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Are You On the Right Track?

On the Right Track

In fitness, you don’t just want to stay on track, you want to keep moving ahead! Sadly, there are a lot of people that get on track, make a little progress, and then just stop, for no apparent reason, before they ever reach their goal.

That’s like showing up for a race, running half of it and then just sitting down on the side of the road. Who does that? Well, pretty much everyone at some point in time on their fitness journey. No one in their right mind would do that in a marathon, unless they were injured. But, when it comes to working out, dieting, etc., people do it all the time.

girl-at-side-of-the-road1The difference in those last 10-20lbs of fat is just where the person stops on the course. Many times a person thinks “I did great, I lost XWZ pounds and I feel so much better” and they basically go sit down at the 20 mile mark. BUT, if they just kept on going, and wasn’t just satisfied was feeling “better”, they could do amazing and become their BEST.  Better is always good, but why stop short from experiencing your best?

Have you become comfortable where you are right now with your routine, weight or diet? Or are you ready to see this thing all the way through and finish this things like a champ?! The same work that you did to get where you are now will keep working to get you where you want to be – as long as you don’t slow down or quit. So, get back on track and get back to moving forward! #livewithfire

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  • Jess

    I’m so there Bonnie! I’m at my last 15-20 pounds and I’ve been sitting at this weight for months Partially because I wanted to let my body catch up, and I am doing 2 double digit races in October that I really wanted to focus on endurance for. But, now I’m ready to dig in to those last 20!!!

  • cat4man

    Thanks for this! I swear you read minds, I’ve been sitting on the road or as I have said playing around with the last 24 lbs for a few months now. This morning my devotional was basically good, better, best, it’s up to the choices I make today and God wants my best….so I had to laugh when I read your blog! Funny how the mind justifies when you have accomplished so much but have some left to do! So here’s to getting my tail up and getting going to pursue my best 🙂

  • Kat F

    I’ve lost 150 lbs, and someone is always asking me if I am ‘done’ NO, you are NEVER done, there is maintaining, improving, and just Keep on Keeping On if you want to keep looking, feeling this way, which is WONDERFUL 🙂 I hit my ‘fab by 50 goal’ ie 150 lbs last oct 20th, this year, I am hitting 134 lbs most days, down about 15 from my major ‘goal weight’ and I just feel so GRRRRRRRREAT!

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