Shrink Wrap Your Waist with this Killer Core Workout

LiveExercise Hard Core WorkoutThis was the first circuit in last week’s LiveXfit show (Episode 7) at LiveExercise.com (or on Roku) – and I have to tell ya! My obliques were SO sore! BUT, I loved it. I was dying during the workout (wanted to fall to the floor, I could barely hold my body in plank – and those squat thrusts were BRUTAL!). Anywho! After I did it, I loved it. I just didn’t really like it WHILE I was doing it – but that’s nothing new! hahaha

Honestly though, I felt this workout literally shrink wrapped my core. My abs were so nice and tight, my waist was tone (and SORE! lol) and I was able to hold my stomach flatter from the recently tightened and toned muscles. I need to do this at least once a week! It was great! Give it a try!


If you don’t know the exercises, click CLICK HERE to see video instruction or do the whole workout with us at LiveExercise.com :)

Shrink Wrap Your Waist


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    This is s serious workout! OUCH! I am still healing from boot camp on Monday but I will definitely try this workout out. Who doesn’t want to whittle that waist?

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      Riiiiight?! I doooo!!!! lol

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