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Get Your Phone Ready to Sweat: Apps & Accessories You Need

If you are like me, you don’t like to be separated from you phone – especially when you workout. Phones are not just for texting and calling friends anymore. We rely on them for everything – especially in the world of fitness. I use my phone for my phone for my interval timer, workout music, …

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New Super Watch, Polar M400, Rocks My Fitness World

In-Depth Product Review From a Fitness Pro Part of my job as a FitFluential Ambassador and fitness professional is trying out new fitness products and gadgets. I have tried a bunch of really cool things over the last few years. I have a whole drawer full of activity trackers, heart rate monitors and other fun …

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The Secret to Weight Loss

  Do you want results? OK, so here’s how to get the results you want. EVERYONE relates to money! Right? So let me try to put this concept into perspective for you. Think of calories as if it were money. If you want to SPEND more money, you have to MAKE more money. And, the same applies to spending calories …

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Stay Committed to Your Workout AND Spouse

I used to really get my feelings hurt when Steve would take his wedding ring off when he lifted. In an attempt to find a band that would be more comfortable, I started buying him all kinds of rings. I bought him thick ones, thin ones, rounded ones, squared off ones. I bought decorative ones …

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Compression Leggings That Make You Look and Feel Amazing

I have been on the prowl for some really cool crazy-fun leggings, but some of the coolest designs have the poorest quality. Some leggings may look great as long as you are not moving, but as soon as you start to workout, you discover problems. Common complaints with poorly made leggings:   • Leggings aren’t made for performance …

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Women’s Best Gym Bag Is On SALE!

The Paris Pink Collection from Fivesse is now on SALE!!! Get the Home Gym Home Bag now for ONLY $69.30!!!!! While they do make the cutest gym bags around, this is also the bag I travel with a lot too. It’s so darn cute, and the small Fivess bag (the Home Gym Home Bag) looks like a purse! What I love most about …

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Big, Bold & Beautiful Gym Bag Give-a-Way


A few weeks ago, I featured the Home-Gym-Home Fivesse Bag on my blog, showing off this purse-size bag I toted across 8 states on a fun journey to Ms. Senior America. This week, I’m featuring the other Fivesse bag I took on the trip – the Home-Gym-Work bag. This bag is much bigger than the Home-Gym-Home …

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MEN’S PFITNESS: Get Your Fitness Mojo Back

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 6.35.56 PM

Anyone who has worked out for any length of time realizes there are different seasons in the gym. Definitely not referring to Summer or Winter.  The seasons I am talking about are “the lazy season”, “the lean up season”,  “the bulk up season”, or even “the I’m on fire to workout season”. If you are …

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MERRY FITNESS: Christmas Gift List for Fitness Enthusiasts

grey and pink nano 2.0

PFIT PFINDS: Christmas Gift Ideas As a blogger, I get an opportunity to try all kinds of fun fitness gear, accessories, devices and products. Every year I use my findings and share gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast (from my favorite products I’ve either found on my own or done a product review for). As I …

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Tips to Finding the Perfect Gym Bag

boring gymbag

I’ve been in the fitness business for over 20 years (yes, I’m dating myself here!), and I have to say, I have not seen a lot of “pretty” gym bags in those 20 years. Most gym bags are pretty sporty and look more like they belong on the football field than on a girl’s shoulder. …

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