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The Single Best Fitness Rule For Faster Results

There’s no big secret that I have always hated doing legs. “Hated” isn’t even a good description of how I felt about leg day. I LOATHED it. I hated doing it and I hated the two-three days of pain that always followed even more.

Have you seen these ridiculously long leg bones I have? It’s such a long way down when I squat and lunge my way through my workout. The way I see it, since my legs are longer, I have to work harder. At least, that’s what I tell myself. Ha!

Knowing my feelings about leg day, guess what body part that needs more work? Yep! You guessed it! My glutes and legs. Go figure! So, earlier this year, I made a pact to train them twice as often as my other body parts and to always train them first.

“RULE #1: Do what you need most FIRST and MORE often.” – Bonnie

PriorityWe all tend to gravitate toward what is easiest or what we are good at. My shoulders are strong, so I enjoy doing shoulders. But, I don’t have cellulite on my shoulders. LOL! I like the elliptical because it’s easy, but running burns more calories and shapes me up faster.

The things I need to do are very different than the things I want to do. But, guess what?! Since I applied this little rule “do what you need most first and more often”, I’ve seen crazy results.

Not only am I seeing progress, I don’t hate leg day near as much as I used to. Why? Because I’m improving. It’s simple. We often avoid the stuff we are bad at. But, if we do it anyway, we will get better at it – and the better at it we get, the more we’ll enjoy it.

Surprise, Surprise!

1-let deadliftsSo, now I actually enjoy leg day. What?! You heard me! I actually LIKE doing legs. I might not enjoy them as much as I enjoy eating chips and salsa but I no longer loathe them. I hardly can believe I’m saying that out loud! I like it because I’m seeing progress. I like it because I’m getting stronger. I like it because I’m training with purpose and I see a end-goal in mind.

I used to only do legs “because I had to” or just to check it off my list. When I did that, I didn’t give it my all. My workouts lacked intensity, drive or purpose. Instead, I just went through the motions. Now, I do one more set, one more exercise and one more plate so I make each workout count. I’m doing it for a specific goal. I want to change – and it’s working.

I encourage you to think about what you NEED most and make it a priority.

Do you need to lose body fat? Then diet and cardio is priority.
Do you need to bulk up? Then increasing protein and lifting is priority.
Do you need to improve your health? Then diet and conditioning is priority.
Do you have a weak spot like saggy bottom or flabby arms? Then you have to make weight training a priority to increase muscle mass and tone up.

We can’t just train around our weaknesses and hope they will improve on their own. We also can’t train our strengths without it completely throwing our body out of whack. As our strong muscles get stronger and our weak muscles continue to get weaker out of neglect, we are setting ourselves up for a lot of additional issues. Balance is key.

Be honest with yourself today. What do you need most? Maybe your training is spot on, but your diet is in the dumps. Maybe you know how to workout, but you aren’t working out at the intensity you need to get the results you want so accountability is what you need. Whatever you do, don’t continue just doing what you “want” to do. Practice a new level of discipline and watch it grow you, change you and improve you in more ways than you can imagine.

NEW! PFIT Chick Workout

PFIT Chick WorkoutI will be releasing a new 6-week workout program very soon called the PFIT Chick Workout, created by me specifically for women who train in a gym (or have a home gym). This workout will include strength, conditioning, cardio and abs. Modeled after my own workout program, the PFIT Chick Workout is designed to melt fat and sculpt pretty feminine muscles. Each week will vary – from exercises, body parts and intensity so you won’t get bored.

CLICK HERE if you would like to be one of the first ones to get the program. The program will come with a 6-week training log, where you will track your weights, reps and progress. You will have different options to train with me too!

fullsizerenderTrain With Me!

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Train On Your Own at Our Gym: Follow the program on your own and get weekly inbody body composition tracking too!
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Train On Your Own: Follow the program on your own.
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Here is a sample workout from one of the full-body conditioning days.

Pfit Chick Full Body Workout

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