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Polar A360 Review: Meet My New Workout Partner

IMG_7927What do you think would motivate you to take your fitness to the next level? New music? Got it. New outfit? Maybe. Different gym? Nope. They’d just have the same kinds of peeps, just different faces.

How about a new training partner? Or, better yet, someone who pushes you, holds you accountable, tracks your heart rate, tracks your calories, reminds you to keep moving, pats you on the back when you do a good job and will even let you know when your wife calls? And, this workout partner would be there on time, morning or night, and never let you down. Sounds pretty dreamy huh? Well, I guess I’m living the dream then!

Let me introduce you to my new workout partner. His name is Paul R.

FullSizeRender copyPaul and I have been training together for about 2 months now. He thinks he is my trainer more than my workout partner. He’s always showing me my heart rate and screaming at me to “get moving” when I am staying still to long. Paul is a very good communicator and understands that I need to know when anyone is trying to call or text me.

Paul R. and I got off to a slow start at first. He seemed complicated and hard to understand. All it took to see what really made him “tick” was to sit down and listen to him for about 20 minutes. In a very short time to get to know Paul, and I think we are communicating great. He already knows what I need in a workout partner.

Paul knows I like my notifications even if I cant reach my phone. He knows I want some encouragement when I meet my goals and he keeps me updated on how close I am to reaching them. Paul is such a giver. He stays awake while I sleep and even will tell me the next day how well I rested.

I am completely obsessed with calories and Paul knows this. He isn’t afraid to hurt my feelings on the days I don’t reach my goals and I am glad. I don’t need a workout partner to just blow smoke. At first, I thought I was going to have to find a different lifting partner because I am particular about how I measure heart rate.

Polar A360Even though Paul has proven he can measure my heart rate very accurately with his optical heart rate sensor, I am old school and prefer to wear a heart rate chest monitor. After a small discussion, he got a little “blue” and paired with my chest monitor via blue tooth. I will admit, almost every objection or fight Paul and I have, it has been addressed and has left me way beyond impressed.

Paul has continually gone out of his way to prove a faithful partner. Now I have become almost addicted to his feedback and accountability. He writes down all of my stats from every workout that we track. He gives me detailed reports with his awesome friend, Miss Polar Flow.

Paul has an amazing memory and can recall my activity for up to two weeks, but once he syncs it with Flow, the information becomes a great source of encouragement and goal setting.

So, huge kudos to the best workout partner in the world, who has continually pushed me to make great fitness gains over the last two months. Thank you Mr. Paul R. (AKA Polar A360).


Steve Pfiester

7 Reasons I’m In Heaven with the Polar 360

  1. It pairs with my heart rate monitor chest strap for optimal heart rate tracking, but it also offers wrist-based heart rate training too for convenient every day use.
  2. Clarity of the display. I love that I can read the display (without reading glasses! LOL!)
  3. It has smart notifications, which makes it easier for me to retrieve messages at work, during workouts and those times it would be rude to pull out your phone.
  4. It tracks my activity and workouts, helping me reach my goals.
  5. It has a great battery life. (I use the heck out of it and only charge it every 3-4 days)
  6. It is classy, sleek and streamlined, matching everything.
  7. It is super comfortable .
  8. It has awesome detailed reports and quickly pairs with my iphone (i had to plug my last Polar in to view my workout stats)

Polar A360

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Steve & Bonnie PfiesterWifey Likey

Steve isn’t a big “techy” guy, so if he can figure out how to use it, anyone can. Plus, I LOVE that he no longer misses my texts. Since he trains clients back to back, he doesn’t check his texts because he doesn’t want to be rude or unprofessional in the middle of training Now, he can glance at his wrist, get my message, and not miss a thing without even pulling his phone out.” – Bonnie Pfiester

Polar A360A Win with Friends

I was so excited about my new Polar A360, I was telling everyone about it. A matter of fact, I had friends (Christopher & Dawn) in town visiting from Utah. Christopher and Dawn are super active. If they aren’t working out in their basement gym, they are exploring the awesome Utah sites.

Christopher has had several activity trackers but was really wanting one that had the built-in heart rate monitor that also was compatible with a chest strap. He loved the idea of tracking heart rate throughout the day. He also wanted smart notifications – and, of course, he really liked the A360’s cool touch screen. After drilling me with questions, they decided they liked my new Polar so much, they both ordered one – and their new Polars were waiting for them when they got back home.

I asked them how they were liking them and this is what they said.

“Love the wrist-based heart rate monitor for constant feedback on my daily activity level. The color touch screen makes it super easy to start training sessions and view my progress during that session.” – Christopher Borders

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Polar.


  • Janell

    Hi Steve,

    I currently have the Polar M400 and love the versatility it provides tracking my different workouts. With the M400, I have to wear the chest strap, which at times I find annoying. Does the A360 accurately track your heart rate while working out? Does it have to be in the “right place” to get a good, consistent reading? This is one of the reasons I chose Polar over the Fitbit. I really like Polar’s technology and am very interested in the A360’s advantage of not wearing the chest strap for tracking my heart rate.

  • Heather

    What heart rate chest strap do you recommend? My husband and I do hiit training and he is looking for his calories burned. Would a chest strap be best or a wrist like this one? Can you see calories burned and heart rate during a workout with the chest strap?

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