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Stay Committed to Your Workout AND Spouse

QALO RINGSI used to really get my feelings hurt when Steve would take his wedding ring off when he lifted. In an attempt to find a band that would be more comfortable, I started buying him all kinds of rings. I bought him thick ones, thin ones, rounded ones, squared off ones. I bought decorative ones to wear outside the gym, and more simple comfortable ones to wear in the gym. None of them worked and half of them are missing from him taking them off and misplacing them anyway. I later realized I had been buying him rings that were nearly a whole size too big. No wonder all of them were uncomfortable when he was lifting weights.

Needless to say, I’ve discovered he’s not the only one who has this problem. Recently, one of our members came up to me and started to get emotional. She said she felt like people noticed that she took her wedding ring off when she trained with her trainer, and she didn’t want anyone to think poorly of her. She has real arthritic hands and her knuckles swell really bad when she trains. She was scared people were judging her, as if she was trying to act single in the gym.

QALO RINGSome people’s rings are too soft and bend out of shape when they lift. Some people’s rings hurt them. Other people just don’t want to scratch their rings up. Some people’s wedding rings get caught up in their workout gloves and are uncomfortable. No matter what the issue is, now they all have a solution thanks to QALO.

QALO designed silicone rings to swap with your wedding ring so you can still show your commitment to your spouse while staying committed to your workout.

QALO rings come in a pouch that can clip to your gym bag so you can make the swap and keep your wedding ring in a safe place. No more lost rings!

We just got their newest collection (comes out June 2015)!

QALO’S New Athletics Collection

QALO RINGSThis new collection came out just in time for our 21st wedding anniversary! Now we can wear matching rings, which came in navy, black, white and red – each with a kettlebell embossed on the ring. This is SUCH a great anniversary gift!! It is also a great gift idea for father’s day since there are so many husbands who can’t wear a traditional wedding ring to the gym or to work.

It’s also great to take on vacation or while doing activities where you may risk losing or damaging your ring like swimming, diving or playing sports.

They now have 5 collections: The Thin Line collection (for firemen and policemen), Outdoors collection, Love collection, Quality collections and now the Athletics collection!  In our QALO gift package, we eat got 4 rings, 2 pouches, some QUALO gear. AND a VISA gift card to go toward a date night. THANK YOU QALO!!

Happy 21st Anniversary to Us!

Steve & Bonnie Pfiester

QALO is pronounced KAY-LO and here is what it stands for Quality, Athletics, Love & Outdoors.

CLICK HERE  to start shopping!! Or STALK THEM online at @QALOring

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