ARM WORKOUT: It’s Time to Sculpt Your Bis & Tris!

bench dipsThis was my arm workout yesterday. I rarely do the same workout twice. I’m always switching things up, so feel free to replace an exercise for an equivalent one – UNLESS you are just avoiding a harder exercise (like dips). Dips are a great exercise, so don’t miss out on those. However, you could do the rope attachment instead of the V-Bar or straight bar instead of EZ curl bar – or you could do overhead dumbbell extensions or kickbacks instead of the EZ bar overhead extension. Hopefully, it will just give you a new idea or just something a little new or different to do. Most of these exercises are just basic exercises most people do all the time – nothing fancy, but still very effective! :)

I noted resistance, “heavy, moderate, and light”, to give you an idea of what weight you may need. If I write light, that doesn’t necessarily mean “go light”, it means you probably can’t do the exercise correctly unless you lighten the weight – so should still be heavy, and hard to do, but just use a lighter weight.

DIPS TIPS: Females can use a spotter for regular dips. Spotter will grab the feet/lower leg of the partner to allow them to push off them if needed. If you don’t have a spotter, then do bench dips, but add a plate weight to your lap to make it more challenging.

Arm Workout



8-10 (or to failure) Tricep Dips (heavy) X 3

12-15 Bench Dips (light)  X 3

12 Overhead Tricep Extensions (heavy)  X 3

12 Straight Arm Pull Downs (moderate) X 3

12 Tricep Push Downs (heavy) X 3

12  Tricep Extension Machine (moderate) X 3


12 EZ Curl Bar Bicep Curls (heavy) X 3

12 Alternating Bicep Curls (heavy) X 3

12 Concentration Curls (moderate to light)  X 3

Here’s the matching graphic for today’s workout (for my Pinterest & Instagram friends) :)

Arm Workout



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  1. LifeBuildingBlocks

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  2. Fit Journey 50

    Nice workout! I’ve found that dips can be problematic and should be done very carefully, if at all, if someone has rotator cuff issues. But like you said, substitutions can be made. Thanks for a good post.

  3. Kim

    Thanks – I always love your workouts and add them to my pinned board – sometimes I just pull parts from them depending on what else I’m doing!!! Like you I rarely do the same workout 2x – love changing it up!!!

  4. Dennis Mastrolia

    Hi Bonnie–Just a note here. The straight arm pullovers —mainly a “lat” exercise.??!!

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      Believe it or not, it works both about equally. I like to put complimentary exercises in my programs to work other muscles too and not just isolate one specific muscle. Same with dips – it works more than just triceps as you know. All good stuff!!

  5. kirisyko

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