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Top 30 Last-Minute Fitness Gift Ideas - PfitBlog
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Top 30 Last-Minute Fitness Gift Ideas

christmas giftsYou’ve run out of time and now you are stuck trying to get your special fitness junkie the perfect gift, but you have to get it locally. Well, have no fear! Bonnie is here!

Here are my top 30 gift ideas you can find at any department store, sporting good store, electronics store or discount department store (like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx). PLUS, 15 of my favorite websites for shopping online too!
30 Last Minute Fitness Gifts 1. Gym Membership
2. Yoga Mat
3. Bluetooth Headphones
4. Activity Tracker
5. Gym Bag
6. Fun Workout Tank
7. Decorative Water Bottle
8. Tennis Shoes
9. Protein Bars
10. Personal Training
11. Massage
12. Hair Ties & Headbands
13. Gym Socks
14. Decorative Shoe Laces
15. Gym Towel
16. Dumbbells/Kettlebells
17. Food Scale
18. Fitness Magazines
19. Lifting Gloves & Accessories
20. Lunch Bag/Cooler
21. Leggings
22. Smartphone Armband
23. Foam Roller
24. Jump Rope
25. KT Tape
26. Blender or Juicer
27. Weight Scale
28. Compression Gear
29. Electronic Massager
30. Bath & Body Products

Top 15 Online Fitness Shopping Site

1. www.shieldsofstrength.com – Beautiful Fitness Jewelry
Buff Box2. www.livewell360.com – Killer High-Quality Gym Bags
3. www.bodylastics.com – The Best Workout Bands in the Biz!
4. www.pfitblog.com/shop – My New Fitness Line!
5. www.case-mate.com – Fancy Phone Cases
6. www.luvfitjewelry.com – Motivational jewelry
7. www.madewithloveproject.com – Bracelets for a Cause
8. www.qalo.com – Silicone Rings for Lifting
9. www.gallongear.com – Gallon Coozie
10. www.isolatorfitness.com – Isopack Meal Prep Bags
11. www.justlive.com – Awesome leggings
12. www.buffboxx.com – Monthly Fitness Gift Box
13. www.polar.com – The Best Heart Rate Monitors
14. www.fabletics.com – Monthly Fitness Apparel Subscription
15. www.liveexercise.com – The Best Training & Workouts Online

Want to add a suggestion? Post your top favs below so I can check them out too!

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