’t aways see it, nor do we always respond correctly (living obediently and actually seeking direction). At the time that verse appeared to us, Steve had just moved out, he got shot and I was just out of surgery for an emergency appendectomy. Does any of that sound miraculous or awesome? Heck no. It seemed our life was falling apart. But, while we both were thrown into a hospital room together and circumstances were forcing our hand, we couldn’t deny God was up to something. The truth is, he’s ALWAYS up to something. We just don’t always see it!

Looking through binocularsSo, what did we do? We sought Him. We dedicated nearly every window of free time to finding out what God was trying to tell us and seeking direction. If he was about to do a miracle, we didn’t want to miss it.

If you are in need of a miracle, if you want a new life and a fresh start, it must start with putting God first. It’s the only order that works. You can’t put your job first or your spouse first. It has to be God at the top. If you do that, everything else falls into place. 

directionFresh Start Begins with Good Direction:

While I reflect on the past year and ponder what I want to work on in 2018, one thing I know is I don’t want to do anything without God’s lead. Whether you believe the stories told in the Bible or not, even the greatest scholars can’t deny the book is packed with wisdom when they study it. Most people just don’t take the time to actually study the Bible like they study text books.

Finance problems? Scripture addresses it.
Relationship problems? Scripture addresses it.
Trouble with kids? Scripture addresses it.
Struggle with food/drink? Scripture addresses it..

All the common struggle we have today people had 2,000 years ago – from greed to sex to money to being done wrong. It’s all in there and there is instructions on how to respond properly to all of it.

SO, what is my point?

My point is no matter what your goal is. Even if you don’t believe there was a Jesus who loved you enough to die for you, if we want more wisdom to excel in life and to make the right decisions, we should study the Bible like we studied school books to learn our trade.

More Wisdom in 2018

“Knowledge begins with respect for the LORD, but fools hate wisdom and discipline.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭NCV‬‬

wisdomWisdom isn’t smarts. There are a lot of smart people who make really dumb decisions. Wisdom isn’t knowing more. It’s knowing how to properly using the information we have.

Most of us know a lot of great information, but we are just not applying it properly. Make a commitment this year to seek God as you pursue your goals. To put Him first and seek His perfect wisdom. If we do this, we will be shocked at how much different this year will look.


Wise Up! Not sure where to start? Why not proverbs? Proverbs has 31 chapters PACKED with wisdom for the first 31 days of the new year. Download the Bible app, choose the version (choose an easy to read version like the NIV (New international version), GW (God’s word), MSG (message) are some of my favs. Read one chapter a day and see what God teaches you .

Follow me on my personal facebook page for daily recaps of each chapter and my own personal feelings on what that chapter means to me.

Stay tuned for health and fitness tips for the new year – and, of course, motivation!!



Start Balls to the Wall Training

Rep Fitness Wall BallsIt’s so important to keep your workouts fresh and interesting, as well as take your fitness to the next level. A great way to do that is to add new and fun gear to your fitness tool box, like wall balls.

I actually bought Steve 2 wall balls, some speed ropes and wraps for Christmas one year and he LOVED those balls so much he took them to the gym. He had so much fun incorporating them in his clients workouts that he just couldn’t keep them for himself. So, this year we got some more balls by Rep Fitness.

I have to admit, Rep Fitness totally wowed us with their quality and their price was competitive too. Here were 2 exercises that Steve uses wall balls for. I especially love the 2nd one so check it out and give it a try. If you don’t have a wall ball, add it to your Christmas list!! A brand spankin’ new wall ball would make a fun Christmas present for any fitness enthusiast. Trust me! I learned this first hand and made my man super happy when he got his new fit toys!

CLICK HERE to shop Rep Fitness.
Watch the video to see a few of Steve’s favorite wall ball exercises.
Like my outfit? I got it from Fabletics. I LOVE their workout apparel. Check them out!

Have FUN!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Fit Friends

christmas giftsMerry Fitness!!

It’s already that time of year to start Christmas shopping! I hate to break it to you, if you want to get something special, you need to start planning and shopping now – especially if you want to get something that is custom and unique.

Get ready to start shopping right where you are, thanks to a few awesome sites!

Swift Sneakers1. Monogramed Sneakers

I ordered these Monogram Swift Sneakers from Shop I Love Jewelry and I absolutely LOVE them!! They slip on like slippers and are super light and cozy. This is also a perfect example of why you need to shop early too. Monogramed products are custom and require a few weeks to make and ship. These sneakers took a while to get here but ,TRUST ME, they were worth the wait! They have all the bling and shine and they look amazing on! I get compliments on them every time I wear them. This is just one of those things that prove the best things in life are worth waiting for. Cost: $38.00

Shields of strength jewelry2. Shield’s of Strength Jewelry

I have bought a ton of fitness jewelry, but this line of jewelry rises above all the rest I’ve seen. The quality is amazing and this particular piece here is what I got last Christmas and it is STILL around my neck. That’s why this is on my list again this year.

Their stainless steel jewelry has a nice high shine on it that really sparkles and looks extra classy. This particular piece, the Plate Weight for women, features a shiny trim contrasted against brushed silver parts with Swarovski® crystals along the trim. I hope to get the matching earrings and ring next! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

While this piece may be a bit more pricey, they have great specials often and also have more affordable pieces too. Sign up for their newsletter to be the first to hear about their discounts. Cost: $149.99

fabletics3. Fabletics

This gift is a brilliant gift – especially for the wifey! (MEN: TAKE NOTE!!) You don’t have to try to match up an outfit and you don’t even have to get out of the house and shop. You can get your sweetheart a subscription to Fableitcs, Kate Hudson’s fitness line, and SHE can choose what she likes each month. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Each month, they feature brand new high style outfits. She can buy one of the featured outfits for her special VIP price or piece together her own. She can even skip a month if she doesn’t see anything that suits her. It’s one of the best subscription sites I’ve personally used and their quality is awesome. You get super fashionable outfits that last. I get so many compliments on my outfits! These pants (right) are my newest pick! They are awesome!!! Cost: $49/outfit and up.

4. Mantra Bands

mantra bandsOne of my nutrition clients bought me 2 Mantra Bands as a thank you gift and I haven’t taken them off since. The quotes she chose for me were “Faith Hope Love” and “Trust the Journey”. Since then, I got another one for me and one for Steve that says “Anything Is Possible”.

Not only do they have a mantra for everyone, their unique cuff design makes them super comfortable, with an open side so they don’t bother you when you are typing on the computer or lifting weights. The come in silver, gold, rose gold and flat black (which is what I got Steve). Even though I wear them every day, and even in the shower, they have not lost their luster and they look just as good as the day I got them.

HINT: Subscribe to this blog to be the first to hear about my upcoming Mantra Band giveaway!! Cost: $35 and up, depending on color.

gym bag essentials 5. Custom Gym Bag Gift Set

Every gym goer appreciates all the extra support they can get and is alway looking for fun goodies to make their workouts more exciting and effective.

Some of those goodies can be as practical as a water bottle and sports towel or as fun as cute hair ties and headphones. Instead of feeling the pressure to buy one big item, make a fun gift bag stuffed with hand-picked items they are sure to use and love.

I personally have certain items that never leave my gym bag. Here is a list of what’s in my bag to help give you some shopping ideas. Cost: $5+

15 Gym Bag Gift Ideas

I hope these help give you some good gift ideas for Christmas this year! I have more to come so stay tuned!


10 Diet Tips for Soup Lovers

Healthy Diet Tips for Soup LoversIt’s soup season!! I love when it’s getting cooler because I love love LOVE soups, stews and chili. However, it’s super challenging to eat soup on a diet. Why?

First, it’s hard to log. The more ingredients you have in a recipe, the harder it is to manage calories. It’s easy to weigh 4 ounces of chicken and measure a cup of rice, but logging 20 ingredients is a challenge.

Second, if you are like me, you keep on adding a dash of this and a cup of that until you get it tasting like you want it. By the end of your soup creation, you have no idea how many servings it will make even if you did log every ingredient into your calorie tracker.

Finally, most soups are loaded with calories  because they are loaded with high-calorie ingredients like cream, beans, rice and potatoes.

Have no fear, your healthy soup master is here! Here are 10 tips to help you maintain your waistline during soup season.

10 Diet Tips for Soup Lovers

organic chicken broth1, Start with broth. If you want to cut excess calories, stick with organic healthy bone or chicken broth. Whether you make your own or buy it for the store (like me!), broth based soups are lower calorie soups.

2. Choose lean meats like chicken or turkey instead of fatty pork or red meat. I love to add ground chicken to my soups. They always absorb flavor so well and I like the texture.. Plus, it gives the soup a boost in protein.

3. Trade high-cal carbs for low-carb options. Skip or skimp on high calorie carbs like beans, potatoes, pasta or rice. I love beefing my soups up with hearty veggies like cauliflower rice, cabbage, spinach, collard greens and even broccoli.

4. Rely on flavorful herbs, vegetables and juices instead of fat and seasoning packs. low calorie seasoningsFor instance, fresh garlic, tomatoes, onion, sweet pepper, cilantro, cumin, lemon juice, lime juice, apple cidar vinegar, salt and pepper are all amazing ingredients for flavor without MSG and unnatural additives.

5. Follow recipes you love with some minor changes.  Just because you are on a diet, doesn’t mean you have to go without your favorite hot treat. You can follow yummy recipes and make healthy ingredient swaps to fit your caloric budget! For instance, who says you have to make chili with ground beef and beans? I just made one the other day with ground chicken and vegetables. I only used one can of black beans and thickened it with cauliflower rice. I still used all the chili flavors without all the chili calories and it was a hit!

broccoli in soup6. Think outside the pot. Add vegetables you usually don’t put in soups like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, collard greens, squash, brussel sprouts, etc. They all absorb flavor easily and can help your low-cal soup be more filling.

7. Skip the cream. Many soups call for creams, cheeses and other high-calorie items to give it that rich taste. Instead, use processed veggies to add thickness. The same way you can do mashed cauliflower, you can make a hearty creamy soup with blended cauliflower. Greek Yogurt can also make it creamier without the extra fat and it increases protein.

logging calories8. Sweeten the pot a little. We’ve all heard the saying “I’ll sweeten the pot”. We all know what that means, but let me tell you how I sweeten the pot in the kitchen. I add stevia. Adding a natural sweetener can bring even more flavor out. Whether you are trying my brussel sprout chowder or a healthy brunswick stew, a little bit of sweet goes a long way.

9. Log it and measure it. It’s tempting to just throw in the towel when you are making a complicated dish, but it’s not as difficult as it may seem. SImply add every ingredient in your LoseIt! app as you go. Once you are completely done tweaking your recipe, grab a measuring cup and scoop out one cup at a time, to determine how many cups (servings) your soup made. Lastly, adjust your servings in your recipe to find out how many calories is in each cup. My last soup measured 20 cups, which was only 75 calories. Now I can eat it and log it with confidence.

10  Be patient. Good soups take time. The longer the concoction simmers, the more flavor comes out. If you are short on time, throw the main ingredients in a crock pot and finish it when you get home. Or cook your soup for the next day. Soups are like women, they get better with time. :)

Happy healthy cooking!

My Healthy Creations

Tangy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Brussel Sprout Chowder

Paleo Turkey Soup (great way to repurpose Thanksgiving turkey)

Turkey and Quinoa Chili

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