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EVERLASTing Conditioning Workout: Box, Sweat, Burn!

boxingSteve and I were asked to put together some workouts for Everlast using their boxing and conditioning equipment. Yesterday, I did a workout using the POWERCORE F.I.T. Bag and today Steve did a conditioning workout the HYPERFLEX Strike Bag.

While Steve does teach a cardio kickboxing class at his gym, he’s not a “boxer”, he’s a trainer. He actually has a boxing coach at the gym who teaches him technique, but his role as a trainer is to develop strength and conditioning workouts for all kinds of athletes, including boxers like James McGirt and some other local pros.

With the popularity of UFC and mixed martial arts, more and more people are doing MMA conditioning workouts to get in shape because they work – and everyone secretly likes feeling tough! You see more women doing boxing and MMA training more than ever thanks to smoking-hot UFC champs like Ronda Rousey and  Holly Holmes.

Steve and I love UFC and Boxing – and we definitely love the training! We’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing guys like Rashad Evans and Mike Van Arsdale (so nice by the way!). And, we got to meet UFC CEO, Dana White and Jon “Bones” Jones in New York at the Reebok Pump Release party. So, needless to say, we were super stoked about trying Everlast’s products and incorporating them in our workouts!

Here is a great cardio and conditioning circuit that not only burns calories but will burn those shoulders up too!! Give it a try! The full workout is written out below the video – and you can use their HYPERFLEX Strike Bag or their Cardio Fitness Training Bag.


#1  I-Minute:

Jab Jab Cross
Jack Jack (2 Jumping Jacks)
Repeat non-stop for 1 Minute

#2  1-Minute:

8 Push Ups
8 2-Count Mountain Climbers
Repeat non-stop for 1 Minute

#3  1-Minute:

Non-Stop One-Twos
1 Minute to Recover
Repeat non-stop for 1 Minute

#4 1-Minute of Rest

Repeat for 5 the above 4 minutes for 5 rounds for a 20-minute conditioning workout.

HYPERFLEX Strike Bag Product Details

The HYPERFLEX Strike Bag offers 3 different ways to train and improve hand-eye coordination (listed below). We only demonstrated using the back with both springs locked, but you can make the punches more challenging by releasing the top spring, the bottom spring or both springs.

#1 Speed Flex (Lock Base, Unlock Neck) setting is ideal for fast punches, combinations and reflexes.

#2 Straight Flex (Unlock Base, Lock Neck) setting is ideal for punch techniques, agility, footwork, defense and timing.

#3 Hyperflex (Unlock Base, Unlock Neck) setting is ideal for ultimate accuracy, speed, and agility training, and simulates sparring sessions for striking and defense.

PS – I actually put these 2 bags together so that should tell you how easy it was! 🙂

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