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I Survived McDonalds: 6 Fast Food Diet Tips

dieting aloneDieting Alone

As Steve tries to do gain weight, I’m trying to lose it as I prepare to lean out for an upcoming job. This is the FIRST time I have ever dieted alone. Every time I’m dieting, we both are dieting – and that makes dieting a LOT easier! Whether we are getting ready for a job, a shoot or a contest, we have always had each other’s support and eat the same foods. While Steve is supportive, there are things I’m facing (like picking him up high calorie food items for him), that make dieting more challenging.

After an hour of cardio on an empty stomach this morning, between weights, Steve asked me to go through McDonalds and get him a few things. As I am in line, I realize just how hungry I am. I realize I am about to drive up to a huge oversize menu to stare at, all while my stomach growls. (Some people like to call this stage “hangry”. This is when you are so hungry you are angry about it. ha!)

McDonald'sSo, I pull in and make his order. First, I have to say, it’s been years since I’ve been through a McDonald’s drive-thru window unless I was with someone else on a road trip. I actually had to ask Siri where the closest McDonald’s was. As I went through the drive-thru, (and I was shocked to discover they had TWO drive through lanes! That was new!) that’s when I notice McDonald’s has calories listed for every item! Wow! I was surprised.

No Excuses

mcdonalds-Egg-White-DelightSo, since I was about to lift weights and I haven’t eaten breakfast, I decided to order something if I could find something under 300 calories. I ordered the Egg White Delight which is the Egg McMuffin made with egg whites (for 250 calories). 250 calories was the perfect amount for breakfast. I didn’t know McDonalds even had such a thing. Then I checked out. Oh my gosh! No wonder so many people are overweight. McDonald’s food is SO CHEAP – and they make it so tempting to “make it a meal” for just a little more!

As I drove off, I have to admit, I actually reached into the bag and grabbed a pinch of Steve’s hashbrowns, but stopped myself before I actually broke off a piece. NO! I’m not going to do it! I’m going to have my Egg White Delight thingy-ma-job and that’s it! The fact is, there really is no excuse not to stay on your diet. There are low-calorie options everywhere and I am deterimined to have the will-power to say no to foods that tempt me (which are definitely hashbrowns, French fries and stuff like that). While fast food is never ideal, you can still stay on track when tempted or in a pinch as long as you use your brain, and not your stomach.

I am thankful for this experience, as I learn how it feels to diet alone, and I can better understand what my clients experience when they are dieting and their spouse is not. Stay tuned for more on what i learn along this journey! Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve learned so far.

6 Tips to Survive the Drive-Thru

oh-you-ordered-a-diet-coke-with-your-supersized-mcdonalds-meal-you-must-be-watching-your-figure1. Decide NOT to get anything ahead of time. Most of the times I have picked something up for Steve, I have decided not to get anything at all before I even get in the car. Making a decision before I’m faced with more choices makes it easier to stay focused and get out of there unscathed.

2. Get an exact order before you go. If you are forced to pick up food for the family, or a friend, ask them for exact details on their order. Don’t let them tell you to just pick something. That would require you READING the menu. Instead, know what you have to order, speak it into the box and get out quick.

3. Don’t look at the menu. Menus are designed to entice you. Whether you are at a fast food restaurant or at a drive through, a dieter reading the menu is like an alcoholic shopping the beer aisle. It’s totally unnecessary and will set you up for failure. Looking at a menu is opening yourself up to temptation. It’s MUCH easier to stay on plan if you never even give the menu a chance to tempt your taste buds.

McDonald's Drive-Thru4. Don’t go hungry. Even if you can have a couple of bites of a bar before you go, you are less likely to order something last minute if your stomach isn’t screaming at you. Never go out to eat starving, and try to avoid drive through windows when you are hungry. Going hungry makes you think with your stomach and not your brain.

5. If you plan on eating yourself, make your decision ahead of time. The best way to stick to your diet plan is to look at a restaurant’s nutritional menu online before you even get to the restaurant. This gives you plenty of chance to compare calories and substrates without the pressure of someone else waiting on you to order. Better yet, make those decisions on a full stomach. For instance, if you know you have to eat out for lunch, make your selection while you eat breakfast, or at last while you are still full.

joker-eat-mcdonalds-ok-eat-clean-freak-out6. Plan ahead. If you know you will be around bad food, the best way to survive is to plan ahead. Packing a lunch or snack is the absolute best way to prevent diet failure. Food is never as tempting on a full stomach.

While some people may choose to make fun of your tupperwared food, you are quietly providing a good example. You are a constant reminder of how they should be eating too. Be proud of your tupperware! It shows discipline, self control, focus and success!!

Whether you are doing this alone, or doing it with your mate, there is someone out there with even more opposition getting results! So don’t feel sorry for yourself. Embrace your decision to stick to your plan, be proud of your commitment and strive toward your goal!! 


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  • AshleyM

    Planning my meal choice out ahead of time always works for me! when co-workers want to go out for lunch, if I can look up the menu ahead of time and see what fits my needs then it’s easy to stick to when i get to the restaurant and I end the meal full and happy with my choice 🙂

  • Dennis Mastrolia

    I was wondering as I heard long ago that the so called “cheese” may not be “real” cheese but an oil and some other junk ingredient. Hopefully that is no longer the case. But I have had my share of these egg white deluxe goodies as the guys drive to our office and I send a call telling (requesting) a mcd pit stop on the way in.

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