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Motivation Monday Show: Start your work week off right!

Get your Monday Motivation Today!
If you took off from eating healthy and working out yesterday, and you didn’t tune in to Motivation Monday on the Sideline Radio show yesterday, you can tune in today via Ustream.

This Week’s Topics:

  • 5 Labor Day diet & fit tips
  • Amateur fight update on local athletes, Dan Kedem & Travis Bass
  • How to watch calories on your kids’ game days
  • Volleyball starts – How to train like a volleyball star
  • Motivational mantra for the week

Remember, the 1st 15 minutes is local and national sports news and the rest of the hour is all fitness and motivation! Enjoy! CLICK HERE (or the video pic below) to start.



Have a topic? We want to know what you’d like to hear. Shoot your ideas in the comments below – and please include your name and where you are from so we can mention it in our show.

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