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A&E Comes To The Pfiesters

Fit to Fat to FitAs many of you may already know, we’ve been working on a secret TV project all year long. However, we were unable to tell you any of the details of the show. We couldn’t share what the show was about, the name of the show, who was in it or even what network it would be on – until now!!

We are proud to announce our latest fun TV project:
“Fit to Fat to Fit”, airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on A&E starting January 12th.

This is Steve’s third time as a trainer for a reality show, but this time it was going to be VERY different. He had to get FAT!   —–“Whaaaat?!”

Fit to Fat

fit to fat to fit You can imagine our surprise when producers asked Steve if he would be willing to gain weight for the show. He had applied to be the trainer for a weight loss reality show so this seemed like a really weird request. He was expecting to train a client, not BE a client. Well, he would train a client – but only after he tried to gain as much weight as his future client had to lose.

The TV show is based on Drew Manning‘s book Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit (pictured above). In his year long journey from fit to fat to fit agin, he gained over 70 lbs in 26 weeks and lost it all to have a better understanding of what it was like to be overweight. Steve’s job was to follow his lead.

Steve Pfiester Fit to Fat to FitThe first part of the show is Steve’s journey to get fat – and not only gain weight, but get out of shape. He wouldn’t be allowed to workout at all. I have to admit, this was terrifying for me! Would he love it – or would he freak the heck out and be a bear to live with? If you want that answer, you’ll have to watch and see!

Why did they want him to go to such lengths to get so out of shape? It was all for a good cause – to literally get in the skin of his client. And while the journey was no piece of high-calorie cake, it was quite a learning experience on every level.

Photo from Steve’s very first “gloves-off” dinner with friends, filmed at the Kilted Mermaid.


We can’t tell you if this was easy or hard. We can’t tell you how much he gained or didn’t gain. All we can tell you is that was his mission – to eat everything he wanted to eat and to not workout. Can you imagine? A trainer, who normally stays dedicated to training hard, counting calories and watching his girlish figure, now allowed to eat anything on the menu?

filming in vero beachFilming in Vero Beach

Producers started filming at our house, gym and town in early February 2014. They followed us around the kitchen cooking food, running with the dogs, working out, eating out, training clients and teaching boot camp. When producers weren’t at the house, we were required to get diary cam footage of the journey.

For 8 months, Steve had weekly weigh-ins and interviews following the whole experience. We loved having A&E in Vero and sharing this experience with so many people. If you are local, you will likely see some of your friends in the show, as well as recognize local hot spots since they often followed us on dates.

max fitness clubWHERE:
Cameras filmed at various locations around town, starting with our gym Max Fitness Club, as well as some other fun places including Mac’s Filling Station, The Boardwalk, Waldo’sKilted MermaidVero Beach Dog Park, Riverside Park, Primary Care of Treasure Coast, local beaches, parks and events.

WHO: While the show was primarily about Steve and his client, several our friends and family were a part of the storyline – myself included, as well as Tasha’s husband and kids. Of course I don’t know who will end up being on the show, but I can tell you some of the people who had camera time included my mom and dad (Tom and Julianne Talley), our friends Jim Gallagher (Calvary Chapel Vero Beach Pastor) and Kristie Gallagher (my BFF!), Tommy and AnnMarie Chiarenza (good friends, clients and owners of Route 60 Hyundai), our staff, our clients, many members and all the people who served Steve up all the greasy grimy grub at local eateries.

Selfie-stick shot the night of the very first big shoot at our house.
Selfie-stick shot the night of the very first big shoot at our house.

Even our dogs, Miller and Marley, get in on the action!


Fat to Fit

IMG_5959The first half of the show was the surprisingly daunting task of weight gain, but the second half of the show will cover Steve’s quest to lose weight with his client. Would his techniques and diet principles work for him and his client? The second part of the show puts all his training and knowledge to the ultimate test.

We are very limited on what photos we can share (and that is why I’m not sharing photos of his client). No spoilers!! I can tell you her name was Tasha and I do have a ton of behind the scenes photos of both of their journeys, which I will share as soon as I can.

We believe the story is going to be enlightening, inspiring and touching. And, I can’t imagine it not being funny. If you know Steve, it should have some funny moments too – and possibly a really corny joke. “Two muffins are in an oven…” lol

Stay Tuned

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