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TashaFollow Tasha’s success!

Steve was tasked to put his own training methods to the test on National Television. He accepted the challenge, and after gaining as much weight as he could, together they lost over 120lbs using the our diet and exercise program we offer at our gym, Max Fitness Club. Tasha’s program included educational tools, meal plan, workout regimen and weekly weigh ins.


After being flooded with questions, we decided to share our program with people outside our gym. We created a similar workout to give you the same results whether you belong to a gym or not, called Pfat To Pfit (the “P” in Pfat To Pfit is a play on our last name, “Pfiester” in case you wondered! The “P” is silent). It includes the following.

1. Get Pfit Handbook: addressing diet, exercise and the mental battle of weight loss
2.  2 Workout Routines: 1 for the gym and 1 for home, including links to how-to videos for each exercise
3. Meal Plan: 7-day meal plan with recipes & shopping list
4. Bonus Material: Q&A with Steve, Steve’s Weight Training Routine and Workout Worksheet

80% of your success depends on this education. It’s a small investment for a BIG reward!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Pfat To Pfit Program.
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Fit To Fat To Fit Q&A: Tasha Answers Your Questions

We’ve all been inundated with so many great questions from people wanting to know what Tasha did on the show to get such great success. Not only did we want to answer them all, we wanted to answer them publicly so that more people could benefit from the answers.

Here are 30 of the most popular questions we’ve collected over the past few days and our answers.

1.   How do you track your activity/calories burned?
I have the Polar M400.

2.   What do you like most about your heart rate monitor/activity tracker?
I can see how many calories I burn in one workout session, I can keep track of my runs, and how it plugs into the computer and you can see your workout broken down for you – when your heart rate is high, and low.

3.   How many calories do you burn in your workout (BCx)?
I usually burn 500 depending on how much cardio is involved.

4.  What was your least favorite exercise?
Least fav would be mary catherines, the bottom half of a burpee (called squat thrusts)

5.   What is your favorite exercise?
I enjoy exercising – like really love to workout. I love sweating. I like to run.

6.   Do you take supplements? If so, what do you use?
Yes, I take a multi vitamin,  Bioten, emergency-c, and a probiotic

7.   Do you do protein shakes?  What is your favorite shake recipe?
No, i do not use protein shakes

Kickball8.   What helped you to stay motivated? (person, thing, mantra, picture, etc)
The way my body feels, the self pride, the happiness, the way my family admires me and my new lifestyle has helped me maintain my new lifestyle.

9.   What is your favorite motivational song?
UGH..I have soo many, I LOVE music..all genres – country to Rap

Lose It App10.  Do you track calories and/or macros or just eat healthy?
I track my calories and macros  I try to use the 33/3/33 method (33% calories coming from each: protein, carbs & fat – that is the entire day macros, not per meal). It has worked wonders for me for losing weight.

11.  How do you track calories?
I use the loseit app.

12.  What is your favorite snack?
I love 100 calorie kettle corn pop corn. You get sweet and salty at the same time.

13.  What is your favorite healthy meal? (it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner)
I enjoy my whole grain english muffins with peanut butter for breakfast. It so feels like a treat. Love peanut butter!

14.  How did you deal with hunger pangs during your weight loss?
Well, first off, I’m human and hunger pangs stink. I drank a lot of coffee and water, and chewed a lot of gum

Tasha on Fit To Fat To Fit15.  How do you continue to diet down?
I will get these last 10 pounds off with hard work, weighing everything, no extra anything – even a bite of chicken. JUST sticking to the same strict diet that helped me get where I am – and exercising daily.

16.  How much encouragement and accountability was there daily between trainer to client (& vice versa) after the Fat to Fit transformations were on?)
The Pfiesters still have me under their wings. I am still a work in progress. I think after you build that relationship, it doesn’t just die off. It was a trust relationship unlike any other I have had before with a stranger turned friends.

17.  Are there as many women trainers participating in the show as men?
I know for sure there are 2 women trainers.

18.  I noticed it looked like in the sample diet day that diary and fruit were avoided. I also noticed that she didn’t do smoothies. Do things make a big difference is dairy and fruit something the average person should avoid?
I didn’t do fruit because of the sugars, and as for smoothies. I just chose to eat food (instead of drinking it) usually.

weighing in19.  What nutrient balance/ratio was Tasha aiming for? Actual grams would be more helpful than percentages.
My pie for today is 34% fat, which is 45 grams of fat. 33% protein, which is 98 Grams of protein. And, 32% carbs, which is 95g carbs.

20.  Where did Steve and Tasha get those meal portion containers?
TASHA: I used divided containers from the Dollar Tree :)) STEVE: We got ours at Publix.

21.  I would like to know about the arms in the air!
On our first weigh in Steve said, put your arms in the air. I saw it once when I watched a fight on TV. haha Nothing serious with us. From then on, we did it. I am pretty superstitious I guess. If it works, I like to do it again.

Steve Fit To Fat To Fit22.  Steve mentioned that he kept losing weight after he had gotten back to his ideal to continue encouraging Tasha (left him a little gaunt), but I’ve noticed some differences in the other trainers’ before and after “fit” pics too. Some didn’t seem as vital (in my opinion), some about the same, and some maybe even better. Were the trainers able to get back to their ideal physiques/health levels (and how long did it take?), or did any experience lasting effects (challenges or triumphs) of their weight gain/loss (e.g. body fat percentage, blood component levels [glucose, hydration, hormones, cholesterol], mental state, overall feeling of health, etc.) ?
STEVE: I was a much skinnier fat in the end than my normal weight because I dieted so hard to lose the weight so fast. I’m just now putting the muscle back on. You can’t drastically lose that much weight and gain muscle back that fast. I’m still recovering from the whole year of being out of my normal routine – 4 months to gain, 4 months to lose …and 3 months to relax and enjoy being off camera, off a diet (gain or lose) and just plain off. I’m now preparing for a bodybuilding show and am feeling more normal every day, so I’d say it took me a good 6-7 months to recover (for strength, mental state and physique). However, my health turned around really fast. It was literally days eating clean that I felt a big difference. From time to time, I’m still dealing with the emotional repercussions from last year – everything from self-esteem all the way to redefining what my “normal” is.

Tasha, Steve, Bonnie23.  Bonnie, Would you have been willing to get fat after watching Steven going through the process?
BONNIE: I don’t think so. I give him BIG kudos for going through that. I don’t know if I could handle putting on that much weight. If I every pack on that much weight, I hope it comes with a baby!

24.  How long at the gym per day?
2.5 -3 hours a day I put in

25.  How much exercise a day does one need to stay fit once they reach their goal? Does it depends on their age?
Steve and TashaBONNIE: That depends on their goal. It takes a lot more to maintain a lean muscular physique or to maintain a higher fitness level (like for marathons, etc). However, just to stay healthy and fit, you can maintain a new healthier you with 30 minutes or more of exercise 4 times a week. 3 days of weight training and 3 days of cardio per week would be awesome. Our boot campers who are in maintenance do 3-4 days a week minimum – and then anything over that, they are typically adding in to erase extra calories and treats.

26.  What bad habit(s) did you have before that contributed to weight gain that you didn’t realize?
Snacking, just handfuls of food here and there, and over eating. I didn’t realize how much I was eating even if it was chicken. I never weighed food before. When i weighed my chicken, I was IN SHOCK of how much i was eating before.

Tashas pantry27.  Do you measure your food on a food scale at home?
Yes, i weigh my food on a scale at home, before I cook it. I picked one up from Walmart, it’s a Taylor brand one. I didn’t spend too much on it, and it’s digital!!

28. What is one of the easiest healthy things you changed?
I stick to a very easy eating plan, limiting options to only a few items. I choose that because it makes it simple. No guess work – and if I have too many choices i will over eat. If it tastes to good, I will over eat. Keep it simple.

29. What was the hardest change you had to make?

Relating food with having a good time. Holidays – there is food. Family gatherings – there is food. Getting together wtih friends – there is food. I just have to eat before I go, plan ahead and realize not everything revolves around food.

30. What do you drink? 
Water. A gallon a day.

Click HERE if you want to follow the same program Tasha followed at our gym in Vero Beach.

Monday Motivation: Do It Anyway

“if If I only did things when i felt like it, I wouldn’t do many things that benefited me”. – Pastor Ron, WaterStone Church

If you want to succeed with fitness, in relationships, at work and in life, there is one thing you will have to learn to do: Don’t live a life led by emotions.

Big Girl Panties 2016People who are led my emotions make horrible decisions. They are completely out of control and on a road to disaster. Emotions are so up and down. They are unreliable and oftentimes unrealistic. They are responsible for divorces, weight gain, getting into debt, arguments, quitting jobs, hurting others and hurting ourself. This is why we must decide to completely die to flesh every day.

What do I mean? I mean we are more than just a body. Our body wants one thing, our mind wants another and our spirit desires another. In order to stay on the right path, we have to determine who the boss really is. Are you really going to let your emotions be the boss of you?

If you want to be a success in pretty much anything in life, you have to practice (yes, it takes daily practice) to deny the body what it wants. Sometimes the body will want to sleep more, eat more, lust more, quit more – but you have to “pull up your big girl panties” and ignore those feelings to do what it takes to reach your goal.

Yesterday I visited WaterStone church (our cousin’s church in St. Mary, Florida) and Pastor Ron said “if If I only did things when i felt like it, I wouldn’t do many things that benefited me”.

Isn’t that the truth? If you want to make good decisions and change your life, you are going to have to do the right thing when you don’t feel like it. So decide right now! Pull up your big girl panties and do it – whether you feel like it or not!! And watch your life radically change!

Fit To Fat To Fit: What a Jerk

On of viewer’s favorite lines in Steve and Tasha’s Fit To Fat To Fit episode was when Steve huffed and puffed (and wheezed) through his first workout. Personally, I was amazed at the resounding response, “now he knows how it feels”.

On the night the show initially aired, tweeted “for the love of god & humanity, plz someone gif him on his knees saying, “I did that to you?! What a jerk!”, so I made it my mission to capture that moment for her – and for others like her.

The Need For More Empathy

Steve PfiesterThe truth is, that is the very reason why Drew Manning did the initial experiment to begin with – because he knew he didn’t know how it felt to be overweight and out of shape. However, many trainers do indeed know how it feels. Some of the best trainers once used to be out of shape. Even if it was a long time ago, everyone has to start somewhere.

Sure, there are some freaks of nature who seem be just be born fit (we aren’t one of those!). There are people who grew up in sports all their lives and enjoy a good beating in the gym (again, that’s not me). However, even if someone used to be overweight or out of shape, people can still forget that feeling. I think Adonis (from the 3rd episode) experienced that. He seemed to be genuinely surprised at how bad he felt, and it wasn’t too long before the Fit To Fat To Fit experiment that he had an overweight 300lbs body.

The Book Behind the (Pfit) Cover

pectus excavatumEveryone judges everyone (to a certain degree). They may not act on it, or let it affect how they treat a person, but everyone makes a deduction based on how people look. Most people focus on how overweight people are judged, but fit people are judged just as much. It’s funny how many people have acted surprised when they discovered we actually care or that we have our own struggles with food or exercise. Making these deductions isn’t necessarily wrong, but letting it change the way you treat someone is.

I know one of the things Steve has struggled with after this show is when total strangers say “NOW you understand!”, because he has always felt like he has understood to some degree. Being an overweight kid, on a diet at an early age, he remembers being insecure and wearing a shirt at the beach. But I think the real reason he relates to his out of shape clients is because he was born with a congenital chest wall deformity, called pectus excavatum (pictured left).

While I’ve encouraged him to talk about this more, he’s always resisted because he didn’t want to use it as an excuse, nor is it fun to talk about having a “defect”. Nobody likes being “defective”.

steve pfiesterHowever, I feel his story can give people hope. Having this condition was more than just having a physical birth defect. The sunken chest always made it very difficult to breath during exercise, and even during normal activity. Since there is less room for the heart to pump and the lungs to expand, it has always made it difficult to catch his breath – especially during intense activity. This is very similar to how an obese person would feel during exercise, because their body fat also crowds their heart and lunges.

Most doctors say that sports may not be an option for someone born with this condition, but that didn’t stop Steve from playing baseball growing up and trying his best. Even though he still wore a shirt at the beach, he braved the traditional wrestling singlet uniform to follow in his dad’s foot steps to the wrestling team in high school. This is when he started waking up before school to workout in the garage on an old Weider weight set he bought at a neighborhood garage sale. Not only did he quickly discover that weight training would help disguise his pectus, but it would begin to strengthen his heart and lungs – as well as his self esteem.

Although Steve was never morbidly obese (nor would he ever truly believe he could fully identify), he has had similar symptoms of an obese person all his life and had his own set of obstacles to overcome. Physical limitations made fitness more challenging and his physical appearance affected his self-esteem. In many ways, it’s helped make him a great trainer – and the Fit To Fat To Fit experience made us both understand how much people need to feel understood.

The Body Doesn’t Tell The Full Story

do your bestEveryone has their own battle. For Steve, it was his pectus excavatum and for others it may be excess body fat, but the moral of the story is the same for everyone: 1.) to not judge a person by how they look now and 2.) to make the most of what you have in order to be the best version of the you God made. We’re not all dealt the perfect hand (or body), but we can most definitely do the best we can with what we have.

Even though Steve had always felt like he understood clients more than they even knew (between his pectus and his own struggles with food addictions), we are thrilled that people have connected with the show and believe he now understands maybe just a little more. It makes me think of why Jesus came to this earth. He didn’t come to empathize with us, he came so we would accept him, listen to him and trust him more.

Knowing Jesus has felt the pain of broken skin, hurtful words, rejection, lack of sleep, hunger, poverty and every temptation a man could have, somehow it makes trusting him easier – and maybe that is the most powerful response of this show.

If Steve had to go through the last year of experiencing weight gain, health issues, muscle loss, fatigue, extreme dieting, hardcore workouts and feeling like a failure so that people are more accepting of his direction and trust him more, then it’s all been SO worth it!    :)


Fit To Fat To Fit Workout with Steve, Bonnie & Tasha

Fit To Fat To Fit Tasha & SteveWe brought Tasha down to the LiveExercise studio today to do our BCx Boot Camp show with us – and, of course, she rocked it!! If you’ve been wondering what her workouts were like, this is your chance to see her in action.

This is the same type of workout Steve and Tasha did to lose their weight on Fit To Fat To Fit on A&E. Today’s workout was very similar to what she would have done on Fridays.

Tasha & Steve’s workout schedule:
• Upper body on Mondays
• Lower body on Tuesdays
• Full body conditioning on Fridays
• Cardio every day (to boost results)


SO, put your tennis shoes on, grab some dumbbells (or even 2 gallons of water) and follow along!!



Do the whole Pfit To Pfat Program at home – includes meal plan, workouts and educational tools. CLICK HERE to learn more! COMING SOON: Fat To Fit BCx Boot Camp program on LiveExercise!!!! Stay tuned!!

Full Body Fat Burner

Here is the written workout we did today on the show.


Walking Lunges
5 Burpees
Walking Lunges
5 2-Count Mary Catherines


30 Seconds Shoulder Press
30 Seconds Kettlebell Swings

A + B X 1


5 2-Count Heismans
30 Seconds Straight Leg Dead Lift

A + B + C X 1


45 Seconds Side Plank Left
45 Seconds Side Plank Right
40 Seconds Side Plank Left
40 Seconds Side Plank Right
30 Seconds Side Plank Left
30 Seconds Side Plank Right

A + B + C + D X 1

Tasha Cruz from Fit To Fat To Fit

Fit To Fat To Fit Butt Workout

We’ve had a lot of questions about how often Tasha and Steve trained and what their workout was like. A&E asked Steve to show us his favorite butt exercises. So, here are the 5 exercises, along with a whole butt workout to follow using those exercises.

Fat To Fit Butt Workout

Start with all exercises bearing weight on the LEFT leg.
30 seconds: Curtsy
30 seconds: Stomp
30 seconds: Knee Repeater
30 seconds: Lunge Kick
30 seconds: Skater (both legs)
– Repeat on RIGHT Leg with no break

Complete 3 ROUNDS on each leg (6 rounds total)

NOTE: Try your HARDEST not to put weight on the back leg. Keep the weight bearing leg loaded up with most of your weight on that leg the entire time – even between exercises for the best results.


1. Stomps: keep heels on the floor when feet come together
2. Don’t round your back: Keep back flat during curtsies and knee repeaters.
3. Don’t rest between exercises. Keep that one leg loaded up all the way through until you switch legs, avoiding any rest during each 5-exercise segment.
4. Do it as often as you’d like. Bodyweight exercises can be done more often than resistance exercise.

GOT BAD KNEES? A curtsy is a great glute exercise for people with bad knees!

Pfat To Pfit Book CoverWANT MORE?

We put together a program Fit To Fat To Fit fans could follow at home or the gym. This program is modeled after the program we do at our gym (the same one Tasha and Steve did called BCx Boot Camp). The program was originally designed to train fitness competitors for the stage – to help them sculpt muscle, tone up, get fit and lean out.

Click HERE to learn about the online version of this program (including meal plan, workbook, diet workshop video and workouts).

Workout for Instragram and Pinterest

Fat To Pfit Butt Workout

Fit To Fat To Fit: 6 Tips to Beat the Scale

This show has related to so many people, but Steve and Tasha’s episode seemed to really hit home with so many moms who’s battled the scale for a long time, and who have put their family before their own health. It was a show about priorities and perseverance. Today, I want to address the mental battle of the weekly weigh-ins – and ups and downs of the whole weight-loss process. More than the physical work and dieting, the real fight is in our head.

weighing inThe (Evil) Scale

First, let’s talk about the scale. On this journey, and on most people’s weight loss journey, there is the issue of that darn evil scale. Steve and Tasha weighed in every Monday – and the scale proved to be very mentally challenging. While weekly weigh-ins are fantastic accountability, they can mess with your head. Between water weight fluctuations, that time of the month and other variables, the scale can beat you up sometimes.

I am writing this blog to encourage you. One, to encourage you to keep weighing in even if you hate it and, two, to learn how to understand the scale, the process and your body (and your mind!).

More Than A Number

“It’s not just about hitting a mark on a scale.” – Steve Pfiester

Tasha disappointedIn some ways, I had to laugh at Steve’s comment about it not just being about the mark on the scale. Weight loss is ALL about the number on the scale. If we are doing everything right, we WILL eventually see it reflected on the scale. The scale is the best way to track progress.

However, since Steve and Tasha had a lot to lose in a little time (and everyone across the nation would be watching), there was a lot of additional pressure about that darn number. The number became the focus instead of the original goal, which was for Tasha to be the mother and wife she needed to be for her family.

Isn’t that how it always works? We start a diet and workout program for one reason. Whether it’s to get fit, to fight a health issue or to be a better parent, we quickly forget why we started and get fixated on that stupid number.

Getting Past the Number

Tasha's familyFor Tasha, one of her worst weigh-ins was the one she brought her whole family to see – and she “only” lost 3 pounds. She had been seeing such big numbers on the scale and had a feeling this one was going to be really big one, but was disappointed at the 3-pound loss (when 3 pounds in one week is AMAZING by the way!). That stupid number crushed her – and she’s not alone. Most people have experienced this same disappointment before.

Like Steve said, “you feel like your work should have equaled this weight. Well, life’s not like that.” Isn’t that the truth? We bust our butt dieting, training and doing all we can do to have a good weigh-in, and sometimes we don’t get the payoff we want to see on the scale when we expect to see it – and we feel so defeated. The key to not letting it beat us is to refocus and stay the course.

This is when our mind will lie to us and convince us we are a failure if we let it. We have to regroup, refocus and think about why we started, look at how far we’ve come and look at where we are headed if we don’t stop.

For Tasha, Steve reminded her of her “why” (and possibly why she may have failed in the past).

For you to be who you need to be for all the other little people in this house, you need to do some things for yourself. And you I just want to get it in your head that that’s not selfish. I think that it’s from the guilt of investing in yourself, but you can’t let that guilt become an excuse for you to not take care of yourself.”  – Steve Pfiester

5 Tips To Beat The Scale

Can I encourage you right now to change the way you view the scale? If you want to beat the scale, you have to know how to fight it.

Steve's weigh in1. Commit to weekly weigh-ins and track your results. Many people avoid the scale because they don’t like what they see. Just because we don’t look at the number on the scale doesn’t mean the weight isn’t there. We need that reminder of what is really going on with our body. We need the accountability. I like weighing in on Mondays so I am accountable for what I eat over the weekend. Post your weekly results somewhere visible to others for even more accountability. Whether you put your weight changes into your LoseIt app or you jot them down on a calendar at your house, you need some kind of accountability – even if it’s just sharing them with a close friend.

2. Don’t expect weight loss to be in a straight line. Weight loss doesn’t go down in a perfect sloping line. Women can fluctuate 3-7 pounds during their cycle, and there are many other variables. Muscle weight fluctuates depending on what you eat and how you train. Even our bowls can hold several pounds of waste and fluid, throwing off our scale. The bottom line is, there are many variables that can mask progress.

3. Take a closer look. If you did have a bad weigh-in, don’t completely blow it off. While some people beat themselves up for a bad weigh-in, there are others who use muscle gain or other variables as an excuse for their lack of weight loss. While you can gain some muscle weight (3-5lbs average) when starting a fitness program, the weight on the scale should eventually start going down. Muscle gain normally happens at the beginning of a program, but it levels off – and the fat loss will eventually outweigh the muscle gain. So, don’t use these variables as excuses not to check your program. Always take a closer look at your diet and look for possible mistakes. Sometimes it may be a missing day of logging or it is a high-calorie food you missed. Whatever the case, always take a closer look at what you are doing just to make sure you aren’t making mistakes that are preventing progress.

Tasha4. Refocus. Once you have done everything you can to make sure you aren’t making mistakes, then you chalk it up to one bad weigh-in and you refocus your energy on your “why”. Remember, you didn’t start this for a magic number. You did this to improve. Have you improved since you started? If you have done it for any length of time, I’m guessing that answer is yes. Do you still want to reach the goal you set when you started? Of course you do. Once you weigh-in, step off the scale and leave the number on the scale behind. This is your LIFE, not a number. You are doing this to make improvements, not perfection. No matter what the scale says, you are becoming healthier and better every single day you keep on keeping on!

Tasha leg press5. Don’t get sad, get mad. Tasha used her failure as fuel. Instead of letting the scale beat her up, she used the scale to pump her up – and it worked every time. Instead of diving into a bowl of ice cream in self-pity, she ramped up her intensity even more. A bad weigh-in actually can be very good for a trainer and client because it holds them accountable. Sometimes, a good weigh-in results in the client slacking off. However, a bad weigh-in reminds us to tighten the reins and work a little harder. Plan NOW how you will respond the next time you have a bad weigh-in. Will you go for a long run. Will you fast or change your diet? You WILL have a bad weigh-in from time to time. Be prepared for it and be ready to fight with all you have.

Click HERE to learn more about the program Tasha followed to lose weight.

Steve & Tasha Talk About Weekly Weigh-Ins


Motivational Meme

it's not about hitting a mark

Fit To Fat To Fit: Tasha Talks Diet

So many of you have wanted to learn more about Tasha, from Fit To Fat To Fit on A&E, and have really related to her struggle and journey. I interviewed her and asked her to share what she’s learned, including how she changed her eating to get her success. I hope you are encouraged and motivated to follow in her footsteps!

“I never measured food before and it was an eye opener to say the least. You do not realize how much you’re eating until you measure and weigh your food!”

Fat To Fit To Fat Tasha1. What has held you back from succeeding with weight loss in the past.

I have NEVER made weight loss a lifestyle change.  I would lose weight for an event, vacation, to fit into a certain piece of clothing, etc.  It was always a quick fix, I never incorporated it into my life, family or routine…HUGE DIFFERENCE when you do.  It has to be for life :)

2. What were the biggest misconceptions you had about weight loss before?

The biggest misconception I had was, if you don’t eat enough your body will store fat, and therefore you won’t lose weight!

3. What are the benefits you enjoy most about being fit?

Oh, there are SO many benefits to being fit.. Top few are, being able to be an active part of my family, being a great example to my children, the self confidence, and self PRIDE.

Fit To Fat To Fit Tasha4. What was your first mini-victory on your weight loss journey?

 My first mini non scale victory was being able to cross my legs… You can’t do that when your overweight, it had been MANY MANY YEARS!!

5. What was your biggest struggle on this journey? What was the easiest part?

My biggest struggle was coming to the realization that putting myself first , making me a priority is not selfish.  The easiest part.. Hmm let me get back to you on that.    

6. What did you learn about eating healthy and dieting?

I learned that the key to eating healthy and dieting is BEING PREPARED.  Having food weighed and prepared for a few days ahead, eating before you go to an event or friends house so you aren’t tempted to make a bad choice, mentally preparing yourself for temptation, making the choice ahead of time not to binge on crap food. 

Fat Fo Fit To Fat7. What were you doing wrong before when you thought you were doing everything right?

 I was eating too much, I wasn’t measuring or holding myself accountable with an app. You do not realize how much you’re eating until you measure and weigh your food!  HOLY COW!! No pun intended!

8. What would you say to people who are’t lucky enough to have a free trainer? Do they have hope?

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a trainer I say, find a friend, spouse, anyone who will hold you accountable and listen to you gripe about your failures, or brag about your victories!!  You absolutely have hope, make small changes at first, then small changes become bigger ones.  Move your body, eat smaller portions, drink a gallon of water a day… Most of all… You Have to believe in yourself and do it for YOU!!!

fit to fat to fit tasha before photo9. What was the biggest lie you used to tell yourself (about your weight or weight loss) that you believed hook, line and sinker?

Oh, the biggest lies I used to tell myself and anyone who would listen are … I must have a slow metabolism, I’m big boned, and the list goes on and on

10. What is one truth, about diet or fitness, you never knew?

How truly great you feel emotionally when you are fit.  It really is more of an emotional battle then physical! 

The Shocking Lesson

“The weeks I didn’t use the app religiously, were the weeks I didn’t lose a lot of weight.” – Tasha

LoseIt AppTasha shares what her diet was like before, and what she learned from logging food in the LoseIt app.

“First, I believe that using the app made me realize HOW MUCH FOOD I was eating. I never measured food before and it was an eye opener to say the least.  Also, knowing how many calories are in each food, and understanding my choices, helps me to figure out what I really want to eat, like TONS of asparagus or a little bit of sweet potato. The weeks I didn’t use the app religiously were the weeks I didn’t lose a lot of weight. Also, drinking a gallon of water a day not only kept me full, I noticed the numbers were lower those weeks too.

I still use the LoseIt app and try to make my days with in certain percentages for protein, starches, and fats. I shoot for 33/33/33 (33% of calories from each substrate – protein, fats and carbs) or darn close. Lose it makes a pie graph so you can track this easily. I measure everything and only drink water, at least a gallon a day. It has become a lifestyle and it is a lot easier now to make better choices.”

Tasha’s Tips

  • I do not eat starchy veggies after lunch, only a green leafy veggies which is my dinner starch
  • I measure ALL food and liquid that enters my body
  • I used to be a BIG dipper. Everything went in honey mustard or ranch,  Now, I don’t use dip because it’s empty calories and it’s not worth it to me.
  • I also try to get most of my calories in during the first part of the day (lunch and before). I don’t need a lot of fuel for the evening to go to bed.
  • I think of food as fuel, as a necessity.
  • I prefer to keep foods bland – not because they have to be bland but because if it’s too good, I eat too much.


As you will see below, she didn’t eat horribly unhealthy, she just had no accountability. She wasn’t looking at portions or calories. This is why so many people feel it’s impossible to lose the weight. They are eating “diet meals” all the time, but not losing the weight due to other mistakes. Tasha, in some ways, was doing a lot right – but she was still doing enough wrong to not get the results she wanted.


Jimmy Dean D-LIGHT frozen, pre packaged sandwich. Turkey sausage, egg white, slice of cheese on a english muffin.

DIPPED in honey

A cup of coffee, with creamer… a ton of creamer i never measured

Mid morning snack

Anything that the little children I took care of ate…Goldfish, pretzels, granola bars, Belvita bites, cheeze its, all sorts of sugary starchy foods. Again, by the handful…while standing there feeding them (not tracking amount at all).


FROZEN pre packaged Helathy choice meal, left over dinners chicken and starchy side,or a lean hot pocket – usually 2 lean hot pockets.

With sweet tea …cups of sweet tea.

Mid afternoon snack

AGAIN, whatever the kids children were eating. I would, out of habit, pop HANDFULS of their snack in my mouth while feeding them not realizing how many EMPTY calories I was eating.


Grilled chicken a huge serving

A starchy side or starchy vegetable and NO measuring.

Sweet potatoes with butter

Lots of boxed sides – the easier the better

NEW DIET (sample day)


6 tbs of egg whites

Turkey bacon, 3 slices

A whole grain english muffin with peanut butter 2 tbs


Grilled chicken 5 ounces

Sweet potato with smart balance light butter 1TBS

Hot sauce on chicken

and sometimes avocado for some healthy fat


grilled chicken or fish 5 oz

asparagus  with smart balcance 1tbs

and hot suace


usually 99% fat free kettle corn pop corn 100 calorie bag WITH a cup of coffee with 2 TABLESPOONS of creamer

Get More

tasha from fit to fat to fitFeel free to ask more questions below!! She would love to answer them and help as much as she can! :)

PS – This was Tasha and I this morning doing our Power HIIT class at the gym! She’s still on her program, still logging foods and training hard to continue working toward her goals. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE (top right side of blog) to continue following her journey and more Fit To Fat To Fit news!

Pfit To Pfat Program

Want to get all the same materials Tasha got in our Boot Camp program (and more)? CLICK HERE to get our Pfit To Pfat Program, including workouts, 7-day meal plan and workbook.

what you eat in private c

Fit To Fat To Fit: Steve Becomes His Own Victim

When Steve was chosen for the show, he knew he wanted to put his own program (BCx Boot Camp) to the ultimate test. He and Tasha would take the very program he designed to help others, including reading the workbook, counting calories and enduring the challenging workouts. He would become the client.

Steve and Tasha talk about what it was like to take the program together – from Steve’s humiliating experience of struggling through the workouts to Tasha appreciating the support and camaraderie of working out together.

Steve already believed in the program, but now he’s experienced it’s value first hand. The support, the programming, the diet, the workouts, the accountability and the results – and it gave him more insight on exactly how each person feels as they are going through it.

Follow the same principles we teach here in Vero Beach with our Pfat To Pfit Program. It includes written workouts to follow (with links to video instruction), the same workbook they are given, a 7-day meal plan, video of our diet workshop and orientation and more. Click HERE for more.


JAN 31: Prepare to Persevere

don't quitNo one ever sets out to fail. You don’t plan to quit. Most people quit on a whim or because they get beat down over and over and over – and then they just quit trying to beat whatever it is they’ve been fighting out of frustration or fatigue.

I’m telling you right now. The key to success is making the decision NOW not to quit LATER. Let me tell you – no matter how hard it is now to lose weight, it’s SO much harder to restart. So don’t! The only way you will never have to start again, is to never quit again.

This year can be different for you. It can be better for you IF you decide to do your best, and every Monday you decide to get right back to it. Sticking with a program is challenging, but anything you do is better than quitting and doing nothing at all.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog for more motivation, fitness tips, encouragement, diet info, recipes and workouts. While this ends my 30 days of motivation, I won’t stop blogging and sharing motivation! I want to be here for you. I want to be a part of your fitness journey – even in a small cyber way. ;)

Have a successful 2016!! This is YOUR YEAR!!

JAN 30: Get Fit Inside AND Out

I want to encourage you to not just focus on the outside, but to work on a balance of getting both physically fit and spiritually fit.

Think of it this way. How clean can a cup be if you only wash the outside? Not so clean right? Well, isn’t that what we are doing if we just work on fixing our outer shell without taking care of what’s inside?

We will never be at peace unless we take care of both our body and our soul. There is no exercise or diet in the world that can get our soul healthy. Only God can do that. I challenge you to explore ways to get as spiritually healthy as you are trying to get physically healthy.

Think of all the time we spend on ourselves. Doesn’t God deserve some time too? Plus, it gives us time to get to know Him better and keep life in perspective. It’s hard to whine about our weight, when we look at it in light of what is important to the Lord. Of course He wants you to be healthy and take care of yourself, but even on my worst day, I’m A-OK after spending time with Him. He reminds me there is much more to life than my silly petty woes or a day of feeling fat. :)

5 Ways To Fit More Jesus in Your Busy Life

It would be a shameHere are some ways I fit more spiritual exercise in my daily schedule.

1. Reading through the Bible (I use this guide). I listen to the Bible app while I do dishes, clean, fold laundry and get ready in the morning. (PS – you can choose any translation you want! I like NIV, NKJ, AMP & MSG).

2. Listen to Podcasts while getting ready and running (my favorite are Timothy Keller & Joyce Meyer). I have a rule. I don’t run without Jesus. This quiet time is the perfect time to learn more and grow.

3. Listen to Christian Music (I love finding new stuff on Spotify) and listening to other people’s playlists.

4. Go to church (I go to Calvary Chapel Vero Beach – which also is online). This is huge for us. Without plugging in to a solid church, I’d have no accountability and would easily slip.

5. Spend time with other people who have the same priorities and want to talk about spiritual things.

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