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10 Low-to-No Impact Exercises

So you have a hurt knee, a bum hip, tennis elbow, a bad heart and crippled feet. Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the idea here is this: even with limitations you can STILL do SOMETHING.

Wall sitsAs a gym owner, I hate it when I get a doctor’s note saying someone can no longer use the gym. Honestly? Really doc? When people get hurt, they go to rehab – which is basically a glorified gym. If you break a leg, you can still work your upper body. If you injure your neck, there are still a ton of leg exercises you can do. Get my drift?

Granted, I know in many cases after surgery, people have to take some time off, but many times an injury or limitation doesn’t just slow someone down, it brings their training to a halt.

The last thing someone needs is to be encouraged NOT to go to the gym. We don’t need any help with coming up with excuses – even a healthy person has plenty to choose from! If anything, doctors need to give their patients some encouragement and suggestions so they don’t lose hope and momentum. Sometimes, people just need to keep showing up (workout or not) just to continue being around healthy people. We have members who keep coming to the gym even if they aren’t able to workout so they don’t get out of the swing of things – and it proves to be healthy for their mind and body alike. The bottom line is – you gotta keep keeping on!

If you can’t do cardio, you can still do weights. If you can’t do weights, you can probably still do cardio. You just to do what you can with what you have – but NEVER give up!

Planks, Bridges, Sits & Dips: 10 Low-to-No Impact Body Weight Exercises 

stompsThere are a TON of exercises that are very challenging, but pretty easy on the joints and body. The key is to increase your time (or reps) each time you do them. So get out the timer and see how long you can do some of these moves.

  1. Wall-sit
  2. Plank
  3. Side Plank or Elbow Plank
  4. Plank Up-down
  5. Two-point Bridge
  6. Straight Leg Triceps Dips
  7. Slow Knee Repeater
  8. Runner’s Pose Stomp
  9. Bridge Crunch
  10. Superman

What’s YOUR favorite low-impact body weight exercise?

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  • fitnessgirlforlife

    Love that I stumbled upon this! I’m currently experiencing knee pain and have to go for an MRI, but exercising is my world. Will definitely be adding these to my workout while I help my knee heals and I get my results! Your awesome!

  • GiselleR

    I totally agree! I injured my wrist in the gym a couple years back and I’m positive that if I had taken time off the gym like my doctor recommended I would have never got back into it since it took months for my wrist to heal properly! Instead I spent a couple weeks focusing on cardio, lower body and abs. Probably the best decision I’ve ever made lol.

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