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Good Intentions, Poor Results: More Motivation Please

Today’s blog is day 2 of my series on good intentions. (Read day 1) There are so many people who have the best intentions to get fit, but they just don’t follow through. This week, I attempt to address 5 of the common reasons that people’s good intentions don’t turn into good actions. Here is reason #2.

#2 Motivation Issues: They aren’t motivated enough.

fitness motivationThis person says they want to lose weight, but they are just not motivated. They feel like they have no energy, or drive, to start. Their overweight bodies aren’t making them uncomfortable enough to actually do something about it, but they know they need it – and often times, they will attempt to exercise sporadically. Sometimes it takes something major, like a cruise, reunion or, God forbid, a heart attack, to give them the push they need to get serious.

Solution: This person needs to realize they can’t base their actions on how they feel. This type of person needs support so they keep showing up whether they are motivated or not.This could be a trainer or a friend, but they need someone to hold them accountable. They probably can’t do this alone – at least in the beginning. They also need to develop the discipline to do what is best for their body, whether they are motivated or not. If they stay disciplined, eventually the results will kick in, and the results will keep them motivated to stick with it – even if they have to continue alone.

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This Week’s Mantra:

good intentions

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