The Ultimate Gift for Your Man

Lost keysLost Keys

How many times has your man asked you if you’ve seen his keys or wallet? How about his gym bag or other personal items? This happens around our house all the time. It’s hard being a man. LOL!

Seriously, men don’t have the luxury of having a purse to throw all their belongings in so they tend to misplace things more often than women. I know I sure wouldn’t be able to keep keep up with the tiny wallet Steve carries around if I didn’t have a big bag to put it in that was easier to locate. This is why the TILE tops my Merry Fitness Christmas List this year.

Tile on dogTrack This

I discovered the Tile a couple of years ago. Steve got it as a gift and we ended up putting it on Marley’s collar when we first got him in case he ran off or got out of our yard. We loved the security of having Tile on him, it never left his collar.

You can attach the tile to anything. Put it on your keys or attach it to your gym bag. They even a a Slim Tile that is the thickness of two credit cards, which is perfect for your wallet. You can stick it on your TV remote or bicycle with Tile Adhesive.

Here are some of the top uses for the Tile Mate and Tile Slim

  • Keys
  • Wallettile tracker
  • Camera
  • Jacket
  • Purse
  • Umbrella
  • Luggage
  • Laptop
  • Ipad
  • Electronic Games
  • Pets
  • Glasses Case
  • Lunch Bag
  • Gym Bag

tile app find phoneFind Your Phone

If you can’t find your item, and it’s in range, you can make the Tile sing and follow the noise with the Tile app. If you have your Tile but you can’t find your phone, you can reverse track your phone with your Tile even if your phone is on silent. BONUS!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Tile’s battery lasts a year and It’s even water resistant. Not only that, once you give someone a Tile, it’s like you gave them a Tile membership, allowing them to use the reTile program and get a replacement tile for up to 50% off.

The Tile is a gift that truly keeps on giving. No more lost items. No more waisted time searching around the house and digging through the car to find your missing things. No more “Honey, have you seen my…”.



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