BCx Boot Camp,  Workout

Day 2: BCx Upper Body Workout

The goal for each circuit is for it to be done with little to no rest. Record your time each workout to track your progress using your tracking sheet. Have a great workout!!

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Are you ready for today’s mission? You’re probably sore today, and you’ll likely be pretty sore all week, but that is totally normal. You may also feel a little discouraged, wondering what in the world you got yourself into, but I promise you’ll get stronger and stronger, become thinner and thinner, and have more and more endurance as you progress through this program. Do all you can – and know that as long as you’re giving it your 100%, that’s all that matters! Now, let’s get it done! -Bonnie Sore? Suck it up! This is your body resisting change. It’s not a reason to miss a mission. Right now, the best thing you can do is to keep your body moving. Today’s workout targets your upper body. Of course, you worked your upper body yesterday, and you’ll be working your lower body today. But today, your focus is on sculpting your upper extremities, even as we condition your entire physique. Let’s continue to emphasize technique more than speed. Once you build a great foundation of solid form, you can begin to work with more intensity without risking injury. The whole point of this program is to get healthy and obtain a physique you feel great about. Injury, like a poor diet, will delay your goal! -Steve

Upper Body Workout

#1 Warm up: Watch Video

25 Butt-Kix (jog in place where your heels hit your butt)
25 Jax
(repeat 2x)
25 Squats
25 2-Step Heismans
(repeat 2x)
Jump Rope (2 minutes)

BURNT 1: Watch Video
Tools: resistance bands or dumbbells
3 rounds for time

15 Push-press
5 Push-ups
5 Pull-ups
15 (2-Count) Mountain Climbers

BURNT 2: Watch Video
Mission: 3 rounds for time

15 Overhead Squats (squat with arms locked out overhead with active shoulder, maintaining midline stabilization/straight back).
5 Push-ups
5 Pull-ups
15 Burpees

3 sets – for time

Starting on all fours (hands and toes) begin to bear “walk” crawl out three steps and do 2 push ups.  Return to start line and repeat 6 steps out with 4 push-ups, repeat with 9 steps out and 6 push-ups.  Return to start line and begin again from the very beginning.  Repeat a total of 3 rounds. (record your time)

3 steps out- 2 push-ups
6 steps out- 4 push-ups
9 steps out- 6 push-ups

1 set for time)

10 burpees/10 (2 count) mountain climbers
9 burpees/9 mountain climbers
8/8 …continue all the way to 1/1
(Record your time)

CORE: Watch Video

3 Rounds

25 Sit-ups
25 Crunches
25 Oblique crunch (25Left/25right)
25 (2 count) bicycles

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