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Are Your Working Out TOO Hard?

I see some total rockstars in the gym that run faster, lift heavier and train longer than I do. I see some people in the gym twice a day, but they aren’t getting any fitter or thinner. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone is trying to get thinner, but I’m talking about people I KNOW …

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EVERLASTing Conditioning Workout: Box, Sweat, Burn!


Steve and I were asked to put together some workouts for Everlast using their boxing and conditioning equipment. Yesterday, I did a workout using the POWERCORE F.I.T. Bag and today Steve did a conditioning workout the HYPERFLEX Strike Bag. While Steve does teach a cardio kickboxing class at his gym, he’s not a “boxer”, he’s …

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Indoor Cardio & Core Workout for Cold Days

cardio and core workout PINTEREST

Even though it’s not even close to cold here in Sunny Florida, it’s still nice to have some indoor cardio routines for a rainy day – and, in your case , a snowy cold day. Right now it’s already 81 degrees here in Vero Beach. While you are layering up to step out the door, I’m making sureI …

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Working the Heart vs. Working Off Fat

#TBT – Throwback Thursday The US Air Force conducted one of the first studies on cardio vascular (or aerobic) exercise. It took another 20 years after that before most people would actually step on a treadmill for some “cardio” in a gym. Back in the 80s, no one even knew what the word “cardio” was. People ran, …

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Top 5 Things to Do While Exercising

Everyone is strapped on time. We feel constantly rushed and struggle to squeeze all our responsibilities into each day. After cooking, cleaning, working, taking care of kids, taking care of spouses…we are still supposed to find time to take care of ourself to actually workout. How? Well, I believe most of (if we were honest) waste …

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Day 6: Bonus Workout

DAILY INSIGHT: Although today should be a day of rest, a good power walk can be very beneficial for tight, sore muscles, or you may opt to take the BCx™ Bonus Workout. If you do the bonus this week, don’t push yourself too hard. If you walk or jog, try to do so at your …

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Day 3: Cardio & Conditioning

DAILY INSIGHT: It’s Day 3, and you’re probably experiencing even more muscle soreness today. This is common two days after a workout. Drink a lot of fluids today to flush the toxins out of your muscles and keep moving. The worse thing you can do is stay still – if you do, you’ll stiffen up …

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Fat-Melting Heart-Pounding Upper Body Workout

BCx Boot Camp

Here is one of our latest BCx Boot Camp workouts on LiveExercise.com. This workout is designed to sculpt your upper body, as well as burn a ton of calories in a short period of time (normally only 30-40 minutes). Follow the written workout below, and subscribe to LiveExercise to the workout WITH US! Shoulders: Do the following …

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3 Cardio Workouts to Beat Boredom

According to the Physical Activity Guideline for Americans, you should do 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise weekly. Even if you do the minimum, which means you should do 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity five days a week. This could easily get very boring over time!! Today, on Answers.com, I wrote on ways to make your …

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LiveXFit: Shoulder & Cardio Workout

If you’ve worked out with Steve before, you might have heard him say this is going to be a “Scardio” workout. What he means is, this is going to be a strength + cardio workout, so prepare to pour sweat! Well, this is one of those workouts! Truth is, all of our workouts on the …

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