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TUESDAY TUNES: Songs for Comfort

Tuesday Tunes

IT’S TUESDAY TUNES TIME!  While traveling last week, I started building a playlist for a friend of mine who lost her husband over the Holidays. As I started building the playlist, I decided to ask my facebook friends for suggestions. I was overwhelmed by everyone’s eagerness to participate and help me build this very special …

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Eat Like a Pilgrim, Look Like a Rockstar


I doubt Pilgrims had the weight issues we have today in America. There was no Boston Market or Honey Baked Ham stores. There was no Cracker Barrel or even a Publix supermarket to pile up all those ingredients for your favorite casseroles and pies. As I pondered how Thanksgiving has changed over the years, I wondered what would …

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Comparison Kills: 10 Ways to Fight It and WIN!

Have you ever thought life was just harder for you, weight loss was just harder for you or you just felt like you seem to constantly get the short end of the stick? You aren’t alone. The world we live in almost encourages comparison. With photo filters that erase wrinkles and so many opportunities for people to create …

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What Are You Fighting For?


You know the song, “Red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in his site. Jesus loves the little children of the Republican Party”. NO! That’s not how it goes! “Jesus loves the little children of the WORLD!” Fighting for What? Christians fail when we spend more time and energy complaining, fighting leadership, arguing …

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Do You Have Some COVID Fat to Burn Off?

I’m in the gym business. I would love to be able to say that exercise is the answer to your weight problems but it rarely is. In fact, I think many people workout too hard. Sure, there are people who don’t get any exercise at all but many gym goers spend way too much time …

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Upper Body Home Workout

After being forced to close our gym, we started leading online workouts via zoom and taping them for people who can’t join us live. This is one of our upper body workouts we did with our members. Whether you have dumbbells or you use 2 cans of soup or 2 gallons of water, this is …

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20 Hamstring Exercises You Can Do At Home

20 hamstring 650 copy

If you are like me and stuck working out at home while you are in quarantine during this COVID-19 crisis, you are looking for new workouts and exercises. One body part I think gets left behind (pun intended) is the back of your thighs (hamstrings). If I had to guess, I bet your list of …

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5 Tips for the Best Home Workout

With all the gyms closed and everyone stuck at home in lockdown thanks to COVID-19, there is a lot of talk online about working out at home. Just because it’s a hot topic doesn’t mean everyone is happy about it. In fact, most people really struggle working out at home. As a gym owner who is …

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2 Gallon Lower Body Home Workout

All you need is 2 gallons of water and a great attitude for this workout. As most of you know, many gyms were forced to shut down, including ours. So, we had to set up our studio at home so we could continue to serve our members. I decided to record our LIVE ZOOM workouts …

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20 Low-Calorie Holiday & Celebration Ideas

Steve Pfiester's Birthday

Birthdays and holidays are always hard when you are on a diet. But, if you really think about it, people don’t need a cake. They just want the day to feel special and have a little fun.  As an example, Steve’s birthday was yesterday and he’s been dieting so I don’t want people to give him …

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