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Sharing our Workouts with YOU!

Many of you already know we have put together special boot camp workouts for FitStudio, which is powered by the number one fitness retailer in the nation – SEARS! Yep! You heard right! Now you don’t have to live in Florida to do our BCx Boot Camp. You can join the FitStudio community and workout with us there!

And just to make it even MORE FUN! We decided to share bonus workouts and tips with you on our BCx Blog (which you can view by clicking on the links the the RSS feed on the right). On our BCx Blog we’ll post our own workouts, workouts from BCx Club (our INTENSE BCx workouts) and other fun exercises you can add to your own routine. All-in-All, everything on the BCx Blog will be focused on workouts. No diet talk, no blogging about nothing – just pure fitness, pure sweat, pure workouts! ENJOY!

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