ARM WORKOUT: It’s Time to Sculpt Your Bis & Tris!

bench dipsThis was my arm workout yesterday. I rarely do the same workout twice. I’m always switching things up, so feel free to replace an exercise for an equivalent one – UNLESS you are just avoiding a harder exercise (like dips). Dips are a great exercise, so don’t miss out on those. However, you could do the rope attachment instead of the V-Bar or straight bar instead of EZ curl bar – or you could do overhead dumbbell extensions or kickbacks instead of the EZ bar overhead extension. Hopefully, it will just give you a new idea or just something a little new or different to do. Most of these exercises are just basic exercises most people do all the time – nothing fancy, but still very effective! ūüôā

I noted resistance, “heavy, moderate, and light”, to give you an idea of what weight you may need. If I write light, that doesn’t necessarily mean “go light”, it means you probably can’t do the exercise correctly unless you lighten the weight – so should still be heavy, and hard to do, but just use a lighter weight.

DIPS TIPS: Females can use a spotter for regular dips. Spotter will grab the feet/lower leg of the partner to allow them to push off them if needed. If you don’t have a spotter, then do bench dips, but add a plate weight to your lap to make it more challenging.

Arm Workout



8-10 (or to failure) Tricep Dips (heavy) X 3

12-15 Bench Dips (light)  X 3

12 Overhead Tricep Extensions (heavy)  X 3

12 Straight Arm Pull Downs (moderate) X 3

12 Tricep Push Downs (heavy) X 3

12  Tricep Extension Machine (moderate) X 3


12 EZ Curl Bar Bicep Curls (heavy) X 3

12 Alternating Bicep Curls (heavy) X 3

12 Concentration Curls (moderate to light)  X 3

Here’s the matching graphic for today’s workout (for my Pinterest & Instagram friends) ūüôā

Arm Workout


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