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10 Tips to Help Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain

If you’ve ever suffered from a throbbing aching pain in your derriere, that possibly even radiates down your leg, you have likely experienced Sciatica. Sciatica, literally is a pain in the butt – and it can be fixed pretty easily. Steve explains what Sciatica is often caused by and how to eliminate the pain. If …

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SLOW SUICIDE: It’s Addictive, Poisonous and You Eat It Every Day

fit to fat to fit

An in-depth (but simple) blog on a secret killer in almost every kitchen. Many people don’t realize how bad they feel until they realize how good they feel after they change their diet. It could be because you are eating poison and just don’t know it. Steve experienced this firsthand when he did the TV show …

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Pain-Free Running: Do You Need Orthotics?

 I recently visited my friend, Audree “The Shoe Lady”, who is a Certified Pedorthist located at Bob’s Shoe Repair on 8th Street in Vero Beach, to get some guidance with orthotics. My left ankle had been acting up again. Last year I had to stop cardio altogether and go to rehab – and I was …

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Peddle Yourself Fit: How to Get the Most Out of a Stationary Bike

I run into a lot of people nursing injuries, or limited by joint issues. Unfortunately, as soon as someone is injured they often quit exercising altogether – but there is hope! It’s called a stationary bike. If you have ever been to a rehabilitation center, you know physical therapist rely heavily on Stationary Bikes. It …

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6 Pain Prevention Tips to Keep You Running

Earlier this year I developed tendonitis in my left ankle. It was so bad, I not only had to stop running, I couldn’t even walk. I went to Total Health Vero Beach for therapy, and slowly but surely it started improving. Well, after something like that gets you down, needless to say, you are a little scared …

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Pain Prevention Tips: Ice, Heat & Pain-Relieving Cream

Aches and pains happen – even for those who workout. If you want to continue reaching your goal, you want to have solutions for pain prevention so these minor aches don’t slow you down. That’s when ice and products like Thera-Gesic are great. When I first heard of Thera-Gesic, I honestly didn’t know what to …

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Prevention: How to Recognize Signs of Muscle Deterioration

My mom recently shared something with me that I think many of us can learn from. She was nice enough to let me share her story with you in hopes it could help others – and I’m sure it will. “Over the past couple of years, I had noticed that my legs seemed weak, and …

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Fitness Inspiration for the Injured: When There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Today’s Motivation Monday Radio Show on The Sideline Radio is all about dealing with injuries. Unfortunately, we all have had, or will have, some sort of injury. As my grandmother always said “it’s not what happens to you, but how you respond to it that really matters” – and this couldn’t be more true when it comes …

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3 Ways to Stop Knee Pain

Do your knees ache? Do they hurt when you run? Do your knees get in the way of a good leg routine? Before you go off running for the operating room, your knee pain could be something a lot more simple than you think. One popular reasons people (especially runners and fitness newbies) struggle with …

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Fast Fix for a Pain in Your Butt

OK, before you get too excited, I can’t help you with your husband or kid, if they are what you consider to be a pain your butt. I’m talking about a literal pain in your backside. If you’ve ever suffered from a throbbing aching pain in your derriere, that possibly even radiates down your leg, …

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