Lose the Thanksgiving Belly in Just 3 Days

If you’re like me, you’ve stuffed your face since Thanksgiving! Ok, I didn’t really do that bad, but I sure as heck ate like a PIG the last few days! Besides my ‘Restaurant Tour’ and recent trips to Epcot Food & Wind Festival, my food choices had not been that bad – it was my PORTIONS that were out of control.

I found myself rubbing my belly like it was my new pet Pot Bellied Pig. My once flat tummy (and when I mean once, I mean just a few days ago), turned into a budda belly quick. It’s not like I gained 10lbs of stored fat over the week, but I was constantly carrying around a full stomach and packed bowels. I know, it’s a gross topic, but someone’s gotta talk about it.

Seriously, you can’t expect to eat these huge portions and not feel huge yourself. Where do you think that copious amount of food goes? Yes, it goes right to your gut – literally. It spends roughly 30 minutes to 2 hours in your actual stomach, but that’s not what makes us feel fat. Look at where the stomach is. When is the last time you grabbed just below your boob and thought, “boy I feel full!”? No, we grab our low stomach, where all our intestines are (which are probably already full from our last huge meal. And we unbutton our pants to make more room for the intestines to do their job. Isn’t that an attractive thought!?

So the million dollar question, “How can I feel thinner in just 3 days”? Easy! It takes up to 80 hours to rid yourself of the last huge meal you ate – that’s just a little over 3 days until you are truly through with that meal.

The key to feeling thin in just 3 days, is to immediately begin eating smaller portions so that you literally have less food in your gut. The first few meals may be the most difficult to adjust to, as your body has become used to the larger portions. Although your stomach is the size of your fist, it can be stretched out when you eat larger portions. However, it’s not the size of your stomach that really is an issue, it’s the type of meals you eat.

Each meal sets you up for the next. Another words, if you just ate a large unhealthy meal, your body will get your digestive system prepared for another large unhealthy meal. Once you stop that particular eating pattern, your body will begin to expect (and be content with) smaller, healthier portions.

However, if you are a yo-yo dieter who eats small meals one minute and huge meals the next, expect your body to be just as confused as your scale. You will likely find small portions unsatisfying unless you maintain consistent eating patterns. As soon as you begin to maintain smaller portions, you will begin to feel thinner in just 3 days!

Of course you don’t want to just leave it up to your digestive system to rid yourself of the overage. You want to start burning off the stored fat too! So, make sure you get some good cardio in and pump those muscles back up with weights so your muscles feel tight and tone too. You’ll be AMAZED how much better you will feel by the end of the week!!

PFIT TIP: Today I am addressing portion control – but what about all those extra calories you ate over Thanksgiving? Start burning some calories now to burn off fat stores from overeating. Your new eating habits coupled with a consistent exercise program can get you faster (and much happier) results.

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5 Ways to Feel Thinner in 3 Days

full bellyWe all do it. We blow our diet over the weekend. We not only eat poorly, but we just eat too much. By the time Monday comes around, we feel fat and miserable – and we feel like we are 10lbs heavier than we really are. Well, don’t fret! You can get back on track fast and get your skinny back on!

The truth is, although the weekend is over and your mistakes are behind you, they aren’t really behind you YET. You bring those mistakes with you because you still carry all that food in your gut. The Mayo Clinic explains that the average transit time, from the time you eat the food to elimination, is 40 hours – 33 hours for men and up to 47 hours for women. While you wait to get rid of you poor choices, here are a 5 things you can do to help you feel thinner again!

5 Ways to Feel Thin Fast!

drink-water11. Drink a TON of water. Dining out (because restaurants can use a lot more sodium than we are used to) and eating dry snacks (like chips, nuts, etc) can cause you to hold more water. Water retention can account for up to 5lbs of additional weight from eating foods high in sodium. Flush your body by increasing your water intake – every day, all week long.

2. Go for a run. Get your sweat on and burn some calories! Not only does running help you sweat out the toxins built up from your poor choices over the weekend, but it tightens the core and will help burn off those extra calories and “erase those sins”.

small portions3. Eat tiny portions. Work on shrinking your stomach by limiting portion sizes. It will take a few days for your copious amount of weekend food to get out of your system, but you can feel thinner quicker if you immediately go back to small portions. The less you have in your belly, the smaller your belly will look and feel. If you struggle to limit portions on your own, then eat Lean Cuisines and pre-packaged foods to help control portion size. This frozen entree (pictured left) is the correct portion for a dieter. As you can see, is much smaller than a dinner plate. Visit www.elegantportions.com to shop their unique glassware designed to help you track portions.

protein shake4. Go mushy. When I totally blow it, I like to stick to mushy foods for a few days. Like a healthier version of a fast, mushy foods (like protein shakes, oatmeal, greek yogurt, grits and soups) help me to feel full without adding a lot of solid volume to my gut. I only do this for 3 days and I feel a million times better by the end of the week!

woman-plank5. Plank it out. If you are like me, you’re probably tired of trying to hold your stomach in all weekend. Why? Because it’s hard to suck your tummy in when it is completely stuffed all weekend. Plus, if you didn’t workout over the weekend, your stomach muscles have probably gotten relaxed and stretched out. However, if you tighten up your core with some exercises, those muscles will tighten right back up – and it will be a lot easier to keep your stomach flat.

Tighten Your Tummy: Four Your Core Workout

$25 Men’s Reebok Running Shoe – TODAY ONLY!

chase running shoeIf you have been needing new running shoes but haven’t been able to afford to fork out the dough for them, here’s your chance to get a quality running shoe for really cheap!

I have not personally tried this line yet, but I have over 30 pairs of Reebok shoes and really love all their new stuff. I just got notified of this special and like to let my peeps know when I find a good deal! NOTE: SPECIAL IS TODAY ONLY!!

This shoe comes in 4 color combinations.

Offer: Get Reebok QuickChase Shoes for only $24.99
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  • Leather and open weave mesh upper for breathable support and a rich texture
  • Low-cut design for mobility and quicker transitions, available in multiple widths
  • DMX Ride tech transfers air within the foam outsole for ultra underfoot comfort
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole for optimal step-rebounding cushion
  • Carbon rubber outsole with forefoot flex grooves for durable, lightweight traction
  • Rear foot stability strap built into the vector-design upper for striking support
  • Memory Tech sockliner for ultra comfort that forms to your foot


Christmas Gift Idea: Warrior Bands

Bodylastics Warrior EditionI love resistance bands because they are super affordable, effective and they travel well. There is no other way you can buy over 260lbs of resistance for under $100 – AND there is no other way you can bring over 260lbs of resistance with you without actually carrying 260lbs! Bands are the BOMB!

If you have a friend or loved one that enjoys fitness, this is an AWESOME gift idea. I freaked when I heard it was coming out and had been waiting to get this myself for months! As soon as I heard they were coming out with a cool camo set, I HAD to have it!! Not only is pfitpfindthis a bigger set than the basic bodylastics set, all the bands and handles have all new tough camo colors.

CLICK HERE to go directly to the Warrior Edition page to start shopping!
CLICK HERE to check out all the sets (starting at only $29.95)

Check out my quick product overview! If you want a set yourself – be sure to share this blog! Maybe one of your friends will get the hint! haha :)

Awake the Beast

beast mode To Beast or Not to Beast

One of the hardest challenges in life is practicing self-discipline. We spend our whole day trying not to “wake the beast” when it comes to controlling our desires and emotions, like fear and anger. Yet, you go to the gym and everyone is talking about the “Beast” and going “Beast Mode”.

We can use some of the same principles we use to subdue the beast to also bring it out for the good.

For instance, if we don’t want to get angry, we avoid being in situations where we’d let our anger get the best of us. However, when you WANT the beast to come out in the gym, you need to put it in situations that will cause it to come out and help you get the work done.

Unleash the Beast

It’s OK to get angry at your condition and take it out on the weights – to grunt, to even scream occasionally! (unless you workout at Planet Fitness! lol) It’s OK to struggle. I think there are so many people who never attempt something hard because they avoid the struggle – avoid feeling weak.

We all want to feel strong. I feel super strong when I lift 20lbs. I feel super weak when I lift 100. But 20lbs isn’t going to make me stronger. Therefore, I need to embrace the struggle and dig a little deeper. Basically, I need to do things that bring out the beast in me.

There are so many times I am so mad all through kickboxing class because it’s kicking my butt. I want to quit. I want to walk out, but I know if I stay, I will be stronger and proud. I think some of the new people in class think we are just more fit than they are or that we are not struggling as much as they are. That’s bologna! The truth is, sometimes I hate every second of it! However, I know my body needs it. I know I have to do what is best for me, what will help me reach my goals, what will get me fitter, stronger, healthier – and most of the time, it’s going to mean doing something that is out of my comfort zone.

Believe me, you’ll never find your inner beast if you stay in your comfort zone. I’m amazed at how far our boot campers have come in the last three weeks since I challenged our girls to do 40lbs shoulder presses. Some of them looked at me like I was crazy. Some of them were shocked they could actually lift it. Others struggled, they grunted, they even yelled and some of them almost cried the first day. And yesterday (after 3 weeks), the grunted a little less and their yells were yells of victory, not defeat. They finished with high fives and smiles instead of tears. They found their inner BEAST!

You’ll never know what your limits are if you never push yourself to them.

Take your workouts up a notch and bring out YOUR inner beast. Add sprints to your runs, add plyos to your strength workout, take a new class, try a new exercise, run a little longer, lift a little heavier. Awake the Beast!

Christmas Gift List: Bandi Belt

pfitpfindEvery year I share ideas for fitness gifts and my first gift idea this year is the BANDI WEAR Bandi Belt. It has 3 separate sleek easy-access pockets to hold your iphone, ID, money and keys. It stays put even while running and it comes in all kinds of colors and patterns. Plus, they even have matching headbands with pockets too! It’s one affordable, functional and very fashionable Christmas gift that will get a lot of good use!

Cost: Belts/$30, Headbands/$11 (Sale items: $22.50, $6.00)
Extenders are only $4 for fuller figured women. SHOP NOW!

Product Review:

Check out my full review on our PFITtv channel on youtube. Subscribe to our youtube channel for more reviews, tips, tricks, workouts and more!

Functional AND Fashionable!

Here are just a SMALL sample of all the colors and designs they have!


Halloween Leg Workout (Don’t Be Scurred!)

squatsNeed something fresh and new for leg day? This was the leg workout we did on LiveExercise. We bring a brand new workout to LiveExercise every week!! We just shot our 93rd episode – and there are thousands more to choose from featuring all kinds of other workouts led by some awesome trainers including a kettlebell show, kickboxing, yoga, bodyweight, beginners workout and more!
This workout is a little complex, so if you aren’t a member of LiveExercise, you may want to get the free trial and follow us along for correct pace and form. :)

Leg Workout

TOOLS: Dumbells, Kettlebells OR Olympic set (squat rack, bar & plate weights). This workout is easily modifiable to fit your 


30 Seconds Heavy Back Squats
Light Sissy Squats (feet together)
– 8 Reps Slow on the Concentric (movement UP)
– 8 Reps Slow on the Eccentric (movement DOWN)
30 Seconds Heavy Back Squats
Light Regular Squats (feet shoulder width apart)
– 8 Reps Slow on the Concentric (movement UP)
– 8 Reps Slow on the Eccentric (movement DOWN)
30 Seconds Heavy Back Squats
Plie Squats (feet wide and toes pointed out 45 degrees)
– 8 Reps Slow on the Concentric (movement UP)
– 8 Reps Slow on the Eccentric (movement DOWN)


30 Seconds of Heavy Alternating Step Back Lunges
Right Static Lunge
– 8 Reps Slow on the Concentric (movement UP)
– 8 Reps Slow on the Eccentric (movement DOWN)
30 Seconds of Heavy Alternating Step Back Lunges
Left Static Lunge
– 8 Reps Slow on the Concentric (movement UP)
– 8 Reps Slow on the Eccentric (movement DOWN)


8 Weighted Curtsies (R leg)
8 Step Back Lunges  (R leg)
8 Weighted Curtsies (L leg)
8 Step Back Lunges  (L leg)


Heavy Straight Leg Deadlifts
Cobra or Upward Facing Dog (to relieve low-back tension)


Squad Stretch
Hip Flexor Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Inner Thigh Stretch
Low Back Stretch

Try more of our BCx Boot Camp Workouts at LiveExercise!

Food Vs. Exercise: Don’t Get Tackled at the Table

working off the donutHow do you really know if you are working off what you eat? I always say you can’t compete with what you eat, and while that is true for the most part, you still need to try. What do I mean? Well, let me explain.

Since it is football season, I am going to use sports as my analogy to drive the point across the scrimmage line and into the weigh loss end zone!

LADIES, don’t let me lose you with the word “football”. It’s just an analogy. This is super important info and hopefully, the sports analogy will hit home whether you are a football fan or not. :)

playbook1. You Need to Know How to Play the Game

The weight loss game is calories in vs calories out. So, while it is extremely hard to compete with what you eat, you should still try – meaning, you need to learn as much as you can about the “sport” of weight loss and fitness – and practice (and practice and practice,). Once you know how to play the game, you can create the right plays that can get you touchdowns on the scale. No understanding of how the game works, no playbook. No playbook, no plan. No plan, no results.

2. You Need to Know How to Keep Score

FOOD VS EXERCISEWhat’s playing the game if you aren’t keeping score? If there are no points there are no purpose. No one would watch guys just pass and kick the football around without keeping score. Score is everything – and it has everything to do with fitness too.

How many calories that go in and out determine your weight, and where you get those calories determine your performance, health and body shape (muscle mass and fat mass). So YES, we need to know all the stats – for both food and exercise if we want to WIN!

The only way to know if you can win the weight loss game is to keep score by tracking calories – and not just tracking calories coming in, but tracking calories going out. Think about it. In football, you have to have good offense as well as defense. Offense is your exercise and defense is eating.

chex mixHow do you know if you can erase a bagel with a 3-mile run if you don’t know how many calories the bagel has in it and you don’t know how many calories you can burn running 3 miles? I sure the heck wouldn’t have ever guessed this grab bag Chex Mix would have taken me over 4 miles to run off unless I read the label and had tracked my runs with my Polar watch!! This is why heart rate monitors are so valuable. It’s not just about tracking your heart rate or making sure you stay in your training zone (which is very important) but your heart rate is the most accurate way to track calories burned so you can keep “score”.

REF3. You Need a Ref

If you ask me, I will always win. I will always burn off that burger or make room for dessert. In the weight loss game, I will always have a high score. That’s why I need a referee. I need a unbiased official to determine if I’m playing by the rules, and to tell me the final score. That’s what my calorie counter app and Polar M400 does. It refs this food vs exercise game – and it calls me out, puts me on the bench and straightens me up every single day.

football_helmet2helmetB4. Know Your Opponent

One of the factors about keeping score is understanding your opponent. It doesn’t matter if you can bring the ball into the end zone easily if you are up against a team you can’t defend. The fact of the matter is your only opponent is you. You need to know yourself well enough to defend being sacked in the kitchen. You may be able to run a half marathon and dead lift big-boy weight but if you can’t beat a piece of chocolate, then you are going to lose.

NEVER GIVE UP5. Never Give Up

Losing one game doesn’t make you a loser. Most players have had their fill of losses and bad plays – but that doesn’t keep them from continuing to practice and improve. They study their weaknesses and strengthen those areas.

This is the same for people who struggle with their weight. You have to go in this knowing you can’t win them all. You have to keep getting up every time you get tackled in at the table and commit to this new life of discipline.


Start Keeping Score & Winning!

polar m400#1  DEFENSE: Get the LoseIt app.

Hopefully you already have the LoseIt app by now. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know how much I use it and reference it. This is key to tracking your defensive moves in the kitchen.

#2 OFFENSE: Get the new Polar M400

Shop Polar.com with this discount code POLARFITBLOG to get 20% OFF! (NOTE: Use all CAPS). Good for any Polar Heart Rate Monitor or activity tracker with no quantity limit. The code is only good in the US through 12/31/15.

#3 FINAL SCORE: Keep Score with the Health App

Take advantage of your iPhone’s Heath app. Sync all your diet and fitness related apps to your iphone’s Health app. Choose what information you want to see in the app so you can see how all your fitness info (food, exercise, weight, measurements and all your health measurements/information) all at one glance.

Don’t just play the game – be a WINNER!!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Polar.

Discover the #ProteinPantry for Protein-Packed Treats

protein pantryBack in the 80s and 90s, if you wanted to boost more protein, you ate more tuna, made more protein shakes or cooked more eggs. Nowadays, you have SO many more options. We are no longer limited to protein powder that tastes like sawdust or gulping down raw eggs. Seriously, we have it SO easy now – and SO tasty!

The Vitamin Shoppe has a new product category called the Protein Pantry dedicated to protein infused foods like pancake mixes, nut butters, spreads, powdered peanut butter, muffin mix and SO much more!! Boosting protein doesn’t have to be in the form of a protein shake any more! You can increase protein in every snack and meal by getting a little more protein in every little bite.

IMG_1386Protein Packed Foods

I got a package with a sampling of all these yummy products and boy have I had fun tasting them all!! In the package was a bunch of fun protein packed foods from P28 Foods, Buff Bake, Mancakes, FlapJacked, AboutTime and D’s Natural.

Don’t get me wrong, these should still be used as treats. You can’t expect to eat pancakes, muffins and nut butters all the time and still have abs – BUT if you are going to cheat, cheat better, smarter and healthier! Stick to whole foods for your staples and use these products as fun ways to boost protein when you are having a sweet tooth.

Protein Packed Breakfasts

Mighty MuffinI don’t have time to cook homemade pancakes and experiment with adding protein. I mean, I’ve done it (and succeeded…and also failed), but I’d much rather use something that has been perfectly created for success every time – and is easy to make. The directions “just add water” make me smile.

While I do love to cook, dieting is plenty complicated already so I could use all the help I can get. Today, I had a 20gm protein muffin (called Mighty Muffin by FlapJacked) that took 35 seconds to make. Seriously! The mix came in a cup, I added water, mixed and put it in the microwave for 35 seconds – which was just enough time to pour my coffee to go with it. I added a little light butter and drizzled agave on it and it was so yummy and such a fun change for me!!

Follow me and I’ll tell you what I discover as I try each one – and tell you my favorites after I try them all. So far, I have to say the p28 Pancake Mix is my favorite so far!!

Pre-Workout Food

protein peanut butterWhen most people think of “pre-workout” they think of drink mixes that boost energy and stimulate focus – but you still need FUEL, not just energy, if you want to perform well.

For me, my pre-workout fuel of choices is a rice cake with Buff Bake white chocolate protein peanut butter or P28 White Chocolate High Protein Peanut Spread. This gives me the boost of fuel I need to get me through a really intense workout like our BCx Boot Camp shows on LiveExercise.

Follow @VitaminShoppe and #proteinpantry to find more fun protein-packed treats and eats!!

And, don’t forget to follow me for more pics and tips too! I’m not done tasting yet!!


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Vitamin Shoppe. All opinions are mine.

Get Your Phone Ready to Sweat: Apps & Accessories You Need

Side PlankIf you are like me, you don’t like to be separated from you phone – especially when you workout. Phones are not just for texting and calling friends anymore. We rely on them for everything – especially in the world of fitness.

I use my phone for my phone for my interval timer, workout music, stopwatch and to view my workout. As a trainer, I use my phone during classes and training too – PLUS, I love taking pictures of all the action. Either way, not having my phone or tablet with me is not an option.

Top 5 ways to get your phone or tablet gym-ready.

protect your phone#1 – Protect It!  

Definitely, first on the list, you need to protect your phone from glass breaks. Between checking my time, changing music or just handling my phone with sweaty hands, I can’t tell you how many times I have dropped my phone in the middle of a workout. Bottom line – you should really make sure your phone is protected. Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 is the toughest cover glass yet (Gorilla® Glass 4 protects 2 X tougher than competitive glass designs).

 Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.49.40 PM#2 – Time It!

Make sure you get a good interval timer to help you structure and time your workouts. Whether you do interval workouts, or you just want to stick to a set training time, apps like the Gymboss Interval Timer, are great for formatting yours exercise and rest time. An interval timer can turn your phone into a trainer that will boss you around, and tell you to get to work to keep you on task.

fitness music#3 – Play It!

I recently discovered FitRadio for awesome workout music (thanks to my sister! Thanks Katelyn!). You can look up music by your favorite DJ, genre or even style of workout – like music specifically for tabata training, running, 32-count aerobics, yoga and even Zumba.

fitness music #4 – Pace It!

Whether you teach an aerobics class or just like music to help you keep a certain pace during activities like running, Tempo Magic is a great app for creating customized playlists with adjustable tempo to set a workout pace (awesome for aerobics instructors and fitness professionals). You can set the beats per minute to exactly the pace you need. It’s super cool!

fitness apps#5 – Track it!

Lastly, you want to track your workouts and progress. Diet and fitness apps I use include LoseIt (for tracking calories in and out), Polar M400 for tracking activity and exericise, Runkeeper for tracking my runs and HeartRate for checking my heart rate during workouts. The more you understand calories in vs calories out, the more you can be in control of your weight – and success.

So now you can get to work!! Here is a workout I put our BCx boot campers through last week. It will take about 50 minutes to go through – but it was killer!! You won’t feel your arms afterwards and you may hate me during the workout, but you’ll LOVE me later!!

Upper Body Workout

Part 1 – Opposites Attract

dipsThe first part of this workout is pairing opposite muscle groups together. Another words, creating super sets using 2 exercises that don’t really tax each other. You should be able to remain pretty strong for each exercise during this first set of workouts.

Set your interval timer for 30 seconds ON and 10 seconds OFF (just enough time to switch exercises).

Bent Over Rows & Tricep Dips – X4
Push Ups & Alternating Bicep Curls – X4

mountain climbersPart 2 – A Quick “Break”

This short shoulder workout will give your chest, back, biceps and triceps a short break before we go back to them. Use the same 30/10 format for this shoulder superset.

Upright Rows & Mountain Climbers – X4

Part 3 – A Perfect Match

IMG_9225These next 2 supersets are complimentary exercises, meaning they work together (instead of working opposite each other like in #1). When you are working back, you are also working biceps. When you are working chest, you are also working triceps. Since your arms get no rest during this one, I’ve lowered the time to only 20 seconds of work, with a very quick 5 second break in between (which is barely enough time to switch out equipment so you have to HURRY!). This pace will get your heart rate going and your arms will feel like jello in no time! Crank up the music and have fun!  Time: 20 seconds ON, 5 seconds OFF

Bent Over Rows & Alternating Bicep Curls – X3
Push Ups & Tricep Dips – X3 

Part 4 – Finish It

This is the last circuit to finish off your arms by wearing out your shoulders. Set that timer back to 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

Ladders/Alternating Shoulder Press (dumbbells, moderate weight)
Lateral Raises (with resistance bands or light dumbbells)


Finish With This Short Plank Drill

60-Second Plank (15 Second Rest)
30-Second Right Side Plank (no rest until the end)
30-Second Left Side Plank (no rest until the end)
30-Second Right Side Plank (no rest until the end)
30-Second Left Side Plank (no rest until the end)

Jello Arms?

Jello arms are not good for holding phones. Trust me! I’ve simply just “let go” of my phone because I was so weak after my workout! Ha!! Find out if your phone has Gorilla Glass here. They really work hard to improve damage resistance against sharp contact, such as a drop on asphalt, concrete, and other rough surfaces – and they may be just what your trainer ordered! Now go have a protein shake!!
Corning® Gorilla® Glass has been used on nearly 4 billion devices from 40 major brands. Is it on yours? Click here to find out

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Corning® Gorilla® Glass. The opinions and text are all mine.

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