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Are you who you want to be?

Yesterday at church, our pastor asked this question “Are you who you want to be?” I can’t help but think of when you ask a child “what do you want to be when you grow up?” However, this question is so much more. It’s one thing to choose to be someTHING – but a totally different thing to choose to be a certain someONE. This question caused me to dissect my own life and I encourage you to as well.

Am I who I want to be? Well, if I answered that honestly I’d answer that quickly with a big fat “NO”. I can’t say I am, now, who I had hoped to be. I hoped I’d be a mother by now, but I’m not. I would love to say I am a selfless servant, as I would like to have dedicated more time to serving my church and even doing mission work – but I’m not that person either. I’m not as good as a wife as I know I need to be, I am not as giving as I should be, and I could easily list a ton of things I’d like to say I am that I am clearly not (yet!). The key for me (so I don’t slash my wrists when thinking about everything I’m not) is asking “Am I on the road to who I want to be?” Now THAT’s a question I can not only handle, but I can feel much better about!

These principles also apply to our health and fitness goals. Many times I hear of people who say they just looked in the mirror one day and thoought “this is not me”. They see a person that they don’t even recognize and realize something has to change. This happens with us spiritually and it also happens to us physically, where we realized we have not lived our lives as we should.

Here are a few tips to becoming who you want to be when it comes to fitness.

1. Start walking in the right direction. If you are wanting to drive to Miami, you don’t go north. Many times we find ourselves on road we didn’t intend to even be on. It’s important we not only know what our destination is, but we stick to the map and stay on track taking it one step at a time. If we look at our life right now and realize it’s not where we want to be, it’s time to change our course.

2. Start acting like who you want to be. When it comes to fitness, if you want to be fit – then you should act fit. You can’t honestly SAY you want to be fit and ACT like a fat person – eating crap and being lazy. There is a certain point in our lives when we have to ‘fake it ’til we make it’. I don’t mean being a hypocrite, but I mean we do stuff we know we are supposed even when we don’t feel like it.

3.) Hang out with other people who “know the way”. We’ve all heard the saying ‘the blind leading he blind’. If you are wanting to reach a specific destination, it’s best to hang out with people who actually know how to get there. Sometimes when we change our course, it means leaving people (and things) behind.

4.) Once you’ve reached your destination – stay there! So often people get to where they are supposed to be only to LEAVE. Once you have arrived, don’t leave everything that got you there to begin with. Post reminders of why you are where you wanted to be. Keep focused and do all you can to get strong roots.

5.) Reevaluate yourself. Once you have arrived at your destination, it’s important to look at ‘what’s next’. Some people set goals too low and it may be time to take things up a notch. Other people may be tempted to be a little “too comfortable” and just stay at their destination for a while when it’s time to move on. Some of us may even have the wrong destination to begin with. We might have thought our destination was to just lose a few pounds, when the right destination for us is to be healthy, run a marathon or influence others. I don’t think we are called to just arrive, we’re called to thrive and that requires constant reevaluation.

Are you who you want to be? Are you on the road to becoming who you hoped to be? 

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