This photo makes me understand the phrase “I feel like a fat pig”. This is EXACTLY how I felt after the Holidays. After eating a LOAD OF CRAP, I really needed a totally cleansing. I couldn’t WAIT to rid my body of all that garbage.  I wanted to totally purge all the bad and start all the good.

First of all, I have to say I am NOT a fan of diet pills or quick fixes. I do not promote shortcuts and gimmicks. However, I do believe everyone needs a jump-start occasionally. Sometimes we need it physically, and sometimes we need it mentally. This was one of those times for me. (It’s been several YEARS since I’ve done anything like this). So I decided to do a cleanse. Sure, a cleanse is just flushing out your gut, but when your gut feels SO full – it’s a great way to feel skinny even before you lose the first pound.

So, I started the Total Lean 7 Day Fat Loss system from GNC yesterday. Please hear me: One, if I don’t like this product, I’ll tell you. Second, this is a JUMP START, not a long-term diet program. Although the program does give you examples of what to eat, this really is about starting a new healthy lifestyle. It comes with a Diet Pak, the Pre-Diet Cleanse and 2 Total Lean Shakes per day.

The shakes are more for weight loss. The protein is not where I need the protein to be but it’s a good meal/snack replacement. I supplemented with an additional 40gm protein shake after my workout (had it instead of dinner). The shakes give you the nutrients you need with very little food in your gut. If you’ve been on an eating frenzy, the shakes will help get your stomach ready for smaller healthier portions.

Don’t expect it to completely satisfy you though at first. After your body has been used to huge portions and high fatty meals, your body will seem disappointed AT FIRST. As long as you keep the meals small consistently, you will adapt and be happy!

OK, this is the funnies thing EVER! I was SO dreading the cleanse. I was dreading how it would taste and dreading how it would make me feel. Since a cleanse literally is flushing your body, I was prepared to do some serious flushing of the toilet (YUCK!) so this was not the exciting part of this plan.

When I finally decided to open the bottle and taste the product, I was surprised how good it tasted. I mean – NO mediciny flavor or anything. I like to slam my drinks and since it said to drink it slowly, I decided to drink half (there’s not much to drink anyway) and drink the rest later.

Then I started to tell my husband, Steve, how I was really dreading taking the Cleanse. My husband said I should blog about it all – my fears, my feelings and even my churning bowels (ha!). Then I noticed the rest of my Cleanse drink was gone. I asked Steve if he saw it – and then it hit us both. STEVE DRANK IT!

He thought it was tea! Being the oblivious wife that I am, I had set the tea colored drink right next to the TEA! He slammed it and poored some more tea. ha! After we got off the floor rolling laughing he said “I guess you won’t be the only one blogging about how the Cleanse worked”. hahahahahahahaha

The diet pak is a blend of GNC’s Burn 60, Waterex and Green Tea Complex. The Burn 60 gives you energy, the Waterex helps balance your water (which I totally needed!) and the Green Tea Complex enhances your metabolism. First of all, I am very sensitive to energy products and diet pills. Normally they wig me out and make me feel really bad. After I took the Diet Pak, I totally forgot and still drank coffee, etc and felt great. I actually got a TON of work accomplished and stayed at the gym late – working and working out non-stop. All in all, I’m liking this!

I felt the cleanse hit me in the middle of the night, but not enough to wake me up (good thing I accidentally split it with Steve. ha! I feel energetic and weighed one pound lighter this morning, which was most likely from water loss and the cleanse mainly – but was encouraging nevertheless. I will continue to blog on my progress.

The key to diet supplements is to be realistic. This system is NOT going to get me fit. This system is NOT the answer – none of them are. Used appropriately, supplements like the 7 Day Fat Loss System may give you the physical and mental boost you need to start a new lifestyle, to workout, and to get results. Your fitness success will greatly depend on your caloric intake and how you train your body. :)

As a fitness ambassador for FitFluential, I’ll be doing more reviews in 2012. Be sure to subscribe to my blog for more on this product and others.

Fat Pig snagged from: Amazed by You