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“Too Busy” is a Lame Excuse

“I’m too busy’ is one very lame excuse. You may can CHOOSE to be too busy for working out, too busy for your friends, too busy to invest in quite time, too busy to improve your marriage, too busy to visit someone in the hospital – but the truth of the matter is this: You’re not too busy for stuff that matters to you.

We aren’t too busy to watch TV. We’re not too busy to read this blog or check our Twitter or Facebook. We’re not too busy to go shopping. We even make time to take naps or sleep in later than your neighbor friend out running at 5AM. Or many you like to play online games and tend to your virtual farm or play Mafia wars. I mean REALLY! I don’t care how busy you are, how many kids you have, how many extra-curricular activities they have, how many hours you work – I can find you someone who’s even busier than you who still MAKES time to workout. Sorry, but you have to throw that excuse in the trash. It’s old and doesn’t work anymore.

EVERYONE is busy! Quit allowing yourself to believe you don’t have options. Don’t wait until you have time left in the day – you will NEVER have time left in the day. You will only HAVE time if you MAKE time. Commit today to making some changes. You won’t believe how much time you still have left after you get your workout in. You also will be surprised to find you have more energy and you will likely accomplish tasks more efficiently.  People disciplined in the gym are often more disciplined in every other part of their life. Practice discipline and reap a great reward!

Be a success story! Be one of the ones who’s very busy but still makes time to workout. BE the inspiration others need to see.


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  • Chris

    Hey Bonnie,

    I came across this while looking up some info on Bodylastics. Love the pic in this post.

    I’d wanted to touch base, as I run a free on-line workout music database (http://www.RunHundred.com) and just put together a list of the top 10 workout songs for September.

    If you thought your readers might have any interest, I can email you the list.

    Give a shout, if you like.


  • sarah

    Awesome blog! I use to think because I had to leave home at 7:00 I didn’t have time to workout. I was always too tired after work and wanted to spend time with my family. Now, I don’t use that excuse – I get up at 4:00am and get my run or workout in. There are no excuses that early! I feel great all day!

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