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Christmas Gift Idea: Warrior Bands

Bodylastics Warrior EditionI love resistance bands because they are super affordable, effective and they travel well. There is no other way you can buy over 260lbs of resistance for under $100 – AND there is no other way you can bring over 260lbs of resistance with you without actually carrying 260lbs! Bands are the BOMB!

If you have a friend or loved one that enjoys fitness, this is an AWESOME gift idea. I freaked when I heard it was coming out and had been waiting to get this myself for months! As soon as I heard they were coming out with a cool camo set, I HAD to have it!! Not only is pfitpfindthis a bigger set than the basic bodylastics set, all the bands and handles have all new tough camo colors.

CLICK HERE to go directly to the Warrior Edition page to start shopping!
CLICK HERE to check out all the sets (starting at only $29.95)

Check out my quick product overview! If you want a set yourself – be sure to share this blog! Maybe one of your friends will get the hint! haha 🙂

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  • Mark

    The best part is you can take these to a park (or somewhere with big metal poles you can attach them to) so it ends up acting as a sort of portable gym. As long as you don’t mind getting looks and stares from the other people there… 😉

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