Good Intentions, Poor Results: Are You Delusional?

It’s day four out of my five common reasons why people’s good intentions don’t turn into good actions. Today it’s all about the person who truly doesn’t understand why they aren’t getting the results they want. Hopefully, I’ll help someone out there in this situation. Now, let’s tackle the beast!

#4: Delusional: They think they are actually trying.

hungry-womanThis person has the best intentions out of everyone. They workout and they think they eat healthy, but they just can’t lose the weight. This person looks for every excuse in the book besides the possibility that they are doing something wrong. They use menopause, bad knees, busy schedule, slow metabolism, health issues, personal issues, and every other excuse that could possibly explain why they aren’t losing weight. When it likely isn’t any of those issues at all. This person will never ever get results until they quit looking for an excuse, and start looking for a solution to the problem.

Often times, people eat healthy, but too much. They eat healthy “most” of the time, but not enough of the time to get results. A big eye opener for a person like this is counting calories. Someone should never eat 1200 calories a day and NOT lose weight, but most people have no idea how many calories they are really eating. And, if someone does indeed have a medical condition causing them to not lose weight, it is extremely rare. Key word: EXTREMELY. Most people who have blamed a lack of weight loss on a health issue, are not being honest with themselves or the doctor.

As common as the eating issue is the exercise issue. People are misinformed when it comes to what exercise really is. Many people will consider walking the dog exercise, or

Solution: This person has to crack down a bit harder on their diet and count calories. 9.99 times out of 10, they will lose weight as soon as they start counting calories and grasp what they are actually eating. They also need to workout more regular, and purposeful. This person may have been misinformed, and just needs more education and guidance. The more knowledge this person gains, the fewer excuses they will have – and the faster they will reach their goal.

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