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10 Things You Should Know Before You Do a Mud Run

mud run faceA bunch of us from the gym went to a nearby mud run last weekend and one of my biggest dilemmas was deciding on which pair of shoes to wear. Then I realized there really are many things people need to know before they take the muddy plunge. Before I list my 10 tips, let me address the shoes issue first since this is really one of the biggest problems.

Some mud runs have reported to have thousands of shoes found in the mud pits following the race – not to mention all the shoes that get tossed when people get home. So, you want to think the shoes thing out.

They don’t call it a mud run for nuthin! Mud is a given and, while you can hose your shoes off to make them look cleaner, the water can break down the shoe’s support structure – ultimately ruining the shoe even if you get it clean.

Since Reebok is known for it’s passion for fitness, it’s no surprise they would come out with a shoe JUST for mud runs!! They partnered with Spartan Race and developed a shoe that could not only make it through the mud, but could withstand the test of time – obstacle race after obstacle race.

Reebok Sparton ShoeThe seamless upper makes it easy to clean and it has their speed lacing system which means no stopping to tie your shoes in the middle of a run – and you can quickly tighten them up on the fly so you don’t lose a shoe in a mud pit. Overall, the shoe’s focus is on speed, agility and stability so you can navigate on all terrains (hence the name “all terrain” lol).

Today only, you can get the Reebok ATS Thunder for $60 (originally $124.99) when they use the code THUNDER60 at checkout!

Valid: September 16th ONLY
Link: Reebok ATS Thunder for $60

10 Tips To Make Your Mud Runs More Fun

So here are my pointers to help you be more prepared and have more fun at your next mud run.

  1. Rally troops. Mud runs are MUCH more fun with friends. Before you get tickets, invite friends to do it with you. You’ll need to all decide on a wave time before you get tickets so you can stay together. If you want less stress and don’t really want to “compete”, then select a later wave time since most of the serious mud runners come early.
  2. Prepare. Most mud runs will have a map so you can see the course and know what to expect. You should be able to buy your tickets online and print out waivers ahead of time which can make registration at the event quick and easy. The sooner you register, the cheaper the tickets are. Plan on arriving an hour earlier than your wave time.
  3. Train. Add a few exercises that prepare your body for all the leaping, swinging and sprinting so you don’t pull a muscle, and so you can complete more obstacles. While you don’t have to “train” for a mud run to do it, improving grip strength for monkey bars (like hanging on a pull up bar) and adding plyos to your workout will definitely help.
  4. Gear up. Dress the part. You are about to dive in to mud, so dress for it. It should go without saying, but you need to wear the right shoes (don’t wear your nice running shoes!). Tall socks can help keep the mud out, as well as protect your shins from sticks and stuff.  Wear as little as possible. The more clothing you wear, the heavier you will feel in the water/mud and the more crevices there are for mud to get in. Wear fitted dark colors that won’t stain. Some mud runs have black mud, others have red clay. Either way, if you like your clothes, stick to dark colors so you don’t ruin your outfit.
  5. Bring cash. You’ll want to bring money because, typically, there are vendors selling food and drinks, as most mud runs have a social aspect to it (like a live band) that is conducive for having out afterwards – and you’ll probably be very thirsty and very hungry!
  6. Pack a bag. You’ll want to bring a towel and fresh change of clothes. They will have running water so you can rinse off, but most people will not want to wait until they get home to get in clean clothes.
  7. Trash It. Bring a trash bag for you muddy clothes so you don’t get your car yucky.
  8. Bring support. Bring a friend to take photos and hold your things. Parking is normally very far away so you probably don’t want to have to leave your stuff in the car.
  9. Take your time and be careful. Mud runs are supposed to be fun. You definitely don’t want to have a set back just because you twisted your ankle on a silly mud race. Plus, it is more fun to stay together with a group than to fly through the whole thing and miss out on all the laughs and adventure. Most of my friends who raced to “win” said they didn’t have near the fun they had when they slowed down and enjoyed the muddy journey with friends. If you come to an obstacle you are not comfortable with, just skip it. There is no obstacle police who will catch you or make you go back.
  10. Have fun! I wore crazy batman socks to this race, and many people even wear costumes. Mud runs are supposed to be fun so let down your hair and have a blast.

Space Coast Mud Runspace coast mud run

girl running with cameraThat’s me in the middle with Steve. Why do I look clean? Because I was the official memory maker (AKA: Photographer). I sprinted obstacle to obstacle to get ahead of everyone and take pictures (and was SO sore and tired afterwards!! haha).

This was Melbourne’s first annual mud run. It was a small race, but perfect for people who have never done one. Lines weren’t too long, it was well-run and an overall positive experience. Steve took one of his clients (and her family) for their 1st mud run and they had a BLAST! We took a late wave to avoid the serious mud run competitors. We do these runs just for fun, the pictures and the laughs – and BOY did we laugh!!

Here were some of the pics I got of our group.

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