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PerkyJerky for Dieters: Beware or Belove?

To jerk or not to jerk: That is the question for today’s dieters on search for a low-carb salty snack.

Everyone who knows me, knows I like salty snacks more than I like sweets. You’ll never find me craving ice cream at night or indulging in chocolate – but give me some chips and salsa and WATCH OUT! So, what does one do to satisfy a salty craving? I’ll tell you what: Grab some jerky!!

Oh, I can hear your thoughts right now. At least half of you reading this are thinking “but that has so much sodium!‘. Well, I think you need to hold on to your panties, because I think you may be in for a big surprise. But before I dazzle you with my pFit pFacts, I first must tell you a little more about my newfound love: PerkyJerky.

After I got a surprise shipment of this mysterious jerky, I opened the bag and fell madly in love as soon as the first piece of juicy meat candy hit in my mouth! Oh. My. Gosh. You had me at hello PerkyJerky! This jerky was NOTHING like I had ever tasted before. It was sweeter, more tender and more flavorful than any other jerky I had ever tasted. I knew, at that very moment, PerkyJerky and I were going to have a very special relationship.

After practically telling the whole world about my new turkey PerkyJerky discovery, I decided to write a review (which you are reading right now). So in preparation of this review, I decided to do some research to combat the popular sodium question. Now is the time for you to hold on to your panties. 

PerkyJerky has the same amount of sodium as a Large Diet Dr. Pepper.

You won’t eat Jerky but you’ll eat Sweets?

You can have PerkyJerky or you can get about the same amount of sodium, or more, in:
Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt: 105mg
32oz Diet Dr. Pepper: 110gm
McDonald’s Iced Coffee with Sugar Free Syrup: 140mgs

Quaker Oats Strawberries & Cream Oatmeal: 180mg
NOTE: This is not a lot of sodium, so relax, I’m just proving my point.  

You won’t eat Jerky but you’ll eat Fast Food?

KFC’s Tender Roast Sandwich: 1,180mg
Quarter Pounder with Cheese: 1,190mg
Wendy’s Large Chili: 1,170mg
Arby’s Market Fresh Roast Beef & Swiss: 1,743mg
Dairy Queen’s 4-Piece Chicken Strip Basket: 2,400mg
Subway Cold Cut Combo 12″: 3,060mg
NOTE: The RDA for sodium is 2,400mg, so yes, this is a lot of gosh darn sodium!
I could have nearly 22 servings of PerkyJerky before I hit my RDA. And for THAT, we thank you. 🙂 

The Perk in the Jerk

What is one of snacks’ biggest downfalls? Do you know??? Anyone? Anyone? OK, I’ll tell you: They make you feel like CRAP! After loading up with fatty salty carbs, you normally will find you feel sluggish afterwards. Well, that’s one thing you won’t find with PerkyJerky. PerkyJerky has gaurana, a natural herbal stimulant, to lift your energy and spirits – making this snack the PERFECT work snack! Right when you feel like you are going to crash after lunch, you can have a little jerky to perk you up and help you through the day. (believe me, I know – I eat it almost every day!)

Of course I know Jerky’s not for everyone, but I’m definitely a jerk for Jerky – and thankful I have the low-cal, high-protein option!

WHERE TO FIND IT: I used their Store Locater and found 10 stores that carried PerkyJerky within 5 miles! WOOT!

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