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Top 20 Ab Exercises

It’s easy to get in a rut of just banging out a few crunches and leg lifts, but there are SO many more exercise to tighten and tone the abs. Here is our list of top 20 ab exercises. To turn these exercises into a full workout, choose 3 exercises (making sure to get 1 exercise …

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MEN’S PFITNESS: Get Your Fitness Mojo Back


Anyone who has worked out for any length of time realizes there are different seasons in the gym. Definitely not referring to Summer or Winter.  The seasons I am talking about are “the lazy season”, “the lean up season”,  “the bulk up season”, or even “the I’m on fire to workout season”. If you are …

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6-Pack Cardio

One of my favorite cardios this week was this “Ab Sandwich”. Basically, it was 3 10-minute cardio segments with 3 ab circuits sandwiched in between. Give it a try! Tools: You can use a slant board if you have one, or you can do the exercises on the floor. Add a dumbbell or plate weight for …

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Extreme Core Workout

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Titin Tech.  Steve recently showed you how to use Titin weighted compression shirts to add resistance to plyos and calisthenics in my last post, but what about static holds like plank or yoga poses? Today’s workout is an example of how versatile the Titin …

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LiveXFit Abs Workout

On our LiveXFit show, we don’t just throw exercises together for no reason. Each set of exercises has been well-thought out and has a purpose – and it’s to get you results. If you missed yesterday’s live workout, not only can you go back and watch it at your convenience, you learn from what we …

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Shrink Wrap Your Waist with this Killer Core Workout

This was the first circuit in last week’s LiveXfit show (Episode 7) at (or on Roku) – and I have to tell ya! My obliques were SO sore! BUT, I loved it. I was dying during the workout (wanted to fall to the floor, I could barely hold my body in plank – and those squat thrusts were BRUTAL!). Anywho! …

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Super Star’s Hot Body Comeback: 6 Tips to a Tight Tummy

Guess These Abs Who’s abs do you think these belong to? I’ll give you a few hints: She is 44 She is a mother of Twins (did that just give it away?) She struggles with having one very big body part She is an entertainer, businesswoman, philanthropist, producer – and pretty much anything she wants …

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8 Rocker Chicks with Rockin’ Abs

A Little Monday ABsiration This weekend I gave you 20 Tummy Tighteners  (and you guys added over 180 comments full of your favorite ab exercises for my Designer Whey contest (results coming soon!), so I decided I would start the week off with some ABilicious motivation to get you ready to put some of these …

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20 Terrific Tummy Tightening Exercises

There are a lot more exercises to work your abs than just crunches. Unfortunately, many people can’t think of more than 3 or 4 abdominal exercises, so they get tired of the few they know pretty quick. ABsolutely Awesome Give-A-Way Today I’m going to not only give you 20 of some of my favorite ab exercises …

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5-Minute Ab Workout

We all want tight abs, but sometimes we need a new workout to give us some new motivation we need to work them as hard as we should. Here’s a new ab circuit from Steve Pfiester at Give it a try! 15 Toes to Bar (Modification: Knee Ups or V Ups) 15 Roll Ups (Right) …

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