The Perfect Coffee Cup for Christmas

coffee loverAs a big-time coffee drinker myself, I know how finicky people can be about their coffee cups. While I’ll drink coffee out of any type of mug, I definitely have a favorite style of coffee cup I prefer.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve accumulated a ton of coffee mugs over the years. Most I’ve purchased myself and many were gifts. Although I am not short on coffee cups, I seem to gravitate to the same 2-3 mugs.

Since coffee cups make great gifts, I thought I’d help you find the perfect mug for your special someone!

Beauty Beast MugHis & Hers

Steve and I have different preferences when it comes to mugs. I like the dainty ones with a small diameter. I enjoy my coffee piping hot, so I like to pour only a small amount at a time (hence the small mug).

Steve, however, isn’t as concerned about temperature, but he loves a mug that feels good in his hands. It’s all about the experience for him. A nice smooth thick handle with a rounded bottom and a wider top makes him want to cradle it with his hands as he enjoys the warmth of the cup. He also loves the texture of the pottery. He prefers flat textured glazes over smooth shiny china-type surfaces. He wants a manly cup.

Me? I am less about the holding experience and more about the taste. I like to take small hot sips. Coffee makes me hot so I don’t drink it fast and I’m not going to be cupping the coffee mug in my hands. I prefer to use the handle, taking occasional sips, so the handle is important. It must be smooth and comfortable. No squared off edges or shapes.

funny coffee mugThis or That, Here or There

There are different mugs for different reasons and different places. Steve and I both love cute sayings or messages on the cups, especially if we keep the mug at work. It’s more important for us to keep track of our mug than to enjoy the whole coffee connoisseur experience like we would at home. At work, it’s about not losing your mug, having a fun cup that sparks conversation and having something that won’t leave you in tears if you lose it.

At the gym, a mug with a lid keeps it hotter and helps to avoid spills. Travel mugs are also great at work. However, travel mugs are a different animal, with all kinds of other options.

I don’t like plastic, I like metal or ceramic. They tend to keep coffee hotter longer. Some come with handles and some without. There are skinny mugs and fat mugs, but how great is a travel mug if it’s doesn’t fit in the cup holder of your car? Or, how about this one. Have you ever had a travel mug that is so tall and skinny it topples over as soon as you pull out of your driveway? With that said, a travel mug must “travel” well. So, it must be as practical as it is comfortable.

I personally love little thermoses so I can bring my hot coffee from home with me on the road or to work. That way I’m not wasting what’s left in the pot, and I can keep topping my cup off with the hot stuff. This way, I can drink out of my favorite cup AND still have lots of hot coffee at my disposal.

Which Cup Are You?

Maybe I’m over-thinking the whole coffee drinking experience, but I thought creating a post like this would be a good way for you to find out what kind of coffee drinkers your friends are.

Simply post this picture below in your facebook or instagram feed and ask your peeps what type of cup-lover they are. It’s a sneaky way to find out what kind of Christmas gift you can get your favorite coffee-loving friends!

By the way, I’m a 3 or a 7. Steve’s a 1, 5 and 12. LOL! 🙂


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