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Best Diet Tip of All Time

Eat What You Can Burn

A FIVE GUYS burger with fries = 1,460 CALORIES. That could take 14 MILES to WALK OR RUN OFF!

Know what it takes to erase extra calories:

  • 1 Tall Salted Caramel Latte  = 1 Hour Power Walk
  • 1 Side of Chili’s Cole Slaw = 1 Hour of Yoga
  • Side of Ranch Dressing at Subway = 3 Mile Jog
  • 1 McDonald’s Medium French Fries = One Hour of Zumba
  • Dairy Queen Dipped Chocolate Cone = 1 Hour of Kickboxing
  • 1 Boston Market Broccoli & Cheese Soup = 1 Hour on the Elliptical
  • Duncan Donuts Mocha Coffee with Cream = 1 Hour on the Treadmill at 4mph
  • 1 Slice of Little Caesars’ Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza = 1 Hour of Aerobics Class
  • 1 Panera Everything Bagel with Light Veggie Cream Cheese = 1 Hour of High Impact Aerobics
  • 1 Steak & Shake Medium Cookies & Cream Shake = 1 Hour of Boot Camp AND 1 Hour Power Walking
  • Chili’s Bottomless Tostada Chips & Salsa = 1 Hour Running at 6mph (10-minute miles) AND 1 Hour of Aerobics

6 Lunches that would take 2+ hours to erase:

NIX: 1/4lb GrillBurger with Cheese: 540 calories
Medium Fries: 310 calories
FIX: Burger with 1 piece of bread, no cheese & no mayo: 340 calories.

#2 MCDONALD’S: 890 CALORIES (No Drink)
NIX: Quarter Pounder with Cheese: 510 calories (they don’t list topping calories
Medium Fries:  380 calories
FIX: 6 piece nuggets for 280 calories or the Grilled Chicken BLT Ranch loaded for only 380 calories.

#3 WENDY’S: 1,000 CALORIES (No Drink)
NIX: Wendy’s Single with Cheese: 580 calories, 33gms of fat, 220 calories just from the bread
Medium Fries: 420 calories
FIX: Wendy’s Single without mayo & 1 piece of bread: 420 calories

NIX: Big Cheeseburger: 570 calories
Medium Fries: 450 calories
FIX: Get a Chicken Fajita Pita for 320 calories instead.

#4 SONIC: 1,130 CALORIES  (No Drink)
NIX: Cheese Burger with Mayo: 800 calories
Medium Fries: 330 calories
FIX: Get the Grilled Chicken sandwich instead for 430 calories

#5 BURGER KING: 1,170 CALORIES  (No Drink)
NIX: Whopper with Cheese: 760 calories, 40gms of fat, 240 calories from the bread, 140 calories in mayo
Medium Fries: 410 calories
FIX: Whopper with no mayo & one piece of bread: 500 calories

#6 FIVE GUYS: $1,460 CALORIES  (No Drink)
NIX: Cheese Burger: 840 calories (not including toppings!)
Regular Fries: 620 calories
Heavy Hitting Toppings: Mayo (100 cal), Cheese (70 cal), Bacon (80 cal), BBQ Sauce (60 cal)
FIX: Scratch the bread, cheese & Mayo & add veggies and jalapeno peppers for TONS of flavor less calories!

Instead of thinking about food as calories, we should look at it as required work to erase. READ MORE

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