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The Secret to Motivation

“Motivation doesn’t get you results, results gets you motivated.” 

So you want to get fit in 2012, but no matter how gross you feel from eating all the Holiday garbage you still don’t seem to have the motivation you need to actually start now? Sound familiar?

It’s surely not that you don’t want to be fit. The issue is we are too focused on our current condition. When we think of working out we think of “Gym shopping sucks. Great, I get to stuff my body into spandex when I feel my fattest. I’ll be the fattest one in the gym. I’ll be the oldest one in the gym. What if I’m the most out of shape one in the gym? I’m going to look like a total fitness tard. I’m going to BE a total fitness tard. I’m gonna sweat like an out of shape fat kid in gym class. I’m going to embarrass myself. I’ll breath so hard people will think I have COPD. My body is going to be so sore I won’t be able to move.” The thought of any of this rarely is appealing – especially to a newbie.

However, if we focused on the results we totally would think differently. “I can’t wait to find the gym that will whip my body into shape. I look forward to wearing some of those awesome workout clothes I see in magazines. Soon, I’ll blend right in (and maybe even standing out). I hope I AM one of the oldest people in the gym so I can inspire others. Sweating is working. Pain is weakness leaving my body. I’m going to breath so hard people will think I’m an athlete. I love being sore because it reminds me I am changing my body. I’m going to feel SO good when I’m done! Yes! I am totally looking forward to this!”

You see, rarely does our fat out of shape body welcome exercise. We love to dream of changing our bodies, but actually doing the work is a whole other story. We focus on how fat we feel instead of how fit we can become – and it can be overwhelming. Instead of waiting on motivation to get you success – stay focused on success to get you (and keep you) motivated.

If you focus on what all that work is going to do for you, you will RUN to the gym!!


“This year I’ll DO THE WORK because I want THE RESULTS.”

“Don’t focus on how FAT YOU FEEL, focus on how FIT YOU’LL BECOME.” 

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