Secret Benefits to Push-Ups

push upSome people may be under the impression that push-ups are only for men, but push-ups have many surprising benefits for men and women of all fitness levels. I recently wrote an article for Answers.com on 7 Surprising Benefits to Push-Ups that will have you diving on the floor, and make you eager to get your push-ups in!

It’s not like these benefits are really a secret, but not that many people realize everything they really do. I wonder if you will know them all!!?

Here’s the 1st push-up perk, and the link to read the whole article!

#1. Tones the Waist – Whaaat?!

Push-ups do a whole lot more than just work the chest muscles. Push-ups require back and abdominal strength to stabilize the core so you can keep your body straight during the exercise. Doing push-ups on a regular basis will strengthen and tone the muscles that support the spine, resulting in a much tighter (thinner & prettier) midsection…. READ MORE

Try Tabata Push-Ups

20 seconds of push-ups
20 seconds rest
8 rounds (2 minutes)

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  1. Tanya

    Never thought of tabata push ups.. I like that idea. New goal for the week.

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