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TashaFollow Tasha’s success!

Steve was tasked to put his own training methods to the test on National Television. He accepted the challenge, and after gaining as much weight as he could, together they lost over 120lbs using the our diet and exercise program we offer at our gym, Max Fitness Club. Tasha’s program included educational tools, meal plan, workout regimen and weekly weigh ins.


After being flooded with questions, we decided to share our program with people outside our gym. We created a similar workout to give you the same results whether you belong to a gym or not, called Pfat To Pfit (the “P” in Pfat To Pfit is a play on our last name, “Pfiester” in case you wondered! The “P” is silent). It includes the following.

1. Get Pfit Handbook: addressing diet, exercise and the mental battle of weight loss
2.  2 Workout Routines: 1 for the gym and 1 for home, including links to how-to videos for each exercise
3. Meal Plan: 7-day meal plan with recipes & shopping list
4. Bonus Material: Q&A with Steve, Steve’s Weight Training Routine and Workout Worksheet

80% of your success depends on this education. It’s a small investment for a BIG reward!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Pfat To Pfit Program and get started!

CLICK HERE for more video footage of Tasha & Steve.
CLICK HERE to follow all content on Fit To Fat To Fit at PFITblog.
CLICK HERE to watch the full episode on A&E.com.

Dr Stopper Workout ProgramNEW!!

Not ready for to take the plunge into following Tasha’s program? We have a brand new introductory program that starts with only 15 minutes of exercise a day and builds each week – perfect for someone who needs to take things slow, safe and easy.

CLICK HERE for the DOCTOR STOPPER Beginner Basic Training Program


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  1. Kyle Mikami

    I really want to get the ebook but I’m a little skeptical. Is there a free trial?

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      I’m not promising miracles. It’s just solid information and guidance to help you reach your goals (PS – sorry for the delayed response. My site was down and I couldn’t access it for a bit!) I will say this is the same information that we include in our programs at the gym that have gotten hundreds of people results. If you apply the knowledge, it WILL work – period. no exceptions. It’s just based on science, we just wrote it in a way that it’s simple and easy to understand. :)

  2. JIM

    Helpful post. Please, I want to know about actually which work out more then effective from How To Lose Weight Food

  3. Lovisa Karlsson

    Yes fitness center help us to maintain our body fit and healthy. They provides us professional trainer. A professional trainer takes care of our complete diet. They give us important suggestion to lose fat. Our company also provide personal professional trainer and training also at our center for fitness.

  4. Evie Dawson

    This is so helpful and looks very promising. I’m definitely gonna try it. Thanx for sharing :)

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      So glad!! I’m here for ya if you need anything!! <3

  5. Stepeet

    A great blog and a good article here. I at time think if it is necessary to give a link in every comment, Weight loss

  6. Fitness Freaks

    Getting in shape is in trend now everybody wishes to have a lean and strong body and there are so many exercises to get in shape again.

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      Yes there is. SOOOO Many GREAT options!!

  7. csurprenant

    Just bought the ebook! Can’t wait to read it!

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      So awesome!! I just saw that and am STOKED!!!!! Let me know how you like it & what you learn!

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