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Dangerous (Hot Body) Curves Ahead

“DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD”. Key Word: AHEAD – Coming. Around the Corner. Not here yet. 

If I were to think about the work that goes into getting fit, I’d quit. Instead, I have to think about the reward. The problem is, I can only see and feel the now.

With every step I run, my initial thought is “this sucks”, “I can’t wait until this is over”, etc. However, what I immediately think after that is “I’m going to feel so good when this is done”, “I’m getting fit”, and “this is going to be SO worth it”. BUT, those positive thoughts are NOT natural – they are practiced behavior.

Let’s face it! The majority of people (including me) don’t like working out. It takes up time in our busy schedule. It wears our body out when our body is already worn out from work. And don’t forget the part about it just plain hurts sometimes (OK, most of the time).

As I sit and type this blog, my entire body is SO sore. I can complain about it, or I can celebrate it – and I choose to celebrate it. I choose to focus on the goal, not the process. I choose to focus on what I am investing IN and not the actual investment itself. AND I definitely choose to NOT focus on the fat that is still holding on despite my hard work, knowing in my heart it’s coming off…eventually.

It’s so easy to get on a pity party about how hard you are working or what foods you are missing out on, yet, we often forget that is SUCH a small sacrifice for the HUGE reward that comes from all of that discipline. Good health, long life, energy, feeling fit, looking fit, choosing clothes that actually look good on instead of choosing clothes that just hide the fat the best – and the list goes on. The benefits WAY outweigh and outlast any of the brief sacrifices of small short-lived pleasures.

FIT THOUGHT: We get 24 hours a day to enjoy a reward for a couple hours of working out and eating clean.

The good news is as you get closer to the goal, it is easier to SEE the goal and know it’s becoming a reality. The hardest part is when you are doing all the work and not seeing the reward at all. Everyone goes through that. There is a process your body goes through before your hard work is seen by the naked eye. So, like the above cartoon, you have to simply imagine it. You post photos of people who have been doing what you are doing, training like you are training, eating like you are eating – and remind yourself that is where you are heading.

Keep your eye on the prize.

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


  • Health Coach Meg

    Not all of us love to “work out”, but we can all find activities that are active and that we enjoy as well. It is so important to adopt exercise into our daily lives and find the things that work for us!

    I look forward to following along on your blog. I am a health coach. Follow my blog at:

    for inspiration and advice to help you along the way! You can also e-mail me with any questions at 🙂

  • Laura Brasile

    Bonnie – THANK YOU! This could not have come at a better time! Personally, I love your honest approach because everything you said above in your response describes me perfectly! I despise cardio but I love the way it makes me feel – AFTER. However, I do love lifting. I too am in that diet/cardio stage and I’ve been very faithful with the cardio no matter how much I hate it. I’m FINALLY seeing the numbers on the scale start to move and my clothes have been fitting better for awhile.

    I understand what Michelle was saying above but for me, this blog entry was perfect. Just that extra incentive to keep going even when I feel like my legs are ready to give out. Thank you so much for just being yourself. Most people/trainers that I follow live (or at least pretend that they do) to workout. I just wish I lived in Florida…I would love to train with you! Thanks again!!!

    Laura B

  • coachcrystalspadawan

    I like to workout and I really liked your article. It is sometimes hard to take that first step, to push play, or to put the weight on that bar. Once I get started, I do enjoy it. Thanks for the motivation!!

  • Michelle

    I dont mean to be funny, but your articles are taking on a distinct monotone of how you hate to work out. I am reading these articles because I actually LIKE to work out, I like the pain, and yes, I especially like the results. I enjoy your articles because of the pictures and quote boxes you usually post with them, but I am starting to feel discouraged by this slant you are adopting. I know what you are TRYING to do with this approach, but its only really speaking to one type of ‘exerciser’, and its clearly not me. Lets get back on the positive tack, now and again, and let the doubters catch up for themselves for a while!? #constructivecriticism …

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      thanks for writing. I love any feedback – both good and bad. I’m sorry if I am coming off like that. Honestly, I only highlight that part of me because it is who I am and SO many people are under the impression I just LIVE to workout – that I just love it and am different than most. My husband LOVES to workout. I don’t. That’s just me. I sure wish I did (but I LOOVE the results) 😉 I’ve gotten so many letters about how they appreciate my honesty and that they are relieved they aren’t alone – and that even people like “me” struggle. It’s funny how most people view fitness professionals (as if we have extra fitness genes and like beating ourselves up physically – and others. ha!)

      If I can clarify it more: I really don’t like cardio and heart-pounding out-of-breath conditioning, but love lifting weights. However, I’m in the diet (gotta do more cardio) stage and I don’t like that part. I want to encourage people on how I make it through those rough times – those days I really don’t want to be there. I think we’ve all had those days. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones, but as a gym owner packed with a high volume of members – most of them aren’t there because they like it – they are there because they like the results.

      With all that said, I reeeeeally appreciate your feedback and will make sure I get my point across without sounding like a bummer. Sorry! If you’ve read my blogs for any time, you know my desire is to lift people’s spirits – not bum them out. 🙂 I try to reach all types of people on their journey so I try to address topics from all angles – I’ll make sure I keep providing content that helps you too. 🙂 Thanks again. I do appreciate ALL input!! I’ll try to improve in that area.

      • Michelle

        Thanks Bonnie. I also didnt mean to come off too negatively, I wrote my response in haste. But thanks for taking it as constructive criticism. I’m def not one of the lucky ones, I also much prefer weight training.
        I cant stand dieting, and that is a huge part of being in shape, I eat as healthily as possible all year long, but can never seem to knuckle down for the 6 week crunch that would shred the last bit of fat off, so – I also have an aspect of my overall package which is not true (positive) to the ‘way of life’.
        Perhaps you can cover this in a future article – how to get your mind right to shed those last few kilos (to become absolutely shredded)? How to stick with a diet that is so strict it makes you want to cry? When you’re already ‘good enough’ how do you become ‘exceptional’? Its very difficult to convince yourself, let alone others that you need their help and support. Its all such a mind game!
        Thanks again for being such a good sport.

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