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5 Ways to Train for More Guidance and Accountability

Steve and Bonnie PfiesterWe’ve recently had a lot of requests for online training. For the last few years, Steve and I have only done one-on-one personal training and group training. Our first online client came to us by accident. The client was in the states visiting from Russia on business, and while watching TV in his hotel room he stumbled across Steve on Fat to Fit to Fat. He connected with him emotionally and liked what he saw. He started digging online and tracked him down.

After meeting with Steve, he decided to come stay in Florida for a few weeks and train with Steve. After his stay in Florida, we continued to train him in his gym via skype and it has been such a great experience. Steve gets to be right by his side during every rep and continue to be there for him even though he is across the globe. So Cool!

All We Need is Love – And More Accountability

fitness coach memeMost people need the accountability more than they need the latest fitness exercise or workout trend. While it’s always best to get a trainer who is indeed certified from a reputable school, people need genuine instruction and guidance even more than a degree Exercise Physiology.

Steve and I value education very much. In fact, Steve is literally at the college right now teaching the same trainer certification course we once took ourselves. With a degree in Physical Therapy and 4 years of Exercise and Nutrition at FSU, he has always desired to seek knowledge, as well as pass it on. That’s why we love teaching workshops. We love sharing what we’ve learned to help others.

With that said, what makes a good trainer is not how just how much they know, but how much they desire to make a difference. If a trainer truly desires to help, they’ll seek the knowledge they need to provide the right help. They will never give up on a client – even if the client gives up on their self.

Personal training coach funnyPeople need accountability and support – both emotionally and physically. They need scheduled time that is set aside for their fitness – an appointment they can’t break so they show up and stick to a routine. They need to be held accountable not only in WHEN or how OFTEN they workout, but how HARD they workout. That is why a trainer is so valuable, even if you know what to do.

It’s easy to become complacent when no one is watching. However, weight, rest time, pace and intensity all play a big part in whether or not your workout is going to be effective. And, then their’s diet.

When a trainer is genuinely invested in their client, they will hold them accountable for what they are doing when they aren’t working out. What are you eating? Why do you keep messing up? One-on-one private training gives us plenty of time to talk about life, struggles, schedule and meal prep, and create some strategies.

If you have been wanting to take your workouts up a notch, maybe it’s time to do some personal training. Whether you decide to train with Steve or me in person or online, or you decide to hire a trainer at your gym, I promise it is worth the investment so you don’t waste hours, money and time in the gym aimlessly going through the motions.

Know Your Training Options:

You have many options, depending on your personality, what tools you have available (home gym or fitness center), time, money and goals. Here are just a few different options

1. Written Workout Program $

If you are self-motivated, know how to workout on your own and have no problem pushing yourself, then following an online workout program is great. Some people just need to have a schedule to follow. Or, they need to revamp their workout and be shown fresh new content or training styles. If that is you, an online workout program is fantastic as long as you truly stick to it and do the workout like it is written. You may even do a combination of working out on your own, but add a little one-on-one training so you know you are doing the workout like it was written.

2. Group Workouts $$

BCx Boot CampGroup classes are the most affordable way to get fit with a trainer. Most gyms offer some classes free, but closed-group classes and group workout programs that cost extra have the most benefit for the client.

In a standard class, you can miss a class and no one notices. No one will call you and ask you where you’ve been. And, the teacher may not call you out in class and correct your form or tell you that you can do more. However, if you sign up for group training, that’s a different ballgame. You are signing up for more accountability and you expect results.These type of classes (like our BCx Boot Camp classes at our gym) are more intimate and people do notice if you aren’t there so you have a lot more accountability.

3. Besty Training $$$

besties workoutIf you can’t afford to workout with a trainer alone, or you just prefer to do it with your BFF, couple training is a great way to get the instruction you need for less. Most trainers give a discount for training with someone. The important thing is to train with a friend who is compatible with you.

Depending on the type of exercise you are doing, it can be difficult to train a girl who is 5’10” with their 5’1″ BFF, because the trainer will have to adjust every machine differently. The same goes with weight. It’s great to have a friend who is comparable in strength. While it’s not a requirement, the more compatible you are, the more smooth and effect the training will be. However, a good trainer should think fast and adjust as needed to give you the best workout possible even if all you have is one set of dumbbells.

4.Online Training $$$

Online TrainingThere are different kinds of online training. There are online trainers who sell their programs but you never really workout with them, and there are trainers who do online personal training via skype or Facetime. Many do both. Online training is great for people who may not have the tools and experts they need in their area. It’s also great for people who are looking for a specific type of trainer. Maybe they like one of their online trainers they follow more than the trainers they see in their own gym.

Even if a trainer is great for someone else, your trainer has to be great with YOU. Selecting a trainer is a very personal thing. You need to connect with them, trust them, enjoy your time with them (even if you don’t enjoy their workouts) and be comfortable with them. Online training broadens your choices, as well has gives you both more flexibility. They can train you anywhere and any time no matter where you live.

5. One-on-One Personal Training $$$$

personal trainingPersonal Training is the best kind of training you can get. Of course it costs more (typically from $50-$100 a session), but you are getting private time with your expert and you are the only one they are focused on for that time.

Very similar to online personal training, you have to find the right trainer for you. There is nothing wrong with trying different ones until you find the one that seems to connect with you and can get you the results you want. While it may cost you several hundred dollars a month to train with a certified trainer, it is a true investment. You aren’t just paying for the time you spend with them, but you are paying for the education they will give you.

A really good trainer will not just take you through the workout, but they will teach you along the way. Some trainers don’t like to share their knowledge because they want you to rely on them (and not fire them). However, I’d rather share my knowledge with someone so they get results with or without me because the more they understand what they are doing, the more likely they are to succeed. That’s why I do what I do – I’m in the business of helping people.  Besides, their results will surely pay off for us both. The better job I do, the more referrals I will get.

Whether you decide to follow a written plan or hire a trainer, training with purpose is essential to success. It’s not enough just to go through the motions aimlessly. Decide today to make a set plan and follow it. You’ll be SO glad you did!

Train with Us!

Bonnie Pfiester, W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Evolution Nutrition Coach
Certified Functional Training Specialist
Certified Kettlebell Athletics
BCx Boot Camp Trainer
Live Exercise Instructor
NPC Bikini Competitor
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Steve Pfiester, B.S.P.T., W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Functional Training Specialist
Certified Kettlebell Athletics
CrossFit Level 1 Certified
Certified TRX Trainer
BCx Boot Camp Trainer
Live Exercise Instructor
W.I.T.S. Teacher, Indian River State College
NPC Bodybuilding Competitor
NPC Classic Physique Competitor

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Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


  • Sonya

    This is great information Bonnie! I love reading your blogs BECAUSE you share your knowledge! I have been following you for years. I am a recent certified personal trainer through NASM. I am at a 20 minute strength training studio. However, I feel like I am lacking confidence and require more knowledge. Maybe I have the knowledge but unable to apply it with this type of training. This was perfect for me to read! Thank you! I am always searching for advice and tips to gain confidence.

  • Jill

    Looking forward to April I definitely need to add more muscle and lose this fat……yes now I’m getting sick of talking about it. I want to kick my own a**. Looking forward to November 19th adding to my schedule. WAHOO

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