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CUT and PASTE Diet: 20 Tips to a New Body

If only we could hit the Control X and Control V to reshape your physique! Here are some cut and pastes that actually work!

CUT: Sever, Separate, Detach, Remove, Delete.
If you want to rearrange your body, you will need to rearrange your life – and some things will need to be removed altogether. You can’t keep the same things in your life and expect a different result. You also can’t lose weight unless you are taking in fewer calories than you are burning. That’s just science. If you’ve maintained your weight the way you have been eating over the last year, you can cut calories easily by cutting stuff back (or out) of your diet.

1.) Cut portions in half (use salad plates instead of dinner plates to manage portions)
2.) Cut bite sizes (use small forks and spoons instead of shovels)
3.) Cut out high calorie drinks
4.) Cut down on sauces and condiments
5.) Cut out high calories snacks
6.) Cut back on desserts and treats (you can’t still have them, just not as much)
7.) Cut down on eating out
8.) Cut back on what you order (split meals, don’t get combo meals, no biggie sizing, etc)
9.) Cut down ingredients while cooking (the more ingredients the more calories)
10.) Cut back on how much you think about what to eat (the less you think about it, the less disappointed you’ll be if it’s not that “perfect” meal to satisfy your taste buds – plus food is there to fuel you, not entertain you every meal)

PASTE: Adhere, Fix, Insert, Attach, Glue.
Isn’t it interesting that all the synonyms for paste are very permanent? It’s not like it’s suggesting you “temporarily rest it here” – it’s saying STICK it here and KEEP it here. Listen, in order to get permanent results, you need to make permanent change. So get your super glue ready! It’s time to adhere to a new active lifestyle. You can’t lose weight or change our physique without adding activity and exercise to your day. Plus, the more things you add to your list, the less time you’ll have to do the stuff that’s kept you out of shape all these years!

1.) Paste activity (quit looking for shortcuts. Park further away, take the stairs, walk 9 holes)
2.) Paste a good workout program into your life
(choose a program and stick with it)
3.) Paste active entertainment like bowling, goofy golf, skating, pool, etc.
4.) Paste active vacations (don’t always go for relaxing – go for active too!)
5.) Paste more walks (walk the dog, walk the husband, walk the kids)
6.) Paste active responses to stress (like a walk or workout)
7.) Paste  more time in hotel gyms when on vacation – even if it’s only 20 minutes on the treadmill
8.) Paste more healthy friends into your circles (seek active, health-conscience friends)
9.) Paste more fitness education in your life – keep learning every day
10.) Paste the words “never give up” in your brain (keep trying new things but never NEVER give up!)

Once you reach your goal, you will be in maintenance (copy and paste time!). You can back off on your cut and pastes (notice I said back off – not quit!) and just copy everything that has worked and keep on doing it!  🙂

CUTS: Make a list of all the things you are willing to cut out or cut back on. Post them in your kitchen.
PASTES: Make a list of all the active things you plan to add to your life. Make a list, and even cut out pictures of active vacation ideas, date nights, exercises and workout programs. Post them where you can see them daily to remind you to stay active.

WARNING: The closer you get to your goal, the more specific you will have to be about what you are cutting and pasting. When you have a lot to lose, a little cut and paste here and there will get you results. However, as you start to fine tune your body, it will require fine tuning your diet and workouts too. A heavier person burns more calories but as you get lighter, and burn fewer calories, you will likely have to make every cut and paste count! Also, if these tips don’t help you, then you will need to start cutting more & pasting more – until they do. 

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