Awake the Beast

beast mode To Beast or Not to Beast

One of the hardest challenges in life is practicing self-discipline. We spend our whole day trying not to “wake the beast” when it comes to controlling our desires and emotions, like fear and anger. Yet, you go to the gym and everyone is talking about the “Beast” and going “Beast Mode”.

We can use some of the same principles we use to subdue the beast to also bring it out for the good.

For instance, if we don’t want to get angry, we avoid being in situations where we’d let our anger get the best of us. However, when you WANT the beast to come out in the gym, you need to put it in situations that will cause it to come out and help you get the work done.

Unleash the Beast

It’s OK to get angry at your condition and take it out on the weights – to grunt, to even scream occasionally! (unless you workout at Planet Fitness! lol) It’s OK to struggle. I think there are so many people who never attempt something hard because they avoid the struggle – avoid feeling weak.

We all want to feel strong. I feel super strong when I lift 20lbs. I feel super weak when I lift 100. But 20lbs isn’t going to make me stronger. Therefore, I need to embrace the struggle and dig a little deeper. Basically, I need to do things that bring out the beast in me.

There are so many times I am so mad all through kickboxing class because it’s kicking my butt. I want to quit. I want to walk out, but I know if I stay, I will be stronger and proud. I think some of the new people in class think we are just more fit than they are or that we are not struggling as much as they are. That’s bologna! The truth is, sometimes I hate every second of it! However, I know my body needs it. I know I have to do what is best for me, what will help me reach my goals, what will get me fitter, stronger, healthier – and most of the time, it’s going to mean doing something that is out of my comfort zone.

Believe me, you’ll never find your inner beast if you stay in your comfort zone. I’m amazed at how far our boot campers have come in the last three weeks since I challenged our girls to do 40lbs shoulder presses. Some of them looked at me like I was crazy. Some of them were shocked they could actually lift it. Others struggled, they grunted, they even yelled and some of them almost cried the first day. And yesterday (after 3 weeks), the grunted a little less and their yells were yells of victory, not defeat. They finished with high fives and smiles instead of tears. They found their inner BEAST!

You’ll never know what your limits are if you never push yourself to them.

Take your workouts up a notch and bring out YOUR inner beast. Add sprints to your runs, add plyos to your strength workout, take a new class, try a new exercise, run a little longer, lift a little heavier. Awake the Beast!

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