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This Cute New Fitness Tank Says It All

Jesus Coffee LiftingI was scrolling through pictures of Instagram when I saw this picture of this tank. I totally flipped out! It was ALL my favorite things on ONE tank top!! And, I HAD to have it!!

Then, when I showed it to Steve, HE had to have it TOO! lol They came in the mail this week! YAHOO!! I loved it SO much, I wore it to the gym last night and washed it as soon as I got home so I could wear it again today! haha! Today, we both went to they gym wearing our new shirts (Steve not realizing I’d wear mine AGAIN! Ha ha ha! ).

As SOON as I walked in, people commented on us matching and loving our new shirts. Everywhere I went today, people were asking to read it! Needless to say, it was a HIT!

Can We Say Awesome Christmas Gift?

I know you probably don’t want to think about it, and I hate to break it to you, but Christmas is just 87 days ’til Christmas!! They already have Christmas decorations up in some stores! And, you know how hard it is to find that perfect gift for our fit friends. Jesus Coffee Lifting

While there are great gifts ideas out there, from the Polar heart rate monitors to running shoes, it’s great to have an affordable gift idea you can give that special fit friend that won’t break your bank account.

As people all gathered around me asking to read my shirt, I immediately started thinking of everyone who would love this top for Christmas. I love these types of cute shirts that put our own personality into our fitness lifestyle.

We all have something we love. Some people love peanut butter, some love coffee. Some love BOTH! (Meeeee!! hahaha Shirts like this one from Fit Darlings say something about you – and this shirt about wraps it up for me!

Jesus Coffee LiftingIf only they had one more line it might read, “I just want to love Jesus, drink coffee, lift heavy things and eat chips and salsa with Steve“. <3  LOL

Go check them out. They also have awesome custom wrist wraps with cool patterns and styles!

Get One For Yourself!

Cost: $24.00
Styles: Women’s Tanks, Men’s Tees
Fabric: Super Comfy Triblend
Made in the USA

nstagram: @fit_darlings


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