Full Body Strength & Cardio Workout

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mountain climbersCardio Blitz
10 Air Squats
10 2-Count Mountain Climbers
10 Burpees
X 4
Do the cardio blitz between each circuit.

3 Circuits: 30 seconds of each circuit:

Pull Downs (or Pull Ups)
Hop Overs
Push Ups

Shoulder Press
X3Step Ups

Straight Leg Deadlifts
In/Out Squats*
Step Ups**

*In & Out Squats: Feet together in a narrow stance, squat and hop out into a squat with feet in a wide stance. Then hop back to a narrow stance squat. Each rep should include one narrow squat and one wide stance – so 20 total squats.

**Step Ups: Stay on one leg for 10. Pressure should remain on the forward foot (on the bench) for the best results. Do NOT put any weight on the back foot on the floor. Keep your forward foot on the bench and only tap the back foot to the ground before stepping back up. Be sure to extend fully into a complete stand on the bench.

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