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Booties and Hammies – Workout & Training Tips

bonnie pfiesterThis was my workout today with Max chica, Lindsey Fleisher, today. The emphasis for today’s workout was glutes and hamstrings, but we were also working the inner thigh, quads and a bit of core too.

First, I started out with overhead squats to loosen my tight muscles up from doing quads on Monday. It’s a great warm up and a great stretch. I started out sore, and by the last set I worked out my soreness and was ready to GO!

4 Sets of 20 Overhead Squats

james hobart Below is a great instructional video for a proper overhead squat with CrossFit athlete, James Hobart, pictured left with me (with shorter hair).  I had the privilege of working out with him last year at Reebok CrossFit One. He is a BEAST!!! He’s the one that really taught me a few key pointers that helped me improve my squat. I have always squatted pretty heavy for a girl, but never as deeply as I can now. I had, what they call, an immature squat. I always have had trouble going deep, while staying on my heels and keeping my upper body upright. Once I learned how to do an overhead squat, I realized my issue was not strength but flexibility. I do the stretching exercises (at the very bottom of this blog) which has also helped me a ton. 🙂


James hobart

The Rest of the Workout…

PS: While overhead squats have been around for a long time, they’ve really been made popular by CrossFit. Although this isn’t a CrossFit workout, I love incorporating all kinds of training in my workouts to keep things fresh and challenging.This particular workout is more of a body sculpting workout, with a direct emphasis on the lifting and firming up the fanny and back of the thighs. Increase weight to build more strength or reduce rest time to create more intensity for more conditioning.

bonnie pfiester

Glutes & Hamstrings

3 Sets of 40 (steps) Dumbbells Walking Lunges

4 Sets of 18 Staight-Leg Dead Lifts

3 Sets of 18 Prone Leg Curls

3 Sets of 20 Curties

3 Sets of (Low) 20 Knee Repeaters*

*TIP: Start with your elbow touching (not leaning on) your knee, with your back straight staying in that position while moving the opposite leg (no weight on that back leg). All the weight should remain on the front leg. You can tap the back toe for balance – but not to take weight off the front leg.

reebok sublite trainFit Gear: 

Working out in style AND comfort! Today I’m wearing Reebok SubLite Train (nice flat shoe for leg day!) and my favoritist shorts everrrrrrrrrr, Reebok’s CrossFit Light Weight Boardshort.

You can’t see my Moxy socks but they say Sgt. PAIN! haha Perfect socks for teaching boot camp! lol 🙂

Try this squat stretch to improve the depth of your squat! Good stuff!


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