10 Time-Savers for More Christmas & Less Stress

grouchy grinchI have to admit, I’ve been really short lately – maybe even a little “Grinchy”. LOL! I’m not mad, sad or even struggling with anything in particular. Ironically, I’m pretty happy and our house is all decorated up. It’s just this time of year we get pulled in a million different directions, we neglect important things (and people) and we lose focus on what Christmas is all about.

Cut yourself some slack this Christmas! Do your best to workout and eat healthy most days, but don’t stress so much you don’t enjoy family, friends and festivities. Your house doesn’t have to stay perfectly clean and you don’t have to keep up with whatever crazy decorations your neighbor is doing this year.

We stress about the dumbest things. It won’t kill you if you don’t get to do those fancy Christmas cards with your custom photo on the front this year – and no one will think poorly skip a workout or two. Honestly, what people will value is your time. What is important is spending your time wisely. I mean, Christmas is only here once a year! Make the most of it!! But, you can’t do that if you don’t have the time.

7 Ways To Make More Time – And Better Use Of It!

1. Double up! I’ve been so busy so I haven’t been able to go to the gym as much as I want so I try to make the most of my time while I am there. If you are accustomed to doing one or two body parts, double up and do more. For instance, hit the whole upper body one day and lower body another day instead of just doing chest or arms. This will keep you nice and firm over the holidays and avoid any one body part getting left out.

firstthingsfirst2. Prioritize. If you need to lose body fat, then make cardio your first priority. Many times we do what we WANT and not what we NEED. Let your goals determine your prioritizes, not what is easy, fun or convenient.

3. Do More Scardio. Scardio is what Steve playfully calls cardio and strength when it’s combined in one workout. If you want to get the most out of your gym time, do more HIIT training and circuit training so you burn fat and tone up all in one workout.

4. Save Time with Food Prep: Set aside one hour on the weekend to cook food and plan meals. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself going out to eat because or cooking a meal from scratch because you are out of options (all taking more of your time!). We aren’t going to have as much time to cook during this busy season, so make soups and meals that are easy to heat up so you don’t waste time cooking every day.

5. Diet During the Week. It’s unrealistic, for some, to even think about dieting but you can at least try! If you know you have a party Saturday, diet during the week to save calories. The better you are with your eating, the less guilty you will feel and the less time you’ll have to spend at the gym burning off your mistakes.

gym friends6. Mix Friends, Family and Fitness. Many people don’t go to the gym because they have family in town. Bah humbug! Take them with you or go for a walk or jog together. You can have some amazing fellowship time and get a workout in all at once!

7. Go disposable. Don’t spend all your spare time doing dishes. Go with paper this year. This is what I did for Thanksgiving and I’m SO glad I did! I got to spend more time with family and less time in the kitchen doing dishes!

8. Workout at home. So you don’t have time to go to the gym? Workout at home!! If you live in a big city, it could take you an extra hour just in travel time round trip. Save the time and log in to LiveExercise.com. There are thousands of shows including our BCx Boot Camp show!

shopping_online_9. Shop Online. Shopping takes time! If you procrastinate, you won’t have the luxury of shopping online – and shopping will actually take a lot more time if you are doing it by foot. I know because I normally do this every year, but not this year!! Join me and start shopping online right now, and get all your shopping done from home!

10. Learn to Say No. You can’t do it all so don’t try. People understand you can’t make it to every Christmas party or function. Don’t try to kill yourself trying to do it all. Stick to what is most important and sincerely apologize for anything you can’t do. If they don’t understand, they are not a real friend. Your sanity, health and family is more important than making a public appearance or going the extra mile out of guilt. You are only human. Breath. Smile. And say “I’m so sorry. I wish I could, but I can’t”

The only way to find more time is to make it. Apply these tips and take the extra unnecessary stress out Christmas this year!

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