Kick Your Own Butt (Literally) with this Awesome Glute Workout

lungeIf you ever took step aerobics back in the day, chances are, you did some type of “knee repeater” – however, not all knee repeaters are created equal. Knee repeaters can be sloppy and just “ok” for working the glutes – OR they can be done very purposefully for an amazing glute workout.

Training Points for A Knee Repeater

• Back is flat – in order to do this, you need to think about sticking your bottom out

• Knee is bent – it will be tempting to straighten the leg as you get tired. Drop down 2 inches instead.

• Keep your weight on the front foot – try not to rock back on your back leg (OUCH!)

• Don’t rest between exercises – giving your leg rest will allow it to recover & you’ll miss the gluteal bliss

Here is a great butt workout we put together a long time ago – but still remains a favorite by everyone who does them! Let me know how you like it!! 🙂

Slow Mo

Your Mission: Do 3 sets – without rest

(Left Leg Forward)
10-Second Static Lunge
15 Slow Knee Repeaters
15 Lunge Front Kicks
(Repeat above circuit with Right Leg Forward)
15 Jailhouse Jump Squats (Prisoner Jump Squats)

Repeat all of the above 3 times.


Here are Steve’s Top 5 Butt Exercises

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  • April H. from Ohio

    Thanks for posting that. It really did kick my butt. The first video (slo mo) I felt more in my quads (I may not have been getting down low enough). But the bikini bottom exercises I really felt in my glutes. Is it possible to have one leg stronger than the other? I never noticed that before because I usually just did squats. Thanks & i love your site! Found you via Fit to Fat to fit.

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      Awesome! I do have a tip to put more emphasis on the glutes during slow mo – you have to hike your butt and flatten your back out a LOT (like when you do straight leg deadlifts). If your back is even a little rounded, it takes pressure off yoru glutes. Give it a whirl again and really concentrate on keeping that back nice and flat, knee bent (try to get low) and poke that bottom out as far as it will go! lol 🙂 ….and Yes, you definitely can be stronger in one side than the other. I’d recommend doing one-leg squats or sit to stand on one leg to balance that out!

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