Fat To Fit To Fat,  Workout

Fit To Fat To Fit Butt Workout

We’ve had a lot of questions about how often Tasha and Steve trained and what their workout was like. A&E asked Steve to show us his favorite butt exercises. So, here are the 5 exercises, along with a whole butt workout to follow using those exercises.

Fat To Fit Butt Workout

Start with all exercises bearing weight on the LEFT leg.
30 seconds: Curtsy
30 seconds: Stomp
30 seconds: Knee Repeater
30 seconds: Lunge Kick
30 seconds: Skater (both legs)
– Repeat on RIGHT Leg with no break

Complete 3 ROUNDS on each leg (6 rounds total)

NOTE: Try your HARDEST not to put weight on the back leg. Keep the weight bearing leg loaded up with most of your weight on that leg the entire time – even between exercises for the best results.


1. Stomps: keep heels on the floor when feet come together
2. Don’t round your back: Keep back flat during curtsies and knee repeaters.
3. Don’t rest between exercises. Keep that one leg loaded up all the way through until you switch legs, avoiding any rest during each 5-exercise segment.
4. Do it as often as you’d like. Bodyweight exercises can be done more often than resistance exercise.

GOT BAD KNEES? A curtsy is a great glute exercise for people with bad knees!

Pfat To Pfit Book CoverWANT MORE?

We put together a program Fit To Fat To Fit fans could follow at home or the gym. This program is modeled after the program we do at our gym (the same one Tasha and Steve did called BCx Boot Camp). The program was originally designed to train fitness competitors for the stage – to help them sculpt muscle, tone up, get fit and lean out.

Click HERE to learn about the online version of this program (including meal plan, workbook, diet workshop video and workouts).

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Fat To Pfit Butt Workout

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