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A FIVE GUYS burger with fries = 1,460 CALORIES. That could take 14 MILES to WALK OFF! Instead of thinking about food as calories, we should look at it as required work to erase.

When Steve was in high school he worked at Burger King. Every time he went on a date, he knew exactly how many hours he’d have to work to afford to take the girl out. At that time he got minimum wage – which was not much. His dates were a lot more valuable to him as it would require a certain amount of work to accomplish. 

This is EXACTLY how we should look at eating.
When you eat, you should know exactly how much work it will take to erase that meal. If you power walk or jog, you can average about 100 calories per mile as a rough estimate. However, for BCx and Steve’s kickboxing classes people burn 500-700 calories. One Panera Pastry can cost you one kickboxing class – and when I weigh that out, it’s rarely worth it.

No matter how you burn the calories, it’s good to know how to convert food to exercise – like money. You don’t shop in a foreign country without knowing how your American dollars convert to the foreign money. This helps you make better decisions and shop wiser. Otherwise, you may spend too much without even knowing it.

KNOW what you are eating and reach your goals faster!

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  • Chet Haney

    despite the protests to the contrary, this post got me thinking, and I’m really glad I found this blog site. The comparison of conversion of money in a foreign country to converting calories to exercise is poetic genius to me. thanks very much for the motivation. You are EXACTLY what I was looking for.

  • Brandon

    I feel like your heart is in the right place but it seems to me that you have a bad relationship with food. If one wishes to eat five guys or any fast food then one can simply fit it into their daily calories. Obviously the person has to take in fact of micro nutrients and fiber for the day but if those are met and they have a extra 300-500 calories left over there is nothing wrong with having something that fits in. Demonizing food is a very unhealthy thing to do in my opinion.

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      I definitely don’t demonize food or have a bad relationship with food. I budget the things I like in just like you. If I want pizza, I have it – and I know what it takes to erase it or afford it. You are obviously more educated than many of my readers who are just learning fitness/diet. You know how to maintain balance, just like I do. But most people have no concept of calories – in or out. I am just hoping to peak awareness. that is all. I’ve counseled a ton of people who worked really hard in the gym, but erased their hard work simply because they didn’t know how bad they really were eating. 🙂

  • Jessica Talbot

    I agree with both comments. Treating yourself now and then is fabulous, but it becomes a problem when you don’t realize how much of a treat it really is! That’s my biggest set back. I have a hard time telling myself it’s a treat. like fast food or a huge dinner out, and not normal food. Working on it though!

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      My goal is just to get people thinking and more aware of what they take in – especially if they are working SO hard in the gym. I see so many people work so hard in the gym, with no concept of how quickly they erase their work with poor choices. I’ve actually learned to enjoy, and even crave, healthy food – but I will never give up my chips and salsa or an occasional burger! You gotta live! but like anything, we need to do it in moderation. Thanks for writing!! 🙂

  • Belle

    But we NEED to eat to merely exist. So, while you are sitting and breathing, you need nourishment to survive. So even on days we aren’t doing any workouts, we are still burning calories. It’s too much pressure to equate food with exactly how much working out it would take to burn off. Be reasonable in your caloric intake and workout regularly. Enjoy living…and food (it isn’t always our enemy).

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      Of course! But most people actually trying to lose weight often erase their hard work in the gym on poor choices because they don’t realize how hard it is to erase some of those extra cheat meals, etc. It’s just good to think of both calories burned and calories eaten. 🙂 And if someone doesn’t need to lose weight, they don’t have to worry with it near as much. To put things into perspective though, my basal metabolic rate is 1500 calories – which means that’s what my body burns at rest. So that one 5 Guys meal would have wiped that out. Food definitely isn’t our enemy, we NEED it, but we don’t need too much of it. 😉 Thanks for your input!!

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